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3rdAmendment1st t1_jdezls0 wrote

§ 50–2201.04b. All-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes.

(a)(1) No person shall:

(A) Operate an all-terrain vehicle or dirt bike on public property, including any public space in the District; or

Also it’s not so much that the cops allow ATVs and dirt bikers to ride around, it’s that they can’t stop them from doing so due to no chase policies. You’d be a much easier target as you seem more likely to pull over than the shitheads who drive these things around.


randyrandp OP t1_jdezvhs wrote

Well, yes, I know it's technically against the law. But if the law isn't being enforced against (at least some) people, I'd like to know if I can also do it.

The DC government, for example, has made no effort to crack down on shrooms edibles, so they're now widely available in smoke shops. I wonder if same general idea applies to ATVs


Existing365Chocolate t1_jdf4ial wrote

It’ll be enforced against you as a long ATV rider who looks like you’ll pull over if a cop flashes their lights


BitterGravity t1_jdfe57s wrote

Yep. You'll be the case the police cite when they talk about how they've pulled over the riders


Throw77away77name t1_jdfb7qw wrote

Shrooms are decriminalized. Nothing to crack down on there.


randyrandp OP t1_jdfmz3p wrote

I'm in favor of them being legally sold, so I'm not complaining. But the decriminalization law didn't do that