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randyrandp OP t1_jdezvhs wrote

Well, yes, I know it's technically against the law. But if the law isn't being enforced against (at least some) people, I'd like to know if I can also do it.

The DC government, for example, has made no effort to crack down on shrooms edibles, so they're now widely available in smoke shops. I wonder if same general idea applies to ATVs


Existing365Chocolate t1_jdf4ial wrote

It’ll be enforced against you as a long ATV rider who looks like you’ll pull over if a cop flashes their lights


BitterGravity t1_jdfe57s wrote

Yep. You'll be the case the police cite when they talk about how they've pulled over the riders


Throw77away77name t1_jdfb7qw wrote

Shrooms are decriminalized. Nothing to crack down on there.


randyrandp OP t1_jdfmz3p wrote

I'm in favor of them being legally sold, so I'm not complaining. But the decriminalization law didn't do that