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Mindless-Employment t1_jdf108i wrote

There's no way anyone can answer this question for you. You're asking people to predict the future. You know it's illegal. You know that people get away with doing it anyway. If you really want to know what will specifically happen to you, just do it and find out.


randyrandp OP t1_jdf2bhd wrote

Perhaps MPD officer redditors would know?

Like, I doubt parking garages downtown would care, so the question is whether cops would intervene between someone's home and office


[deleted] t1_jdfadbp wrote

The parking side of the equation is where you’ve miscalculated. They 100% will care and will bar your entry, report you to the police to have your ATV towed and crushed, and/or report you to your company who will discipline you in some way that will become career limiting.