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3rdAmendment1st t1_jdezls0 wrote

§ 50–2201.04b. All-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes.

(a)(1) No person shall:

(A) Operate an all-terrain vehicle or dirt bike on public property, including any public space in the District; or

Also it’s not so much that the cops allow ATVs and dirt bikers to ride around, it’s that they can’t stop them from doing so due to no chase policies. You’d be a much easier target as you seem more likely to pull over than the shitheads who drive these things around.


randyrandp OP t1_jdezvhs wrote

Well, yes, I know it's technically against the law. But if the law isn't being enforced against (at least some) people, I'd like to know if I can also do it.

The DC government, for example, has made no effort to crack down on shrooms edibles, so they're now widely available in smoke shops. I wonder if same general idea applies to ATVs


Existing365Chocolate t1_jdf4ial wrote

It’ll be enforced against you as a long ATV rider who looks like you’ll pull over if a cop flashes their lights


BitterGravity t1_jdfe57s wrote

Yep. You'll be the case the police cite when they talk about how they've pulled over the riders


Throw77away77name t1_jdfb7qw wrote

Shrooms are decriminalized. Nothing to crack down on there.


randyrandp OP t1_jdfmz3p wrote

I'm in favor of them being legally sold, so I'm not complaining. But the decriminalization law didn't do that


Mindless-Employment t1_jdf108i wrote

There's no way anyone can answer this question for you. You're asking people to predict the future. You know it's illegal. You know that people get away with doing it anyway. If you really want to know what will specifically happen to you, just do it and find out.


randyrandp OP t1_jdf2bhd wrote

Perhaps MPD officer redditors would know?

Like, I doubt parking garages downtown would care, so the question is whether cops would intervene between someone's home and office


[deleted] t1_jdfadbp wrote

The parking side of the equation is where you’ve miscalculated. They 100% will care and will bar your entry, report you to the police to have your ATV towed and crushed, and/or report you to your company who will discipline you in some way that will become career limiting.


sjpaddy t1_jdf0dur wrote

Won’t know without giving it a try. Let us know how it goes!!


holymeesh t1_jdf4len wrote

I wish there was a shitpost flair on here


NorseTikiBar t1_jdf6ymi wrote

Peak troll game. All you needed to do was mention wearing a balaclava to stick the landing.


messmaker523 t1_jdfm748 wrote

Yea. OP may have an ATV parked in Mom's garage in the Houston burbs but doesn't have access to one here while interning at a Pro life NGO.


OcelotControl78 t1_jdf4lya wrote

Since it's illegal you will be shit out of luck if you're in an accident & need repairs or replacement and/or need medical care. No insurance will cover your bills & you open yourself up to a lawsuit from the other driver.


Savageride t1_jdf36s7 wrote

Hey they can break the law so why can’t I? God thing everyone doesn’t have your attitude….


giscard78 t1_jdf27ry wrote

only way to know is if you try but please report back because I am curious


[deleted] t1_jdfaawj wrote

JFC. what the hell is wrong with people


Throw77away77name t1_jdfbepz wrote

if I were your boss, I’d fire your ass for stinking like two-stroke oil every day.


keyjan t1_jdfkc5v wrote

Besides the whole “not street legal” thing? The cops don’t let the asshole ATV riders (AATVR’s) go because they’re not breaking the law, they let them go because it’s far more dangerous to other drivers and pedestrians to chase them than to let them be assholes.


messmaker523 t1_jdf3hzc wrote

The guys that ride ATVs in the city knowingly take a risk of getting caught. Are you willing to take the risk? Same goes for fare dodging on Metro.


joelhardi t1_jdfc4r7 wrote

OK, I'll bite since no one has given you that much of an answer. I mean, I took the MSF class. Street-legal motorcycles have got headlights and taillights, brake lights, turn indicators, speedometers, license plates.

Dirt bikes and ATVs lack all those features that make them street-legal while traveling faster than all of the slower vehicle classes, like me pedaling my bicycle, that don't require turn signals etc.

If you don't like 2 wheels you can get a street-legal 3-wheeler like a can-am. That's what one of the guys in my MSF class had.

But if you want to ride an ATV, lawn mower or golf cart on the street, yeah no it's a city not a farm, you will get blipped over pretty much right away.