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JustAcivilian24 t1_je82uni wrote

It baffles me when people post stuff like this and NEVER describe the person.

It’ll be like “this dude slapped me in the face. There’s a guy going around noma slapping peoples faces, it’s crazy. Watch out everyone, he’s wearing a SHIRT”

Just describe the homeless guy!! Why even post if you aren’t going to be helpful about it?


shamudawhale3 OP t1_je83ehf wrote

He’s African American, mid to late 20s, under 5’5”, and last I saw was wearing a red shirt and jeans. He generally will walk towards you and will then walk closely next to you, asking you for money. He will not let you walk away from him and displayed extreme anger at a moment’s notice.

Last see at 9th and L NW.


decdash t1_je8wd3y wrote

I think I actually had an encounter with this guy, in Logan Circle on P Street in December. I was walking minding my own business and he came up next to me with a horrible gash on his hand asking me if he should go to a hospital. I didn't realize the situation at first and made the mistake of telling him yes, he should go to a hospital, or he's at risk of losing the hand. He took my response as an invitation to follow me around asking for $8, eventually getting a bit more aggressive then giving up. His eyes and his demeanor indicated he had been using drugs. I saw him again about a month ago, pestering people around 14th and K.

Not 100% it's the same guy, but the appearance and behavior are exactly the same. The sudden bursts of aggression are very concerning and people should be careful

EDIT: I just saw your other comment about him calling you a homophobic slur for not giving him money. He did the same to me for some reason, I really think it's the same guy


JustAcivilian24 t1_je86nir wrote

Thank you! More people need to do this, I applaud you for doing it! And stay safe


TheNotoriousAMP t1_je90ksw wrote

I recognize him, had to deal with him as well. Threatened to beat me up, which was a bit comical, all things considered.


RyVsWorld t1_je9pf4o wrote

Ive always wondered if there are any examples in dc of an aggressive homeless person stepping to the wrong pedestrian and getting their ass whooped. Not ideal but i feel like its had to happen


cornell256 t1_je9kfa3 wrote

Does he have very long hair? This guy's physical and behavioral description sound familiar to me. I'm up by 7th and Florida.


4RunnerPilot t1_je8a72y wrote

It’s because people on this subreddit are sensitive, they are terrified of potentially being called a racist. It’s incredibly stupid… they’ll go on and on without providing a description of the suspect/harasser/perpetrator.


JustAcivilian24 t1_je8esfn wrote

It’s fucking insane to me. I saw a hop in IRL, 2 black teenagers stole an elderly black lady’s car and I was talking to the cops. The lady was like “you saw them right? Two black teenagers right?! Of course it was! Ugh!!!!” Like bro it’s just an identifier. Saying someone is black, Asian, Hispanic, white, in itself isn’t racist. It’s so annoying!!


IcyWillow1193 t1_je9cwzm wrote

If the only descriptor you have is their race, then it probably is racist (as well as useless).


CanaKitty t1_jeakybt wrote

My college a few years back announced they would no longer give any racially identifying information when sending out campus safety alerts.