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4RunnerPilot t1_je8a72y wrote

It’s because people on this subreddit are sensitive, they are terrified of potentially being called a racist. It’s incredibly stupid… they’ll go on and on without providing a description of the suspect/harasser/perpetrator.


JustAcivilian24 t1_je8esfn wrote

It’s fucking insane to me. I saw a hop in IRL, 2 black teenagers stole an elderly black lady’s car and I was talking to the cops. The lady was like “you saw them right? Two black teenagers right?! Of course it was! Ugh!!!!” Like bro it’s just an identifier. Saying someone is black, Asian, Hispanic, white, in itself isn’t racist. It’s so annoying!!


IcyWillow1193 t1_je9cwzm wrote

If the only descriptor you have is their race, then it probably is racist (as well as useless).


CanaKitty t1_jeakybt wrote

My college a few years back announced they would no longer give any racially identifying information when sending out campus safety alerts.