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Random note: my family and I just got back from a few days in DC. Flew up from Texas and stayed for 3 nights. We had a great trip and loved all the things we saw.

Coming from really crap mass transit in Tx, the subway trains were amazing. We stayed at a hotel on the blue line and the ease of using the subway was fantastic. I wish our state was better about that. Underground tunnels were amazing. Food was fantastic, everyone we met were very friendly. Did the usual Air & Space, American History, Smithsonian Zoo, Arlington, National Mall type things. I’m sure you guys have a lot of problems just like any other place, but I was very impressed with everything we experienced.




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synth_stryder t1_jcn9j11 wrote

This is really nice to hear, glad yall had a good trip


Practical_Awareness4 t1_jcn844v wrote

I came from florida and I’ve been a lot of other places. I think this is my favorite place I’ve lived. Glad you enjoyed it here


tacojohn44 t1_jcnd06a wrote

Same. Been a little over 6 months now and love it.


Zkdog t1_jcnte2f wrote

Same. Six years here and it's still amazing.


tee22410 t1_jcp6zs2 wrote

Oh man, you haven't even had a chance to see DC in spring yet. You're about to fall in love 💕


tacojohn44 t1_jcrndjd wrote

Just got back from checking out the cherry blossoms! At first I went because I know it's a popular thing to do and wanted to experience it, but they really are beautiful.


JamesKBoyd t1_jcosiz2 wrote

I've been here almost 20 years coming from West Palm Beach and it's easily my favorite place that I've ever lived!


Practical_Awareness4 t1_jcp3ojx wrote

That’s where I left (Boynton to be specific!)! Glad to see you still love it after 20 years. I’ll prob be you in 2 decades.


coatipop t1_jcp74yr wrote

We’re moving from the space coast to DC area soon and I’m so glad to hear that!


MrPopCult t1_jcnc0km wrote

Come back and see us again!


HereComesHR OP t1_jcncjkg wrote



The_4th_Little_Pig t1_jcnm9ac wrote

I’m originally from Texas and the mass transit is so much better than sitting in traffic for long periods of time, but if you live further away from a metro stop and have to walk or bus to metro it’s kind of a grind: the COL up here is crazy and unless your from Austin or DFW proper you won’t know how it is. Just know if you plan on moving up here it’s a major culture shock, and you should definitely have a job and a place to live before doing it.

Much love from a former Texan.


HereComesHR OP t1_jcnmx5j wrote

Thanks buddy! I don’t think we’ll live up there, but it was wonderful to visit. And we will likely come up there to visit in the future!


how-tobe t1_jcn9qxr wrote

Awww thank you! You probably some bad things on the subreddit, but I'm glad you enjoyed your stay!


Disused_Yeti t1_jcn9cz5 wrote

amazing what taxing people for the collective good can accomplish!

texas should try it


gopoohgo t1_jcneegs wrote

lazy political take.

Every locale will get their pound of flesh.

987K apartment on Capitol Hill: $5.6K property tax

1025K home in Dallas: $13k property tax

Know this in that we have friends who moved from the Dallas burbs to Newton MA. We asked how much more they were paying in taxes going from TX to MA and it was a wash; higher income taxes in MA were offset by lower property taxes.


mediocre-spice t1_jcnh3ga wrote

Everywhere taxes, but not everywhere uses those taxes for the collective good


MaxAmericana t1_jcneohv wrote

Bad comparison. Texas has no state income tax.


noquarter53 t1_jcpezu0 wrote

DC does not have extremely abundant natural gas and oil fields to generate royalties. Really dumb take here.


gopoohgo t1_jcnfaqs wrote

You don't math or read.

As above, property taxes in TX are much higher. As are sales taxes (8.5% v 6.25% in MA)

For our friends (dual income, 3 kids) taxes were a wash.

You can't escape taxes. "No income tax states" will get their pound of flesh somehow.


MaxAmericana t1_jcngmrr wrote

This is just easily, provably false.

For 2021:

Texas state tax revenue per capita: $2.982

DC state tax revenue per capita: $15,398

(For good measure, Massachusetts state tax revenue per capita: $6,545)


AnonymousCarolinaDog t1_jcnm5xg wrote

Since Texas’ (notably high) property taxes are collected at the local level instead of the state level, wouldn’t your link about State Government Tax Collections be leaving out a fairly big piece of the equation?

One of many issues when comparing a state to a city, right? Like DC vs Austin seems like a more useful comparison— I would expect people in Austin pay less but not by some massive amount


9throwaway2 t1_jcnrze5 wrote

DC combines local and 'state' taxes. Texas decouples the two; you can't compare the two that way. Look up total tax burden. Heck, DC is lower than MD or VA for a typical family.


BrightThru2014 t1_jcnjhx3 wrote

Genuine question — do you really believe that the average net tax burden (or even net CoL) for a married family of five is equivalent in DC and Texas? Because this is Trump 2020 election levels of delusion jfc.


putinsbloodboy t1_jcnfr7n wrote

No vehicle property tax either, cheaper gas, cheaper food


jhperkins66 t1_jcnpguf wrote

Are you talking TX or DC? Because while I imagine the gas is cheaper in TX, there is no vehicle property tax in DC.


9throwaway2 t1_jcns0yi wrote

plus you don't need a car to live in many parts of DC.


10tonheadofwetsand t1_jcnfhki wrote

Born and raised Texan, moved to the area a decade ago. Glad you enjoyed it! Come back, there is so much to see and do in this area that isn’t memorials museums and monuments (which are all great of course). Safe travels.


HereComesHR OP t1_jcng9wo wrote

Thanks bud. We met a few Texans on our trip (I was wearing a hat with a Texas college). I think on our next trip we’ll branch out.


wanderouswanderer t1_jcnnzu2 wrote

What alternates would you suggest?


jamz_fm t1_jcoyhni wrote

Guided tour of the National Cathedral is a must IMO. The Library of Congress is beautiful, and you can get a card while you're there. I held sheet music handwritten by Louis Armstrong. Love the Arboretum.

Also, small thing, but whenever I take visitors to the mall, we stop by the echo chamber outside the Canadian embassy. Always good for a video and a laugh 🙂


unquist t1_jcp3qvl wrote

If you've got kids, and even if you don't, the National Building Museum is an overlooked gem (though it's not free).


appreciativeoldperv t1_jcolj51 wrote

Well, just eliminate the aforementioned manmade stuff and do the rest. Ocean, bay, mountains. Even though the slogan was made up by a beer executive, before it was the hub of Federal Government this really was the land of pleasant living.


kzwa t1_jcnaow7 wrote

Hey, that’s really kind of you to say! We’re so glad you enjoyed your visit and hope you come again sometime!


Navitach t1_jcnbv9o wrote

So glad you had a good time! (I actually grew up and live in northern Virginia, but the city is close enough that I've been to the museums and such many times over the years.) Reading posts like this just reminds me that many of us in the DMV take those things for granted and don't visit them as often as we should.


GuardMost8477 t1_jcnbwvp wrote

Yay! Come back to explore again!


HereComesHR OP t1_jcnchzy wrote

Thanks! Originally this was just a “show our kids the nations history” trip and I wasn’t looking forward to it as much…nothing against the city, just looked at it only from an educational standpoint. But man did we enjoy it. We’ve already talked about going back.

And the two favorite things on our trip were a) the subway, and b) seeing snow on the car ride home. Pretty funny. I’m sure to many it’s just transport, but man it was efficient and easy to use. We were just blown away.


sellers1020 t1_jcnfuf0 wrote

I’m from the Dallas area and fell in love with DC on my 8th grade class trip in 2006. I’ve been here 7 years and have no plans of moving. Happy to hear your family enjoyed it as well! Next time bring up some Tex Mex, I sure do miss it! 😁


HereComesHR OP t1_jcngkqr wrote

Thanks! You’d sure think someone could make a killing putting a Tex-Mex restaurant up there.

Did you find the cost of living increase to be difficult when you moved up there? Seems like Dallas-to-DC would be some sticker shock.


WontStopAtSigns t1_jcnravw wrote

If you come in the summer we have water parks and stuff kiddos will love. Right off metro too. I've been here 6+ years and it still feels like an amusement park compared to fucking Miami where you spend 30-40 hours a month in the car like it's nothing.

Tbh I sold my truck and just bike everywhere now. It never even snowed this winter here. Although may have been a flurry or two we tend to worry about accumulation and there was 0. Bonus points for pretending you're captain America going by the monuments.


HereComesHR OP t1_jcnrr1w wrote

Nice! If I lived there and was anywhere near a metro I would sell my vehicle too.

The snow happened as we were driving through Virginia. Wasn’t in the forecast, came out of no where. Absolutely beautiful. And the state itself was great, we’d never been to Virginia.


RedfishSC2 t1_jcnnrp7 wrote

From a Houstonian who has been living in the area for almost 10 years now, it boggles my mind. Republic Cantina is pretty good, but the whole metro area overall is flooded with tasteless, disappointing, garbage Tex-Mex. Every time I go back and visit my parents and have Ninfa's, I cry a little bit knowing what I'm missing.

That said, there is great Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Ethiopian, and Salvadoran, so there's a lot out there.


[deleted] t1_jcpnlym wrote

I hate to say it but I went to Guapo's a couple nights ago and it was pretty friggin' decent. Branzino fajita platter was way better than expected.


janmint t1_jcnpocy wrote

I always thought Cactus Cantina was Tex Mex too? But I've never actually been to Texas so I'm sure my opinion is really off, how does it compare?


QueMasPuesss t1_jco1g03 wrote

Cactus Cantina is pretty mediocre. It was dubya’s favorite place but he’s from Connecticut. Ironically their lomo saltado is one of the best things on the menu.


QueMasPuesss t1_jco1puv wrote

Dallas has great Korean, Ethiopian and Vietnamese food and decent Thai and Salvadorian. Houston has the best Vietnamese and Chinese food outside the west coast imo (though queens gives houston a run for its money with Chinese food.)

Edit: though I think DC has better French and Italian than major Texas metros, plus a greater variety of more obscure cuisines (by American diasporan standards) due to the breadth of diversity, ie Balkan, Uyghur, Bangladeshi, Peruvian, Georgian, Filipino, Portuguese, Russian etc etc.


Sekh765 t1_jcnq81q wrote

Houstonian now DC/Northern Virginia here. I've searched far and wide around here for decent Tex-Mex and I've found exactly 1 place lol. It's my biggest regret.


[deleted] t1_jcpns4e wrote

What place?!?


Sekh765 t1_jcrhubs wrote

Casa Tequila in Lorton has had the best Tex-Mexy style Mexican I've found.


[deleted] t1_jcricoo wrote

Thanks! I'll check it out.


Sekh765 t1_jcsloya wrote

Hope you like it. It wasn't like, mind blowing, but considering the normal tex-mex fare around here, it was more than acceptable for me.


[deleted] t1_jctnlg6 wrote

I mean, the best we have around here is El Sol or Guapo's so i'm always looking for an update. I'll take your word for it seeing as you're from Texas...I'll trust that palate!

Thanks again for the rec and have a great weekend!


sazzer82 t1_jcr6lr1 wrote



Sekh765 t1_jcrhttx wrote

Casa Tequila in Lorton has had the best Tex-Mexy style Mexican I've found.


WontStopAtSigns t1_jcnqzhr wrote

I've been making Mexican from yt recipes and it's 1000x better than restaurants.

We got a decent tacombi and Los tios off the blue line


sellers1020 t1_jcoyl3t wrote

I found it more expensive, but was living in Uptown (Dallas) before moving to DC, so not too crazy different. However, in Dallas I lived in a brand new apartment with one roommate and in DC I lived in a 1900’s row home with 3 other roommates. Still loved the experience of living in an old row home full of history and stories. I did grow up in Plano TX where you can get a veryyyyy nice home for what a one bedroom condo would cost in DC. 🥲 that one is hard to get over but I’m willing to make it work because I love the area so much!


dontforgetpants t1_jcqb4j6 wrote

There’s a Chuy’s pretty nearby in Virginia and I think it does pretty well. It’s not even the best tex mex but I’m from Texas and it tastes like home haha.


veloharris t1_jcngtbo wrote

If you haven't been definitely check out Republic Cantina.


stone-and-star- t1_jcnl9t0 wrote

I'm from Mississippi and fell in love ALSO in 8th grade in 2000. I visited again as an 11th grader in 2003, and it just confirmed to me that transit is ✨️awesome✨️ to us Southern folk!


sellers1020 t1_jcol338 wrote

The walkability 😍 also…… Hotty Toddy! Class of 2014 😄


Led4355 t1_jcome0j wrote

From Arlington - try El Sol on 11th Street NW for Tex-Mex


[deleted] t1_jcpnzym wrote

There it is!!! Man, that short rib Chili Relleno is on point....and the molé chicken....really nice.

They make a damn good Michelada as well.


1800TurdFerguson t1_jcnds91 wrote

The Metro rides when you’re above ground are the best. I still feel like a little kid riding a train.


abcpdo t1_jco47tr wrote

What's crazy is this is metro in reduced form.


HereComesHR OP t1_jcomcbv wrote

Wow, had no idea. What is reduced? It felt like we never had to wait for a train more than 5 minutes.


abcpdo t1_jcop7xz wrote

derailments in 2021


ifoundacouch t1_jcorgqm wrote

Yeah. In May, the yellow line should reopen. We're getting more of the newer trains in the next months, which I really hope will make the red faster. But you never know.


s-multicellular t1_jcnlops wrote

If I am honest, loving riding the Metro was in the top five for me when I first visited as a teen and started thinking about moving here. I wasn’t unfamiliar with riding public transit, I was born in Boston. But there was something special about all the particular wonders you could see from this one Metro. Funny that I work from home now, but I enjoyed it for many years.


Tony0x01 t1_jcpv8zl wrote

> I wasn’t unfamiliar with riding public transit, I was born in Boston

Boston doesn't have transit?


s-multicellular t1_jcpvqgm wrote

'wasn't unfamiliar'....sorry, confusing double negative. I could have been clearer.

Ya, 'The T' as we called it. It was just, not a pleasant experience. That was a long time ago and I may have been unconsciously influenced by my parents hating it. Though, I did visit as a teen and it was meh then too.


malhoward t1_jcn8875 wrote

Ditto for me! We stayed in Crystal City and loved it! The city and train were pretty clean and we kept finding places to enter the subway/mall closer and closer to our hotel!

I say “pretty clean” because, well, full disclosure…. On the steps to a subway entrance this morning, we saw a pile where some human had shat right there.

I figure if that’s the worst I see in 5 days it’s been a pretty good trip.


yakshack t1_jcnjg4l wrote

Last time I was in Albuquerque I saw a pile of human shit in the stairwell of a parking garage, so, you know, it seems to be a scourge of every mode of transportation


HereComesHR OP t1_jcnb7wn wrote

Hey, we were at the Crystal City Marriott. Super convenient location to everything.


malhoward t1_jcnzcoo wrote

We were at Crowne Plaza. The last morning we discovered we could access the metro through the Crystal City shops literally next door. The first day we trudged several blocks (passing lots of access pints) to get on the train. We did try 1 short trip on the bus and comparatively, not a fan. 😂

We also enjoyed We the Pizza!

I’m from TN (sorry it was disappointing) and we don’t have efficient public transportation. I was wishing for a blue line from my house to Target by the time I had made a couple of trips back & forth.

Edited to finish my thought.


HereComesHR OP t1_jcs1lbq wrote

Bummer about not finding the tunnels till the last day.

Sorry, didn’t mean to shit on TN. To be fair we were towards the end of a long trip so we may have just been ready to be home!

Loved the blue line. So wonderful! We have so many good memories of our trip.

Hope your trip was as great as ours!


malhoward t1_jcsk385 wrote

Oh I didn’t take the TN thing personally. I’m well aware that the best parts are not along the interstates. 😉 And I TOTALLY understand being ready to be home. We made our 7+ hour trip from DC with ONE stop.


BirdLawyerPerson t1_jcnktsz wrote

Good ol crystal shitty


HereComesHR OP t1_jcs1ove wrote

Is Crystal City known for being crap, or was that just a joke?


malhoward t1_jcsixcx wrote

I think it was just a joke in response to my experience (observed definitely human poop on some stairs down to the subway- this was the only weird/yuck I saw).


[deleted] t1_jcnc9ii wrote



Malnurtured_Snay t1_jcnetid wrote

>I still think it's an amazing city

What'd you think when you went to that Burger King tho?!


bard_ley t1_jcnbfgx wrote

Found the mayors burner account /s

Glad you had fun!!


HereComesHR OP t1_jcnblls wrote

Ha! I couldn’t even tell you who your mayor is.

Thanks, it was a great time. We The Pizza is legit.


Malnurtured_Snay t1_jcneyno wrote

>I couldn’t even tell you who your mayor is.

This is exactly what she would say! It is Mayor Bowser!


HereComesHR OP t1_jcnfe1y wrote

Is she (am I) popular in DC?

I thought you were joking about the name and had to Google it.


Malnurtured_Snay t1_jcngwuz wrote

>Is she (am I) popular in DC?

Hi Murial! I'd like to take this opportunity to speak to you about potholes...


HereComesHR OP t1_jcnh5jx wrote

I’m sorry, is this a poor person thing? I’m not familiar with potholes. Let me go ask my helicopter chauffeur if he knows what that is.


Malnurtured_Snay t1_jcnhtdh wrote

Helicopters for the mayor? Over DC? Only if she's flying with the president!

I might've bought that you weren't the mayor ...

... but only the real mayor would've pretend not to notice I misspelled your first name, Madam Mayor!


HereComesHR OP t1_jcni7kb wrote

I’m imagining someone on Reddit is going to read that, and be a huge fan of the mayor, and be pissed. For the record I have no idea if she’s good/bad, liberal/conservative, etc.


Htowntaco t1_jcng0id wrote

She’s working her way up to become king bowser


Last_Noldoran t1_jcniv3z wrote

I recently moved from Austin, and the public transit is one of the best things about this area. Even tho i am not next to a metro, being able to hop on a reliable bus to a metro stop is great. Really wish that DART was more frequent, Houston expanded their trains, and Austin/San Antonio had more reliable busses


9throwaway2 t1_jcns4ad wrote

we also stole the person who ran your public transit system; big upgrade from the traditional crooks here!


CandyCaneCrisp t1_jcnnyfe wrote

Glad you liked it, wish you could have waited to see the cherry blossoms.


HereComesHR OP t1_jcnqrt4 wrote

We caught some right outside the airport, but were bummed we missed the majority. My daughter especially wanted to see them.


CandyCaneCrisp t1_jco2ize wrote

I hope you can make it back again some year when they are at peak bloom. There's also a very nice neighborhood called Kenwood in Maryland just a mile or so from the border which is fully planted with the same Yoshino cherries. Here's a cool live feed of the trees at the Tidal Basin:


alldaylurkerforever t1_jcnegin wrote

Wait, you weren't car jacked, mugged, beaten up or something else criminal?

That's what I've been told happens in DC to everyone every minute of the day.

I am shocked. SHOCKED you had a great time.

This subreddit has lied to me!


iHeartweeddc t1_jcof9as wrote

Glad you had a great visit. Would you mind speaking to someone at HEB about expanding north? Please & thank you.


stuffsmithstuff t1_jco0tyy wrote

What a sweet note, yo. You should come back and now that you’ve done the Smithsonian circuit try heading up to the U Street corridor, up further to Rock Creek Park, and then down to Hains Point. The “real DC” can be awesome.


HereComesHR OP t1_jcomfoh wrote

Thanks for the tips!


rmm0484 t1_jcpbvh3 wrote

When you come back, Annapolis is a short drive, and Ocean City, and Cape May are also great day trips from Washington, DC. Check out Williamsburg and Richmond also. So much to see! Also Manassas, Monticello, Arlington National Cemetery and Antietam for history buffs!


NoTV4Theo t1_jcnjj7u wrote

Well we do have a working electrical grid up here so I’m sure that was a box checked for you.


Piracanto t1_jcnrxad wrote

No Rudy's though.

Seriously, we're glad you had a good time! Come back anytime!


HereComesHR OP t1_jcnsd7g wrote

There’s a Rudy’s right outside my neighborhood in Texas. Damn good.

Thanks for the welcome!


TrillyMike t1_jcnuayo wrote

Ay man! Glad you came through and enjoyed it! Come back again soon!


Migue04090812 t1_jcnuex8 wrote

Wow! That’s super nice! Thanks and come back again (autumn is especially nice).


reflectioninternal t1_jco6qcn wrote

I live in DC and I'm visiting Austin rn, and I just gotta say, right back at you buddy. I'm lucky the friend I'm visiting has a guest bedroom on 6th st, I'm having an amazing time. If you live where my friend lives things are mostly walkable (though he admits having a car is a necessity). Visited the LBJ library, and a bunch of amazing venues full of people having fun and living life to the fullest. 10/10.


rajits t1_jcp184q wrote

Compared to TX, the mass transit here is amazing. Compared to cities like New York or Chicago, the rail system here is sad.


HereComesHR OP t1_jcp1d1c wrote

Really? How so?


rajits t1_jcp24hb wrote

  • The rates aren't flat, you pay somewhere between $2-5 for a one-way trip.
  • There aren't a lot of lines, or at least no loop. The system really exists just to get commuters in and out of the city
  • I often see tourists confused, and I can see why - it's not immediately clear which line you need to be on, or where you need to go
  • Why aren't Farragut West and Farragut North connected? It makes no sense. And if I enter a station and leave immediately, why am I still charged? The system knows exactly how long I was there.
  • Trains catch on fire more often than I would like.

In DC's defense, I will say that our rail system is better than either Houston or Atlanta.


HereComesHR OP t1_jcp29pn wrote

Interesting. Thanks for explaining.


rajits t1_jcp2od7 wrote

No worries. Sounds like you had no issues while you were here, which is great!

Btw, I did live in TX for 13 years, before moving up here.


notevenapro t1_jcp2g9y wrote

I forget how spoiled I am to live in this area.


WinterMedical t1_jcntqnc wrote

Im so glad you had a nice time! It’s a great city!


gumercindo1959 t1_jcnhbgi wrote

First time in DC? Did you have any preconceived notions of the city?


HereComesHR OP t1_jcnhyx7 wrote

I was in DC once in around 96 for a class trip? So don’t really remember much of that trip since I was shuttled around by teachers.

No real preconceived notions. Houston is a massive city, so I know that one part of a city can be a shitshow while other parts are wonderful. Had no idea what to expect getting around the touristy areas (will there be pickpockets trying to steal your stuff?). And knew absolutely nothing about navigating the tunnels or subways. I looked up as much as I could online and downloaded the transit apps.

We’re not your typical Texans in many ways, as many Texans like to shit on places like DC. I expected it to have pros/cons just like any other place. But again, our experience was overwhelmingly positive. Except Hertz rental at Union Station. That place freaking sucks.


gumercindo1959 t1_jcoql7k wrote

Great to hear. No doubt there are crummy parts of the city but it’s a great city. I moved here over 20 years ago from Florida, and this city has made amazing transformations since then.


growingmahurr t1_jcnlyo3 wrote

I just left yesterday and only had a day to explore but the place truly is amazing! I rented an e-scooter and got to see most of the sites within a few hours! Lots of people from spring break so pictures turned out bad but it was all an experience. Wind chill was brutal coming from the west coast but I wish I had more time to check out the museums and maybe do a tour somewhere. I’ll be back for sure!


Oldgatorwrestler t1_jcoiw7g wrote

Welcome to a place where democrats run the government.


[deleted] t1_jcpmy3q wrote

given the doom and gloom nature of this sub sometimes, I really love hearing this. Y'all come back now, y'hear.


ezerkle001 t1_jcn7uhi wrote

Glad you had a good time.


slideright1929 t1_jcnpygy wrote

Love the positivity and love that you loved my home. Thank you :)


appleofrage t1_jcns8p4 wrote

Glad everyone had a good time! DC really is great for how much stuff there is to do and how easy it is to get to that stuff. Personally I love how easy it is to take a trip away from DC since the metro now goes to two big airports. Yall take the metro back to the airport?


HereComesHR OP t1_jcnsk9w wrote

We flew to DC, then rented a car for the return trip so we could see Virginia, Tennessee, etc. Blue Ridge Mountains and Smokies were gorgeous. Virginia was beautiful. Really loved Virginia. Tennessee was mediocre, which I didn’t expect. Thought I’d love it, but liked Virginia more.


OnlyHunan t1_jcny68a wrote

I was in North Carolina before DMV. I was right on the border between the state Capitol (2nd largest city in the state), and the 7th largest. There were exactly TWO bus routes between them, and one was a semi-express. The nearest stops to me were a 1-mile walk to one route and 1½ miles to the other.

Now, I'm a suburb north of DC. There are two routes ½ mile away and 5 more one mile away.


isabellla321 t1_jcnyoif wrote

I am so so glad you guys loved DC! This was so sweet! There are still toms to explore, hope you guys come back soon! 😎


kungfu-barbie t1_jco2tbe wrote

We are from Texas, too and just returned from DC. Was cold, but great. I agree about the Metro. Wish we had something like that here.


jolietia t1_jcnh9pz wrote

Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂


Kusharti21 t1_jcniivg wrote

Glad to hear it and welcome to r/fuckcars


2lurky4you t1_jcoii7r wrote

Glad you enjoyed it! I grew up nearby so we'd do school field trips to the mall every year or so. When we finally took the Metro in from greenbelt it was the coolest thing. I still love taking the Metro and looking out the window at the city.

How was air and space? I hear the renovated space is really nice.


HereComesHR OP t1_jcom7lz wrote

I stayed in green belt many years ago on a trip with my girlfriend at the time. What a lovely area.

Air and Space was fantastic. About half of it is still closed for construction so we didn’t get to see a big chunk of it.


standrightwalkleft t1_jcow0ag wrote

Thanks for visiting! Glad you enjoyed your trip. Come back soon :)


JustPlaneNew t1_jcpweyg wrote

I'm glad you enjoyed some of what DC has to offer.


gwenqueenofshadows t1_jcr5wuo wrote

You’ve gotta warn the other Texans when you’re coming next time so we can put in some orders for HEB seasonings, tortillas, etc.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_jcrujnd wrote

Thanks! I think the problems DC has are the same as any American city, crime and car traffic. I don’t count that as a bad thing just a part of city living and it’s not bad here compared to other cities


Creative-Ad-9871 t1_jcnqc01 wrote

What hotel did you stay in?


HereComesHR OP t1_jcnrcio wrote

Crystal City Marriott. Lovely stay, basement tunnel led right to Metro Blue line. Other way in the tunnel led to some restaurants. Fantastic location for tourists.


Creative-Ad-9871 t1_jcnrl1o wrote

How exactly did you know the topology of that area so well being a tourist from texas?


HereComesHR OP t1_jcns9u3 wrote

We knew nothing. We wanted a Marriott. Side all my points are through Marriott from work. My wife found Crystal City and that it was connected by tunnels to the Metro. We had no idea if that would be super great, or dingy crap holes.

When we got there we looked up a local Chick-fil-A to get some Dr Pepper, as good Texans do. That led to some shop tunnels, but we quickly learned those weren’t the ones connected to the Metro. We decided to go exploring so we’d know what we were doing the next day. Found the right tunnels and walked to the Metro entrance and bought 3-day passes. I had downloaded the Metro app and knew that the Mall and Arlington could be reached on Blue line stops. For the zoo I knew we had to transfer at Metro Center to get on the red line.

So…we just figured it out as we went! We’re big planners so we tried to know as much as possible in advance. The different colored lines, plus the naming being the last stop the train is headed towards, made it seem pretty easy.


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Hey you havent had the real DC experience until you’ve been mugged, sat in beltway traffic or been pulled over by some random protective service.

Just kidding! Keep it real Texas!



Nagisa201 t1_jcnvl87 wrote

I mean TX is just a million times bigger than DC. If the public transit wasn't better then something is dramatically wrong


thenewjs713 t1_jcoowzc wrote

For you to say the food was fantastic, you must not live in Houston. As a native Houstonian DC food is BS!


putinsbloodboy t1_jcnf7jn wrote

As a fellow Texan, agreed on most of your points but I have 2 disagreements:

  1. I’m wondering which city you’re from if you think the food is good in DC. There’s some nice spots but they’re more difficult to find, away from the tourist areas, and the other good ones are very very expensive.

  2. People are a lot less friendly here than in Texas, it’s a pretty stark contrast actually.


HereComesHR OP t1_jcng2za wrote

Hey bud,

  1. Houston. It’s not that it beats Texas (I was missing Mexican food), but rather we were very happy with the food. You kinda expect crappy touristy food in a lot of places. Maybe we’re easy to please.
  2. I found them to not be as overtly friendly (more minding their own business and not looking to start conversations) but anyone we interacted with was wonderful.

Htowntaco t1_jcnjb8i wrote

I’m from Houston and yea the food from dc is pretty good. Some of the best Chinese food I’ve had.

I spent 3 days in dc and 3 days in Philly and took the Amtrak from Philly to dc. Man how I wish we had that here. Being able to go to Austin or Dallas would be awesome.

The subways in dc and Philly are pretty sweet. I only had to use Uber a few times when I got lost but google maps is pretty good at telling you what train to get on.

From what I experienced the people there where very friendly. I would be on a park bench eating a hot dog and people would just come up and talk to me, it was nice. And I didn’t know how to use the subway when I got to dc and a nice lady saw that I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and went over and explained to me how it works.


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Surprised we let you in. You're from a Red State...