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chanizzle23 t1_je0cm1p wrote

So comforting that one501 wont email their own residents about this 🙃


JustAcivilian24 t1_je0hnen wrote

While we’re name dropping, Morse Apartments is garbage at notifying residents about anything around the area or on the premises. I woke up at 5am once to my neighbors place getting raided by DCPD. That was fun. Also we had a string of cars get broken into and they didn’t say shit or do anything till a few days later.

Stay away from Morse please. They don’t deserve more money.


Formergr t1_je160qz wrote

> I woke up at 5am once to my neighbors place getting raided by DCPD.

I mean I don't think it works for apartment management to alert residents to a raid by cops before it happens--how would that work? What a great way for the alleged criminal to get a tip off that the cops are coming for them.


JustAcivilian24 t1_je1r3d5 wrote

Oh yea for sure. Duh. But I mean to not even send an email to neighbors “sorry for the fucking police raid at 5am where guns were drawn and the door was busted open. I mean I heard the entire thing. It was WILD. I told my wife to hit the floor because the cops had guns drawn and busted through the door. Found out later that dude had a gun too. It was honestly pretty traumatic.


A simple “we had a police incident last night sorry etc” would have been a nice touch. But no. Morse apartments never communicates. I overheard a cop last night talking with the front desk about another break in, in the parking garage. Apartment still hasn’t said anything. I checked my car myself because I just happened to overhear the cop tell the front desk.


wraithsrock t1_je0hz1h wrote

At this point I sort of have to guess that the cops asked them not to say anything


turntintaaguilerta t1_je0w2qg wrote

that’s probably it bc they can’t share details about an ongoing investigation


Jewell84 t1_je195jc wrote

Not in one501 but close by. My building sent two emails to residents. The first was that there was a a situation and they’d follow up once they knew more, the second with more detail(someone was barricaded in the building).

The way my unit is positioned I had no clue anything was even happening. I didn’t even see the emails until after the fact. I do appreciate the fact they did loop us in at least.


Waste_of_paste_art t1_jdzu2je wrote

They were set up outside my building at like 4am. No idea what it's for though.

Update: I got an email from my building and apparently there is someone who barricaded themselves in an apartment at the One501. No other info


Rabofan t1_je0grnu wrote

Im a few doors down of this situation. Police started pounding on the door at 6:30 am. Roughly 10 men in full tactical been sitting outside the door since then. Still on going.


wraithsrock t1_je0h453 wrote

Yikes, are you able to come and go?


Rabofan t1_je0hk6t wrote

I left this morning at 8 for errands and was able to get back in an hour later no problem. Planning to head out for lunch shortly so we’ll see


Remarkable_Leading58 t1_je0igby wrote

stay safe man. one of the cops outside said it was "contained" but nobody is doing a good job of letting us know rn.


Ok_Culture_3621 t1_je1kvr0 wrote

That happened to my roommate once in Brooklyn. Except they kicked down the door, tossed the room, stuck several guns in his face and then realized they were at the wrong address. At least they put an IOU post it note on the door they busted.


chanizzle23 t1_je0l8t2 wrote

One501 finally sent out a message to residents just saying there is “an active isolated incident involving local authorities on the 7th floor”.


Remarkable_Leading58 t1_je0nte8 wrote

good thing they told us the gym was closed. would not have figured that out otherwise! smh this is ridiculous


Far_Remove_2775 t1_je0tu9e wrote

Apparently two individuals committed a shooting this morning with a baby in tow, and holed up in the Eckington apartment building. The baby seems to be fine, thankfully. I live in this apartment building and most of the police have left so I’m guessing they’ve been arrested.


turntintaaguilerta t1_jdzw7ln wrote

a neighboring apt’s concierge told me there’s a high profile warrant out for someone who locked themselves in one of the one501 units. bc they’re resisting arrest, there’s a swat team and bomb squad standing by.


WeebedOut t1_jdzymwu wrote

Ohhh good to know bc the concierge at one501 told me that he’s not supposed to say anything about what’s going on other than everything is OK lol


wraithsrock t1_je0do68 wrote

Does anyone know if this has been resolved yet?


chanizzle23 t1_je0dxtt wrote

Still seeing emergency response vehicles on the MBT and main road from my room in one501 so I’m going to assume no 🙃


X0nk21 t1_je0v28r wrote

Has been resolved. I had front row seats the the whole thing, just got the okay to leave my apartment about 30 minutes ago.


wraithsrock t1_je0w23s wrote

Phew, glad things ended without too much apparent chaos (as in I’m assuming you didn’t hear the swat guys go in guns blazing!)


keyjan t1_je026nv wrote

yeah, saw that from the train--was wondering what was going on.


Alwayshard6130 t1_je0st0p wrote

I saw a huge amount of cops at the hospitals ER entrance around 515am