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washingtonpost OP t1_je9z4ko wrote

From reporter Scott Allen:

Here’s what to expect at Nationals Park in 2023.


The two most notable additions to the ballpark’s food lineup are Swizzler and Capo Deli. Swizzler, which began as a food truck and opened its first stand-alone restaurant in Navy Yard in 2020, will offer smashburgers, fried chicken sandwiches and hand-cut fries, with locations in Sections 106, 130 and 320.

Capo Deli, which opened its first location in Shaw in 2017, replaces the former Hard Times concession stand next to See You Tater in Section 107. Capo’s menu of sandwiches includes the Italian combo with capicola, genoa salami and provolone; roasted turkey and provolone; and a tomato and mozzarella caprese. It will also offer tri-color pasta with genoa salami, provolone and housemade dressing.

Grab-and-go concessions

The Nationals are hoping to reduce the amount of time fans spend waiting in line for concessions by introducing four Grab-and-Go Marketplaces outside Sections 110, 136, 141 and 314. Fans at these concession stands will be able to pick up the items they want and proceed to a self-checkout kiosk, where their items will be rung up automatically. Staff will fill drinks and check IDs for fans wishing to purchase alcoholic beverages. Additionally, all concession stands, except Shake Shack, will offer kiosk ordering.

There will also be four grab-and-go beer markets, including three on the main concourse, offering a selection of canned beers. The Craft Corner market outside Section 110 will provide the largest selection of local canned beers in the ballpark. The District Drafts program, which has offered a rotating selection of local craft beers on draft for more than a decade, is back, but it will feature fewer carts this season.

Read more about food options, the giveaway schedule and merchandise here, and skip the paywall with email registration:


geneticlyperfct t1_je9zoo0 wrote

While you’re here, is it too much to ask that you guys publish a story every day about the gross injustice at Nats Park until onions are back at the condiment stations?


literpu t1_jea48wg wrote

Seconding this. The people need to know! Democracy dies without an onion crank thing!


Midnight_Morning t1_jea7geh wrote

Costco also got rid of their onions (and sauerkraut) for their hotdogs. We have to peel the layers of this conspiracy!


thekingoftherodeo t1_jeaapuj wrote

It'd be nice if your reporter included the pricing for the items (and beers) for 2023.


SquishWindow t1_jeb64wu wrote

I need journalists to hold Swizzler to account for not doing fancy hot dogs anymore


vtsandtrooper t1_jec3frm wrote

The food might be new, but Corbin’s slider is as old and telegraphed as ever


22304_selling t1_jea43mj wrote

used to visit JDLand blog for these updates :(


FormerCollegeDJ t1_jecs7fo wrote

I did not have Swizzler at the game today (almost always eat outside the park before games to either save money or get better food for the same cost), but I have gone to their location on 1st Street SE about four times (work nearby). Their burgers are very good, not quite as good as Shake Shack but similar in style (and IMO better than Five Guys), and the cost is a few dollars less than Shake Shack or Five Guys if you get a combo. (The fries are good but unspectacular IMO.)

Saying the above more simply, Swizzler is a solid option at Nationals Park, though like Shake Shack I think eating at the location outside but near the ballpark makes more sense. The non-ballpark location is a few dollars less and doesn’t have the sports event/captive customer markup.


BoozAlien t1_jef22ur wrote

I thought the Swizzler burger and fries were excellent. The line was slow, but I'll cut 'em some slack since it was just their second day in operation there, and everything came out hot and fresh. And the lines will be much shorter soon when we're seeing less than 5,000 people in the seats every night.


buxtonOJ t1_jeacc7s wrote

Carjackings and overpriced light beer?


thekingoftherodeo t1_jeat8et wrote

$14.99 for a 25oz domestic this year.

It was $13.75 last year.

It was $10.95 in 2021.

That's +37% in 2 years.

BLS calculator here shows that this should be $12.07 if it tracked CPI in that same period.

How about a story on the worst franchise in baseball absolutely gouging fans at the concessions Wapo?


buxtonOJ t1_jeax4qs wrote

The beer prices are fcked, but did you just move here…they won a chip in 2019 and it was INSANE!!! Still can’t believe that team did it 🤙🏽


thekingoftherodeo t1_jeay25x wrote

That's a bit condescending but whatever.

I was indeed here when they were the best team in baseball. One of the games I watched them go 19-27 vs Cubs on their way to the 19-31 low point. Great season.

They clearly (as is being demonstrated right now) are one of the worst, if not the worst team in the Majors. If the product on the field isn't doing it, then the product(s) supporting that have to make up some of the difference. This isn't it.


buxtonOJ t1_jeb13t0 wrote

So say team and not franchise…our players coming up look goood, this isn’t football. I agree on the pricing, but even if they won 3 in a row, beers would still be this expensive.


GuyNoirPI t1_jebg07p wrote

It’s all part of the pall park experience. If you’re winning, you can get away with overcharging. A shitty team where it’s too expensive to get a second beer, why show up?


buxtonOJ t1_jebhxls wrote

Can’t beat a few day games in the spring and cheap tickets, I also genuinely like the sport