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NorseTikiBar t1_je89rq8 wrote

Not coming from a position of strength there, Representative from motherfucking Alabama.


QueMasPuesss t1_je8swj2 wrote

Alabama, surprisingly perhaps, has a 16% higher high school graduation rate than DC.


celj1234 t1_je9ppgu wrote

It’s almost like graduation requirements and standards aren’t the same across all places.


gnocchicotti t1_jeaaxrc wrote

As someone who has interacted with people who graduated from public schools in the south... that is a huge understatement.


celj1234 t1_jeabcsg wrote

Louisiana was notorious for graduating kids that straight up couldn’t read


Lemonfarty t1_je9umhu wrote

Exactly, we should just pass DC kids through. There’s no learning going on so what does it matter


BookkeeperGlum6933 t1_jegwyf5 wrote

Part of my fellowship in grad school was looking at this. At the time, Texas had 13 different diploma tracks and one of the highest graduation rates in the country.


Motor_Truck9006 t1_je9kht8 wrote

That’s what happens when you compare apples to oranges. A city vs. a whole state


Ghost0468 t1_je9nrn2 wrote

In that case, DC should have a considerably higher graduation rate given wide parts of Alabama are rural and poorer….


Motor_Truck9006 t1_jebfb4y wrote

So you’re telling me rural areas automatically have low graduation rates?


Ghost0468 t1_jebgxje wrote

Specifically in Alabama - substantially less resources, more widespread poverty, and things like that. Of course if you guys want to get upset about comparing it to another state, then maybe let’s compare it to some of the cities that are supposed to be our peers (based on GDP per capita). San Francisco - 90.2%, Seattle - 86%, San Jose - 91%, and you could go on. The point is that DC has a major issue and it should be resolved. Being angry cause a specific politicians said something is absurd.


Motor_Truck9006 t1_jebjmf2 wrote

I have a better idea for you. How about you compare DC to cities with similar demographics to DC. Not a city like San Jose who has 3% black. San Francisco is mostly whites and asians, is that comparable to DC? (Formally known as chocolate city) I say no.


QueMasPuesss t1_je9vriw wrote

But, the larger political backdrop is the push for DC statehood, no? Thus, the comparison is not uninvited.

And OP tried to dunk on Alabama of all places and missed the layup …


PatchOfParticipation t1_jea1cvd wrote

No one missed anything. Alabama public schools are objectively shit. Especially when Gov MeeMaw diverts education funds to build prisons and water parks.

I say this as someone with firsthand experience with one of the state’s better school systems.


duodmas t1_je9qibn wrote

Graduation rates mean shit-all. Remember the Ballou High School scandal?