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swampoodler t1_jbwd3bh wrote

Probably paid their fare and has no previous criminal record.


strangechicken t1_jbwehbm wrote

Didnt get his daily hug and had a temporary lapse in judgement. No harm no foul.


Playful-Translator49 t1_jbwsc4j wrote

At this point whatever. No one seems to really care


suffertunity t1_jbxwkxh wrote

Good, even if 100x as many people died in violence on the metro as in reality it would still be less deadly than driving. Our tendency to focus on metro crime on this sub gives people a really skewed sense of reality.


__main__py t1_jbxymjm wrote

I really dislike cars, but acting as if shootings on metro are no big deal because traffic is kind of looney tunes.


PreposterisG t1_jby2zl9 wrote

It can be simultaneously true that 1) involved parties should be addressing crime on/around public transit and 2) thinking about lifestyle risks relatively (for example driving vs public transit).


suffertunity t1_jby30ah wrote

From a purely rational perspective, yes it is comparatively no big deal compared to other things we don't care about. Sometimes rationality does seem "looney tunes" as you put it.

From an emotional perspective, shootings on the metro are scary. I get that and your emotions are valid. But I'm just defending the people who don't care because they're technically correct not to.


swampoodler t1_jbygj4i wrote

Bold to assume your perspective is purely rational.

Seems irrational to ignore increasing violence on Metro. Less people who find it safe, the more people who will drive.


suffertunity t1_jc06til wrote

On the contrary, the fact that people find driving less dangerous despite the fact that it's objectively far more dangerous is proof that their is not a direct relation between actual violence and how safe people find something.

What does make people feel unsafe on the metro and drive is redditors flipping out about every time a crime occurs anywhere on the metro.


swampoodler t1_jc07awz wrote

I’m pretty sure people having their own experiences of filth and creep on the Metro makes people wary of the Metro.

But you believe what you want, my dude.


suffertunity t1_jc07reo wrote

Well I've been in 1 serious car accident and have personally witnessed 3 other separate car accidents that had people carted off in ambulances afterward.

Can't say I've ever witness a shooting on the metro. But maybe that's just me.


swampoodler t1_jc08bi5 wrote

Potomac Ave literally just had a shooting a month ago.

So yeah my dude count yourself lucky. Getting more wild to ride every day.

Cars are dangerous but that doesn’t take away from the absolute fact that Metro is getting worse in regard to safety. People are going to feel that, and decide to take an Uber / Lyft / etc instead when they can, or use their personal vehicles if they have one.

DC needs to up its police presence inside Metro stations and keep public transit safe to ride.


drr71-2 t1_jbz7w0x wrote

Using your "logic", we can also not care about the homeless, children's hunger, and shelter This is great advice....apathy absolves us of any worries!! I'm off to dump my used oil in the Chesapeake Bay!!!


suffertunity t1_jc084tb wrote

First of all, the only "care" shown to the homeless on this site or most media around DC is to complain about them. And unlike metro shootings, there's lots of homeless in DC, it's an actual ongoing disaster affecting thousands of people on a daily basis.

But instead of being concerned about that, this sub is all about making sure everyone is aware of every criminal incident that occurs in a 10 mile radius.


drr71-2 t1_jc140w7 wrote

Nah.... don't go changing your apathetic ways on me just after I decided to be like you!! I'm now looking at the homeless, littering, and shelter animals "from a purely rational perspective" .... like you. You said, if something "is comparatively no big deal compared to the other things we don't care about." that we are "technically correct" not to care. With the war in Ukraine, climate change, national debt, etc., then we're right not to be concerned about things like the homeless. Thank you for this new way of looking at the world and for defending me for not caring.


poobly t1_jbyhn40 wrote

~35 people died due to cars in 2022. Guns are WAY worse.


suffertunity t1_jc07bn0 wrote

313 people were killed on local roads in the DC region in 2022. And 0 people were killed in the incident referred to in the post.

The fact this your comment is upvoted 7 times (probably because no one recognizes that it's off by an order of magnitude) in response to my -34 comment is proof that people, and probably r/washingtondc redditors in particular, have an extremely inaccurate understanding of the relative risks of driving vs. the metro.


tp3pd t1_jby5fab wrote

There’s probably more posts about carjacking and related shootings.


ProPhysioDC t1_jby1aq4 wrote

I used to live in São Paulo, Brazil where civilians kick the shit out of thugs. DC is too lenient. They know the cops are useless.

I recently went full New York on some idiot on 17th and K who almost ran me and about 5 pedestrians over. He had to slam on his brakes because he was in such a rush and following too closely behind the car in front of him, so he couldn’t see all of the 30+ pedestrians on the crosswalk.

No one said a word, but me. Lots of profanity was said directly to him on that day.

Point is: I understand DC residents aren’t Jackie Chan, but these thugs think they can get away with everything because they can and do get away with everything.


deeplybrown t1_jbycfj7 wrote

I get the sentiment here, but just be careful. Times have changed. You can easily get shot for trying to stand up for the right thing.


ProPhysioDC t1_jbyfv5x wrote

I am fully aware that times have changed. Something that has not changed is reminding people of using common sense, being considerate, and not just thinking about themselves.

I work too hard to be taken out by some fool who can only think about themselves, even if it means killing a person, either pedestrian, on the metro, etc.

I will fight tooth and nail to not be someone’s victim and if I can save someone else’s life I will not think twice.

A wise person on this sub said “it’s none of your business what’s in my purse” - I’ll leave it at that


drr71-2 t1_jbz84gv wrote

More of this!!


[deleted] t1_jbzm0u7 wrote



drr71-2 t1_jbzndj8 wrote

I got down voted to high heaven for suggesting folks should have stepped up to help a woman who posted about getting harassed on the Metro or at least alerted the police and/or the station manager.... something! But nope.... no one helped her I'm so sorry I watched you get harassed.... I would have helped, but then what about me?! Pathetic.....


OllieOllieOxenfry t1_jbzc5dk wrote

I was talking about this this weekend, sometimes it's not worth intervening because the crazies legit might shoot you.


Vi_Capsule t1_jby2pgd wrote

How is profanity going to help you?


ProPhysioDC t1_jby328t wrote

Some people need to be publicly shamed for acting like an idiot and endangering lives

It means, slow the hell down, you’re going to kill someone because you can’t wait two seconds for pedestrians to make their way across the street!

In driver’s ed that’s one of the first things you learn: Pedestrians always have the right of way LOOK

Definitely “helped” me by getting out frustration of shit I see every single day out of shitty drivers and also maybe this person will think twice before they pull that shit again


[deleted] t1_jbygtne wrote

Unfortunately I’ve had a gun pulled on me for yelling at an idiot driver who almost ran me over in the crosswalk. Now I have to think twice about opening my mouth.


[deleted] t1_jc2v63w wrote

The Washington DC Code of Ethics is "Mind ya Business"

and you get shamed if you do not follow it.


rbur70x7 t1_jbytzt0 wrote

Green and Yellow are worse than the Red Line. I can't be convinced otherwise.


znix23 t1_jbywo9l wrote

Green line has notoriously been known as the worst since my childhood


rbur70x7 t1_jbyu6e6 wrote

Something something COVID gave the kids no outlet.


plasmainthezone t1_jby117v wrote

Will be invited over to Nadeaus house for dinner next week. Probably a paragon of the community.


deeplybrown t1_jbycij7 wrote

Two things can happen at the same time. 🫱🏻‍🫲🏾


jran1984 t1_jbxrqnp wrote

When is this country going to wake up and let us start regulating guns?


fvb955cd t1_jby8m8o wrote

How about actually enforcing existing laws to start.


znix23 t1_jbywehd wrote

Why are we this mad at 7:30 in the morning??


Steve_Dankerson t1_jbxylw3 wrote

Glad I saw this today and not yesterday. Went to the DCU match yesterday and probably wouldn't have gone had I seen this.


NPRjunkieDC t1_jbw9if6 wrote

Metro should have metal detectors


roofrat69 t1_jbxar44 wrote

We might start with simply arresting the handful of shitbirds regularly dealing drugs at green line stations


[deleted] t1_jbxsi8l wrote

Which station specifically and what do they look like? You got their cell number? Do they deliver?


rlbond86 t1_jbx80x2 wrote

How exactly would this work? A security guard at every metro station entrance? A long-ass security line to get on the metro? You want me to take my shoes off too? What about bringing a stroller, or a bike, or my laptop to work, how exactly do you expect that to work? Or did you even think about it for more than two seconds?


NPRjunkieDC t1_jbxhxgk wrote

Probably AI technology.


rlbond86 t1_jbxj2yn wrote

Ah okay, we'll stop gun violence with checks notes magic technology that hadn't been invented yet


Visible_Ambassador95 t1_jbybwj5 wrote

“Magic technology that hadn’t been invented yet”


rlbond86 t1_jbyqo0o wrote

Oh boy, I can't wait for metro to shell out tens of millions of dollars on this unproven tech, only to result in me missing my trains due to long lines and false positives. Oh and as an added bonus, there will be a nice long line for people to shoot at now.

Oh boy, 2-3k per scanner every month and thousands of false positives.


rlbond86 t1_jbz57t0 wrote

> guests who were stopped simply had to take their items to a nearby security Cast Member who was able to perform a targeted inspection

Oh boy, I can't wait to miss trains for this and to cost metro tens of millions of dollars to hire hundreds of security screeners for nearly 100 stations.


Visible_Ambassador95 t1_jbzd5no wrote

God forbid you be so inconvenienced


rlbond86 t1_jbzskno wrote

Public transit already has the problem where it's slower than a car... Having crazy security checks will only be a higher barrier to ridership.


1Shadowgato t1_jbxm4e6 wrote

Is that what we call crime now? Gun violence? Is that how we are shifting the blame now? To call it gun violence as to make the gun the reason for the action and not crime?


rlbond86 t1_jby4smm wrote

Ooh is this the part where we pretend that our precision-machined tools designed to kill people instantly and efficiently have nothing to do with people dying?


1Shadowgato t1_jby9jyw wrote

And how is the tool the reason why the crime is happening? Not calling crime what it is, crime, it’s just plain laziness. So are you telling me that crime wouldn’t happen if you take the gun away?

Omg, the solution is so simple…. We don’t even have to address poverty, just take the guns away.


ChoPT t1_jby3b05 wrote

It should just use turnstile designs that can’t be jumped, like use an acrylic door/panel that it 5 feet high or something. I doubt people committing crimes like this in the metro system are also paying fares.


keyjan t1_jbx7ca9 wrote

Completely impractical.

Whatever happened to bag checks, anyway?


slyfox1908 t1_jbx7t4i wrote

What difference would that even make? There’s no way Congress would let Metro ban guns


1Shadowgato t1_jbxm90h wrote

You know that guns are banned in public transportation in DC right? In many places actually… or were you being sarcastic?