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Google doesn't check anything. The hours will remain "temporarily closed" until either the business itself updates it or enough users report that its an error.

A ton of the places listed on Google maps as temporarily closed have been back open for months.


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>The user experience of America is just getting shittier each day

I agree with you here, not sure I would cite incorrect open status of retail on Google maps as the best available evidence for that though.


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Google once took a whole year to update a organization address that I managed from a power transformer station to our actual address, about 4 miles away despite almost weekly communications and sending them every possible document we had with our address on it, street view pictures of the transformer station that was very clearly not a public swimming pool and day camp, and pictures of our big sign on a completely different road than the transformer station. From what I understand, this process had been going on for at least a year prior to my hiring as well, with my predecessor.

I really would not put much stock in googles "checking"


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not everything is in perfect communication with each other


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Maybe the can’t get out of their lease but it’s cheaper to stay closed.


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Little Serow was open for take-out for most of the pandemic and only closed sometime last year, though, no?