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KatzMwwow t1_jdczr4o wrote

I'd have to see his face.


Redj3llo t1_jddpode wrote

I mean you could argue some like it better from behind…..


x-files-theme-song t1_jde8zh8 wrote

why can’t they just keep the cherry blossom stuff year round


brycats t1_jdea4nz wrote

I'd love to have the cherry blossom theme year round on Metrobuses and Circulators. Love the colors... better than red white blue imo


squuidlees t1_jdcy7cf wrote

I love the blossom busses and trains during this season!


Flukazie t1_jdd9k0s wrote

Y’all really like the cherry blossoms up there, don’t you? I don’t blame anyone, they are awesome!


chaoticyetneurotic t1_jdfel6s wrote

They are amazing. They were planted because of our federal government but I feel like the city has adopted them as our own. It’s so nice to have something widely celebrated here that isn’t coated in the red white and blue. We used to have four set seasons every year, but it’s been changing over the years. Yet every spring these little delicate blossoms bloom. I can’t speak for every DC citizen but these trees mean a lot to me personally.


Flukazie t1_jdffg82 wrote

I can totally see that. My first ever trip to DC in 2011 I was lucky enough to come when they were blooming and they were so pretty.


chaoticyetneurotic t1_jdg0r3s wrote

I’m so glad you got to see them on your first trip here! That’s a special memory :)


Nas160 t1_jddub3o wrote

Makes me wanna take a nice walk around in the Nats 🌸 jersey


greetedworm t1_jdd3tbm wrote

Does anyone know if the Blossom train is going to be on any other lines besides the Red? Whenever I've checked the tracker that's where it is.


DDNyght_ t1_jdedr1i wrote

I like his shoes.


jwrbusiness t1_jdiumxq wrote

Yes he is! That bald head. Whew! Jesus help me


ackme t1_jdf10ez wrote

I bet it doesn't taste like real Sakura ):


Snekonplanes t1_jdhyolq wrote

Are middle age men a thing now?


WhatsUpSteve t1_jdepwn2 wrote

How much money did they waste on that bus wrap?