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no_sight t1_je2rayi wrote

>Shortly after 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022, police say that the driver of a white Mazda CX-5 SUV struck Kesselman while he was riding a stand-up-style scooter as he was waiting to make a left turn onto P Street at the intersection of New Jersey Avenue.
>The Honda then fled the area.

This is either some lazy writing or the reason the guy hasn't been caught


skiwhatwhat t1_je2u5qu wrote

I think lazy writing - they didn’t even spell Ernst & Young correctly.


BoozAlien t1_je542f2 wrote

I had to double check to see if it was a Post article.


thekingoftherodeo t1_je1x06q wrote

That's absolutely shocking that the authorities have been able to identify the vehicle. How hard is it to get the tags off of any of the cameras in the area?


Avocadofarmer32 t1_je25rn6 wrote

This is heartbreaking! He had so much going for him. Hope the driver who fled the scene is haunted by what they did for the rest of their lives.


PresidentHarambe1 t1_je2sf7m wrote

He just died from an accident way back in October. Been in the hospital for months. That's horrible. Rest in Peace, Kess.


ResponsibleSwing1 t1_je3614i wrote

Man my heart goes out to his family and friends. A life cut too short. Rest in Peace!


Erger t1_je4m6va wrote

This is awful. He was so young and had such a bright future, and now he's gone because of a senseless tragedy.

I hope the driver feels the same pain his family will feel every day for the rest of their lives.


dataminimizer t1_je4zo3q wrote

>The driver has yet to be apprehended.

Of course.


ucacm t1_je2uovw wrote

I’m shocked we don’t hear more of these type of deaths. The scooters are fun but seem like absolute death traps. Road one once and had a blast, but just seemed absolutely dangerous to ride them around DC streets.


Elite_dragonslayer96 t1_je2yaec wrote

Riding a scooter is not inherently dangerous. It’s the cars that are the problem. Drivers are the ones killing people. Scooters aren’t death traps — cars are death machines.


WinterMedical t1_je5mrc0 wrote

7:30 in October would be dark or dusk out. Do these scooters have lights or reflectors? Also man you gotta wear a helmet, a crack in the sidewalk will kill you just as easily as a car w/o a helmet. Obviously the driver should have stopped, I'm just thinking that there may have been visibility issues as well.


keyjan t1_je30kcu wrote

Eh, I dunno; a few years ago, I watched a guy on a scooter run down a pedestrian. A couple nights ago, I watched 2 scooter riders crash into each other in the 9th St bike lanes. However, it’s true that scooters on their own are much less deadly, since their speed is a lot lower than cars and they’re featherweights.


Elite_dragonslayer96 t1_je39aol wrote

I agree with you, there are plenty of reckless scooter riders out there and I hate when they whiz by me on the sidewalk. But a reckless person in a car is way more deadly than a reckless person on a scooter.


the_bagel_warmonger t1_je5op07 wrote

Yes, reckless scooter riders/bikers exist, but so do reckless drivers. And if all those reckless drivers were instead reckless scooter riders, we'd save ~40 thousand American lives per year.

It's just not even in the same universe.


Illin-ithid t1_je3q9gz wrote

Probably because when a person on a scooter gets run over, people blame being on a scooter rather than a car running them over. In our society it's expected that a car runs over people, but the blame is put on the person who rode the scooter because they should have known a car would run them over.


dataminimizer t1_je4zttc wrote

Right right right it’s the scooter’s fault. Definitely.


ucacm t1_je59w9g wrote

Where did I say it was the scooters fault? I said “absolutely dangerous to ride them around DC streets.” DC streets include cars, trucks, and busses that aren’t going anywhere, which is obviously one of the major factors that makes riding scooters on shared streets so dangerous.