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Kitchen_Software t1_je6rwct wrote

I specifically mentioned City State because they promote themselves as a place where parents can enjoy themselves with their kids. They have even had kid-focused events in the past. I tried to note that it's probably not great for a party or more than a few people in a single group.

You may choose not to patronize that establishment as a result, but your callousness is pretty jarring.


johnbrownbody t1_je6x3lr wrote

OP thinks that kids should be banned from breweries and that breweries are strip clubs in terms of how appropriate they are for children. So there is that.

Callousness is certainly one way to describe it lol.


[deleted] OP t1_je71jet wrote



johnbrownbody t1_je75vpd wrote

Oh it's sarcasm how you think kids should be banned from breweries. I agree a downside of the internet is you get shitty opinions stuffed in your face with absolute confidence, from folks who claim sarcasm when your point out their shitty takes. Fuck off now.