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TonerLegend t1_jbcxmmb wrote

Looks like U.S. News & World Report sent a message to any more law school deans considering opting out of the rankings.


ReasonableShirt5136 t1_jbcnyac wrote

I walked by this as they were putting up the tape - dead body on the doorstep. I only got a quick glance, but it looked a lot like a random unhoused person.


solidrecommendations t1_jbcwghn wrote

Holy shit I think the person is in this photo on the porch … someone mark NSFW


hannahmontanaswig OP t1_jbd87h0 wrote

Oh wow. I tried looking again and I still couldn't see anything, but thank you to whoever marked this NSFW just in case this is true. A bit unnerving to think I could have walked past it and didn't even notice


_night_flight_ t1_jbe2f3s wrote

What the heck is an 'unhoused person'?


TunaSub779 t1_jbfv85c wrote

Un- means not. Housed means to have a permanent residence (i.e., a home). You know what a person is I assume. I didn’t realize there were second graders on Reddit, but if you put all of that information together, you’ll know what an unhoused person is.


goodbyewindshield t1_jbcu9nf wrote

Looks like the coroner's office. I've seen them using large dark vehicles with the DC flag on them that are otherwise unmarked before.


sprint113 t1_jbcfdzt wrote

I don't know, but I think someone ... is going to need a new lawyer


SunshineLestat t1_jbej13o wrote

This is where Captain America lived in Winter Soldier. Chris Evans filmed walking out of the house and onto a motorcycle.


cynognathus t1_jbet0sk wrote

You’ve got it reversed. He pulled up on his motorcycle and walked in.


SunshineLestat t1_jbf3wp5 wrote

Ohh my bad thanks! I was there when he filmed it and I got the actions confused.


anathemaDennis t1_jbd3beo wrote

Fried haddock competition gone wrong, I believe.


BlueCollarGuru t1_jbc0ywq wrote

I just wish the fried haddock competition guy shows up LOL


tphueb t1_jbeikh1 wrote

How to get away with murder vibes