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PalpitationNo3106 t1_je7ns2l wrote

Amazing. MPD constantly says they don’t have enough officers to cover areas, but when you’re willing to pay the OT, all of a sudden they got you covered. $100/hour to sit in your cop suv and play candy crush? Not too shabby. Also fun fact! The BID is responsible for all the OT from any activity these police are involved in. Make an arrest? Four more hours of OT to take the person in and do the paperwork. Goes to trial? Paying to meet the prosecutors and testify? On the BID.


Gilyon01 t1_je7rfdc wrote

Most people would say that if your employees are working more than 40 hours a week to provide a service, then that employer doesn't have enough staffing.


PalpitationNo3106 t1_je7umtq wrote

Cops have always made OT. But instead of deploying them to places where there is actual violent crime, they’re deployed to the highest bidder. How does this protect and serve? You get police protection, if you can afford it? Will MPD be able to deploy more cops to neighborhoods experiencing high levels of violence? Or will they be restricted by having a contract to rent them out to someone else? You gonna go tell a neighborhood that has had a dozen murders this year that they can have more cops, it’s just $2k a night.


webbmoncure t1_je9c0oy wrote

Yep. If the BID cash is paying for it, the richer neighborhoods get police and the poorer ones don’t. Crime gets worse EOTR and in traditionally underserved areas. History repeats itself.


4RunnerPilot t1_je88op7 wrote

I thought all violent places wanted less police; wanted to defund them and replace with community interventionists. You are saying more police presence is good for communities?


Brozilean t1_je890hl wrote

Are they being replaced with other solution like you said? Or is the money just being used less efficiently in places that have rich people?


spanxsayswhaaa t1_je90c8h wrote

Oh you just called their bluff.

This is what they wanted until they realize violent crime is out of control and now they are begging for them back LMFAO


Gumburcules t1_jea04kw wrote

Interesting. Do you have any data that backs up your thought or are you just making stupid generalizations based off articles you only read the headlines of and random internet comments?


EthanFl t1_je8jv1l wrote

Dial 1-800-THE-COPS, accepting all major credit cards.

-Snow Crash


The_Sauce_DC t1_je9ho8f wrote

There’s plenty of mandatory overtime, forced doubles, and backfill going on in high-crime areas on the taxpayer’s dime and almost every summer many districts start canceling days off in the summer. There’s no shortage of government time. With the amount of cancelled days off and forced overtime many people work the equivalent of thirteen to fifteen months a year. The difference between this and a BID slot is that department overtime is on the taxpayers dime and you can be compelled to do it while BID overtime (and other details like the Nats) are voluntary and it’s privately funded. If you choose to do on your time it’s the officers decision.

Also- nobody is making $100 an hour- usually BID slots are straight time (ie whatever your normal wage is) or time and a half for a few hours a night. Most BID overtime guys aren’t looking to make lockups- they’re there for visibility and deterrence and if nothing pops off while they’re there than they’ve done their job and the BID is happy. If there is an arrest (likely Simple Assault, Unlawful Entry, theft, etc.) most never go to trial so court pay never happens. Besides, almost nobody loves Court here- it’s often on your day off or not your shift, and parking sucks compared to suburban court houses.


Okie_Muddy_30 t1_je8gj7b wrote

Have you ever worked? The BID needs extra hands and it pays for them, otherwise who, in your wise opinion, should pay the money?