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Let's pretend that you're not a throwaway account with the sole purpose of being a contrarian troll on this subreddit.

For fucks sake it says "after some violent attacks in the area" without any attribution. What does "in the area" mean? Are the attacks random or targeted? Did they result in arrest? Just admit you don't want any of that data because you're satisfied with a couple of Lone Rangers shooting "undesirable" people in the street, Karen.

Goddamn, your addiction to Nextdoor has obliterated all literacy skills you may have had.

But sure, off-duty cops with less oversight than they already had will solve this! All the better to get those scary people who stand around on the sidewalk. Hey, got any spare boots I can lick? You seem like the expert.


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Calling me "unhinged" because you can't handle being wrong is loser behavior.

Go back to being a contrarian troll, you have nothing to contribute lmao