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celj1234 t1_jdhb6r3 wrote

Random or targeted?


giscard78 t1_jdhejet wrote

all of the shootings last night appear targeted and many in retaliation for other shootings

people in this sub aren’t hanging out in simple city or condon terrace


PuzzleheadedPipe7773 t1_jdhl3sl wrote

Exactly. Every Reddit looks the same when it comes to crime. You have people in r/Dallas saying the city is soft on crime and no one is trying to do anything. I’m moving to DC next month and I asked people that live in DC currently about crime (a couple were LEO) and some specifically mentioned Reddit and the people obsessed with crime on it. It’s wild.


9throwaway2 t1_jdhm7t9 wrote

yeah, shooting and murders are up in every part of the county - red and blue; rich and poor; tough and lax on crime; urban and rural. shit is wild out there; lots o guns, lots of anger; lots o shooting; lots of road rage; etc

everyone thinks it is unique to their own little world. it isn't.


ArmAromatic6461 t1_jdkukof wrote

Yeah, but—and hear me out on this— it’s really bad to have bullets flying around the city regardless of who they’re intended for; people in dangerous neighborhoods deserve safety too; and ultimately the more this stuff happens the easier it is for it to break out of these patterns.