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swampoodler t1_jdh6ppy wrote

Also a car-jacking spree yesterday.

Two dudes armed with handguns jacked one over by the Safeway in Hill East before driving EOTR with it.

Wild because that area is pedestrian heavy.


surfingwithgators t1_jdh9ci8 wrote

Woah I live above the Safeway and didn’t hear about that. What time approximately?


swampoodler t1_jdhaisb wrote

Killmoenetwork posted it at 1am.

Unsure of exact time.


Brave-Cream391 t1_jdhdofn wrote

The voice of the people!


kalamawho t1_jdhgs27 wrote

Remember when he fully made up an Ebola outbreak in DC and then got super mad and doubled down when people fact checked him?


swampoodler t1_jdhizv2 wrote

Was pretty wild. Maybe should stay away from medical news. 😆

Pretty accurate on crime though.


Brave-Cream391 t1_jdhkjie wrote


All jokes aside. Def appreciate that dude keeping his ear to the street. And talking about issues that matter to DC people not just the latte sippers uptown.

“15 best DC Brunchs” “Preserving Downtown greenspace, why we can’t support homeless encampments” “50 reasons Why it’s cool to be a NIMBY”


Bacchos t1_jdh9lrq wrote

I'm surprised to not read anything in that article about NoMa last night. I heard more than a dozen shots fired near 4th and Florida NE around midnight, followed by screeching tires and then almost immediately a helicopter.


tryn2makeit16 t1_jdhmzhc wrote

Was waiting for someone to mention this. Heard it and wasn’t sure if it was gunshots or not


Astrosimi t1_jdhraox wrote

Heard those too - me and a friend were out by 4th and Union St and they could have been more than a block or two away. First time since living in DC I’ve been that close to a shooting.


GetYourFaceAdjusted t1_jdgycds wrote

Why does every crime post have to be coupled with someone being ignorant about the history of crime in DC or the legal process? I get that crime is ramping up and it can be very scary but I don’t understand why every crime post needs to have some stupid sarcastic tag that helps no one and usually isn’t even accurate. Cause the early 90s were the murder capital crack era, not the 80s. The 80s were relatively peaceful comparatively. The constant misinformation and calls for action in every crime post just makes me think this sub is being brigaded by people who don’t live here or who just moved here and have no interest in actually engaging with or improving their community.


Deep_Stick8786 t1_jdh1zp2 wrote

I think the sentiment is still valid. The idea that whats happening now is still better then when DC was the murder capital is frequently cited on these posts. But that ignores the intervening years including recent history when carjackings, violent assaults, robberies and murders were much much lower. Living through a trough makes it painful to live near a peak. People can feel how much of this doesn’t have to happen. Couple that with opiates and tranquilizers that are so powerful rehabilitation and maintenance therapy doesn’t even seem like a viable public health option, it just doesn’t seem like its getting better anytime soon.


daveinmd13 t1_jdha03y wrote

Good post - “At least we aren’t the murder capital anymore” isn’t much of a slogan.


leagle89 t1_jdhp4jx wrote

"Come to DC! It's not as bad as it could be!"


Deep_Stick8786 t1_jdion5h wrote

“Free Train rides for anyone who DGAF about gates and norms!”


ObviousGazelle t1_jdhj0wj wrote

Even 5-10 years ago compared to today is much better it seems though. At least it looks better from over here (Baltimore)... You guys have your shit together compared to us!


Accomplished-Low-173 t1_jdi0zoj wrote

DC so far has 50 homicides vs the 59 you guys have. Not so different as everybody pretends it to be


202reddit t1_jdhbcrw wrote

You are only half right. The murder spike was in the 90s but the crack epidemic (Rayful Edmond) was in the 80s. If you are going got be dismissive and condescending at least be right.


borg359 t1_jdhy1fl wrote

Because there is a very vocal segment on this sub that plays down any post on crime by pointing to higher historical numbers, as if that’s supposed to be some consolation to DC residents living through the current crime spike.


Deanocracy t1_jdh2z3u wrote

I don’t think your main complaint is that they got the years wrong in their sarcastic comment.


Big_Al56 t1_jdhqqvj wrote

Someone who moved here last week and someone who’s lived here their whole life are both completely valid in being concerned about escalating violence


DubiousDude28 t1_jdhcq5z wrote

All of reddit is brigaded by people and bots just farming karma


brightblade13 t1_jdhdnsc wrote

*stares into mirror* " I a bot?"


maynardftw t1_jdhsxnv wrote

I've been here 11 years I might as well be a bot


cptjeff t1_jdihab5 wrote

As somebody else who's been here for 11 years, can confirm, your soul is confiscated at 8.5 years. Am now bot.


KillLaKillmonger t1_jdhi3et wrote

90s was maybe its peak here but the 80s was the period that really defined that era. With that said, you're right to assume those things about most people here but you know why they act like this. We all do. Not maybe not from around here, some are only here because of the gentrification that's been going on and wasn't around back then. They are an entitled bunch that likes to play ignorant in favor of being imaginary victims that lie about what's really the issue they have. That wants the city in their image.


Brave-Cream391 t1_jdgqqfv wrote

All on a Thursday.

Here comes Friday and Saturday. Check back in 48 hours.


Deep_Stick8786 t1_jdh1893 wrote

Its going to rain. Probably decrease until Sunday. But spring has started with a bang…


Savageride t1_jdjmn6k wrote

Rain will help calm it down just wait for the first really nice weekend….


sampanth4700 t1_jdhbviz wrote

It's gonna be a wild summer indeed


Ididntthinkyoucared t1_jdi6w07 wrote

I was thinking about that. Whatever happens in the cold gets substantially worse in the summer.


drr71-2 t1_jdgoo28 wrote

But if it wasn't for how safe this city is, there would have been so many more people shot and killed!


gymtherapylaundry t1_jdhm35i wrote

Thank god more speed cameras are coming in, amirite?! /s


oxtailplanning t1_jdlud5s wrote

Unrelated issue that also deals with an element of public safety?

But "absolutely do nothing anywhere ever until we 'solve crime' which has no clear policy answer and almost all proposals bear out over extended periods of time."


KontrolTheNarrative t1_jdgugkl wrote

I moved here 14 months ago. First thing someone told me was to stay far away from SE 🔫😐


EllieAntsRAwesome t1_jdhaoqt wrote

😭😭 They told me the same thing & I witnessed my first car jacking in NE, my first time seeing someone get shot in NW, & then my first time seeing a cop pull out a gun on someone was in SW…… I have yet to witness a crime in SE


Dukester1007 t1_jdialf2 wrote

where do you spend your time? just statistically there is the most crime in SE


EllieAntsRAwesome t1_jdibvm0 wrote

I actually live in SE now? Right by Anacostia high school. I will say, however, the area is definitely becoming more & more gentrified. There’s a house that literally just sold for almost 900k


sazzer82 t1_jdhhe7c wrote

That is outdated advice. Crime is everywhere.


TalonKAringham t1_jdhzqoj wrote

I recall seeing a joke map of DC a while back where “everything east of the river” was just labeled “Zone Of Perceived Danger”


sassygirl101 t1_jdi2nch wrote

Yeah, that is def outdated info, that was the wild wild 80’s.


ArmAromatic6461 t1_jdktyzr wrote

Pretty dumb advice, considering southeast has some nice and safe areas. I think people who give that advice say “SE” when they mean “EOTR”


Macrophage87 t1_jdi66jy wrote

There are some good parts in the southeast. The Anacostia river is usually where the dividing line is, and even that area is getting better.


Accomplished-Low-173 t1_jdjnyin wrote

Eh, homicide have almost quadrupled compared to 10 years ago according to crime stats EOTR.


EastoftheCap t1_jdhaqo4 wrote

In the eyes of the DC government, the shooters are the real victims here, not the 10 men shot.

The difference between the 80s and 90s and now is that those in charge back then were at least trying to stop the killings/shootings/etc.


BillyMumfrey t1_jdhdy8v wrote

Now the shooters are systematic victims and need a thoughtful approach to justice /s


df540148 t1_jdgpssl wrote

All but one EoTR, fwiw.


Brave-Cream391 t1_jdgwhjq wrote

It’s a mistake to discount NW. a few years ago there were more shootings west of the river. KDY and CRD get it in. It’s gonna be a long summer.


swampoodler t1_jdh6sez wrote

I mean, population wise it would make sense that there’s more crime WOTR. But that’s just not how things be.


ih8t314 t1_jdha589 wrote

Go where the good stuff is and maybe not shitting where you eat? A lot of stolen cars end up on my street but no one steals cars off my street. (EOTR-NE)


Feisty_Law_3321 t1_jdhbqus wrote

How many shooting have been at 14/V over the last couple years? I wonder why police refuse to care. It makes me think they want this to happen. It would be so easy to stop it. Would they move somewhere else? I dunno, maybe. Isn’t it worth trying though?


DeliMcPickles t1_jdhmt2q wrote

What are the easy steps to solve it?


Feisty_Law_3321 t1_jdi582r wrote

Place a larger-than-necessary police presence (on foot) on that corner. Done.


DeliMcPickles t1_jdja78c wrote

Ah, okay. So I put 5 cops there around the clock. They're on overtime right? And that's going to be forced overtime I'm thinking. Otherwise I'm taking 5 cars out of service a shift.

You are right that this is will stop the shootings on the southwest corner of 14th and V. But what happens when they move to 14th and W. Do I hold V St and add four cops up there? Or do I move them?


Feisty_Law_3321 t1_jdjddgg wrote

Glad you managed to figure out the complex logistics of placing cops on a street corner. Now that we’ve gotten that far, to your second point, don’t you think it’s worth trying first and crossing your hypothetical bridge when we hypothetically get to it?


mikitronz t1_jdjetyk wrote

>don’t you think it’s worth trying first

You don't think the police have tried being where crimes happen?


DeliMcPickles t1_jdjfje4 wrote

I didn't realize you were serious, sorry. No, its absolutely not worth it. Full Stop.

This method only works if the only goal is to prevent shootings at one corner. I will say it might not work. Some cops have experiences witnessing gunfire from a car or person within 200 feet of them, so not everyone is deterred. But again, this approach is only hopefully deterring this crime at one small location. Then there's the question, what makes this one corner more deserving than entire neighborhoods EOTR?

But saturation is not sustainable, and it doesn't stop the violence usually, it just moves it or maybe hopefully delays it. This is actually more complicated than you think.


Feisty_Law_3321 t1_jdjsz3l wrote

Sounds like you have it all figured out detective pickles.


DeliMcPickles t1_jdjuj3d wrote

Oh not at all. But I do know enough to know that easy solutions from people not familiar with the work probably aren't that feasible.


Feisty_Law_3321 t1_jdjzef3 wrote

Yeah you’re right let’s just stick with the status quo instead of what could be an easy fix for residents who have been absolutely terrorized over the last decade.


borneoknives t1_jdhrgls wrote

> I wonder why police refuse to care.

because it's a catch and release situation with the prosecutors so why risk your life to put a guy in jail for 10 hours?


Feisty_Law_3321 t1_jdi5m4j wrote

Yeah that’s one of the reasons I think that they don’t care. Just gonna let them keep shooting each other I guess.


bubbabubba345 t1_jdhrwb3 wrote

So the police willfully aren’t doing their job? Why do we need more then?


borneoknives t1_jdhs8xo wrote

ya'll seem to think that MPD street cops are also the MPD major crimes unit. it's extremely complicated and political


bubbabubba345 t1_jdhzbz6 wrote

didn't the AUSA for DC say recently that the reason most cases get dismissed is because of 1) DC's unaccredited crime lab; 2) bad/unconstitutional police work that's being captured on body cams, among other issues?

Obviously it's a complicated issue, but at the end of the day, you have to be able to prove a crime happened in court...


solidrecommendations t1_jdgsq6n wrote

What’s your point


df540148 t1_jdgz0cc wrote

Stating a fact, not making a point. It's not a judgement call to say all but one of these shootings was isolated to a small portion of the city


Gumburcules t1_jdhfk8o wrote

> a small portion of the city

The vast majority of 2/8 Wards, roughly 1/4 of the population and 1/4 the land area of the city is "a small portion of the city?"


df540148 t1_jdhgaf8 wrote

Pull em up on a map. You can walk to at least 2-3 from another.


solidrecommendations t1_jdh95gq wrote

The “fwiw” seemed like you were trying to add more than just location data … sorry if asking this question upset you


zapatocaviar t1_jdhfww3 wrote

Seems like you’re reading into that. Probably the majority of redditors here are wotr so it’s relevant that it wasn’t more local to this population.

Fwiw says “if you’re nw, it wasn’t around you so maybe that makes you feel better”.

Sorry if this response upsets you. (I don’t mean that, just trying to show you what it sounds like).


celj1234 t1_jdhd52m wrote

People on this sub don’t actually care about crime over there


zapatocaviar t1_jdhgsns wrote

I think most of this sub wishes there were less crime everywhere, more opportunity, more equity, etc.

Most of this sub also wants to know if this happened near their homes as well.

I don’t get why people are jumping on this. Everyone - you included - cares more about crime near your home than crime further away.

You’re not a bad person for that.


celj1234 t1_jdhhfbg wrote

DC is my home. 🤷🏾‍♂️


zapatocaviar t1_jdhhs8j wrote

Sure. And you feel differently, with different intensity, about different parts of the city.


adamfrom1980s t1_jdifu38 wrote

ThIs Is Dc’S cUlTuRe MoVe To ThE bUrBs If YoU cAn’T HaNdLe It!!?!


drupe14 t1_jdhdvqa wrote

I def heard mad gun shots last night circa 10-11pm in Marshall Heights


Muppet_Fitzgerald t1_jdhhc3d wrote

I checked Washington Post and WTOP…no mention of any of this. It’s just another bad sign that this is so commonplace, it doesn’t even get coverage.


AiReine t1_jdhoe4x wrote

As someone who quit twitter recently because of it’s unhinged owner it’s gotten harder for me to get news on incidents in my area of the city


EastoftheCap t1_jdhpk4q wrote

The last thing the Post wants to do is cover crime in DC.


SnortingCoffee t1_jdhxc7g wrote

although in this case they did actually cover it, and regularly cover crime in DC. Aside from that, though, spot on


EastoftheCap t1_jdhyli0 wrote

Look at the Post's DC coverage from five years ago to today and you'll how little they actually cover now.


Devastator1981 t1_jdhphfb wrote

People shouldn’t be shot.

It WAS worse in the 1990s.

I don’t see the lie in either statement.


NobodyJonesMD t1_jdia8ta wrote

The argument isn’t that the statements are not true. It’s that some people point to crime being worse before as a consolation/defense for it being bad now.


celj1234 t1_jdhb6r3 wrote

Random or targeted?


giscard78 t1_jdhejet wrote

all of the shootings last night appear targeted and many in retaliation for other shootings

people in this sub aren’t hanging out in simple city or condon terrace


PuzzleheadedPipe7773 t1_jdhl3sl wrote

Exactly. Every Reddit looks the same when it comes to crime. You have people in r/Dallas saying the city is soft on crime and no one is trying to do anything. I’m moving to DC next month and I asked people that live in DC currently about crime (a couple were LEO) and some specifically mentioned Reddit and the people obsessed with crime on it. It’s wild.


9throwaway2 t1_jdhm7t9 wrote

yeah, shooting and murders are up in every part of the county - red and blue; rich and poor; tough and lax on crime; urban and rural. shit is wild out there; lots o guns, lots of anger; lots o shooting; lots of road rage; etc

everyone thinks it is unique to their own little world. it isn't.


ArmAromatic6461 t1_jdkukof wrote

Yeah, but—and hear me out on this— it’s really bad to have bullets flying around the city regardless of who they’re intended for; people in dangerous neighborhoods deserve safety too; and ultimately the more this stuff happens the easier it is for it to break out of these patterns.


Catchtheatrain t1_jdhd3kw wrote

Atleast we have 343 new speed cameras coming 😒


HearthSt0n3r t1_jdhevxk wrote

It’s really sad because as I left for a date in DC last night I was thinking about how nice it was out and then my immediate next thought was “people will die tonight.”


ackme t1_jdhj6fj wrote

If it helps, it's only 1 person per 1.8 days right now, so your night might've been clear!


descolero t1_jdhtugl wrote

You do know that people die....every night?


joegant t1_jdie3a3 wrote

That’s why I hangout in NoVA these days


ackme t1_jdhktr8 wrote

Things were worse, though. Don't think it's wrong to realize we're on an upswing, but still doing better than we had been.


ThePurpleAmerica t1_jdhoxcp wrote

Good thing they are adding 300 traffic cameras to keep us safe


brightblade13 t1_jdhdj5c wrote

I hate it when the weather gets nice


dirtypeasant90 t1_jdjjgmu wrote

at some point they're all gonna kill each other right?


SuperBethesda t1_jdhc6ve wrote

Why does this happen when the weather gets nice?


Gumburcules t1_jdhg0c0 wrote

More people hanging out outside. More people partying.

Someone drives by, sees someone they have a beef with. Someone gets "disrespected" at a party, goes to their car and gets their gun.

In the winter when people are hanging out inside, in smaller groups, there are far fewer opportunities for these things.


LeoMarius t1_jdhfsgz wrote

In a way it was better, because DC was affordable. There were also a lot more affordable, eclectic shops and restaurants.


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_jdhjpxw wrote

In any other place, property values drop when crime increases, and vice-versa. Not here.


LeoMarius t1_jdhl66y wrote

They will eventually if the city starts driving people away.


KillLaKillmonger t1_jdhilkv wrote

Most people that lived in DC 20-25 yrs ago would take over the shit we got now.


LeoMarius t1_jdhlkas wrote

Yep. I moved to DC in the 1990s. I knew people who got mugged in Dupont and Foggy Bottom. We were all wary of the city, but going out was cheap and you could rent or buy a place without problem.

Then prices shot up, but at least crime went down. Some people liked the trade off and others hated it, depending a lot on how much money you had.

Expensive and unsafe is a terrible combination, but it won't last long. Either the city fixes the crime problem, or people will leave again and prices will fall.


monagw t1_jdiq4nt wrote

Don't worry. Charles Allen is focused on e-bike subsidies.


finkelbeats t1_jdmnu9k wrote

How dare the council have multiple priorities for improving the city


GuNjA-BuLLy t1_jdhhis3 wrote

Thug life 💥💥☠️🤡🙄


Evaderofdoom t1_jdhlkhd wrote

"Waiting for the comments about how things were worse in the 80s."

You seem to want to have that fight, it was also worse in the 90s as well if that makes you feel better? Not saying that gun violence isn't bad anytime but things can be bad more than once. One does not exclude the other and helps for a larger historical context. I would say knowing the history of crime and violence in the city makes it more important then ever to fix it and get it right, not to sweep it under the rug.


Affectionate_Lab_131 t1_jdhv4zm wrote

Need to start installing CC cameras everywhere.


let-it-rain-sunshine t1_jdhzyzk wrote

All the cameras in the world won't help unless there's jail time served. The revolving door needs to be jammed.


CorndogFiddlesticks t1_jdhwamo wrote

Do we have a crisis of violence in the District? Are we at that point?


Feisty_Law_3321 t1_jdi6e3l wrote

Yup. Been at that point. Just a matter of time til the feds are in. I for one cannot wait for that to start to clean this mess up.


TheMadGNUS3o t1_jdim19o wrote

It’s a fact it was worse in the late 80s early 90s. These days they’re shooting not hitting shit. Back then they were more methodical about what they were doing. You probably weren’t here back then to even know.


AndreTippettPoint t1_jdiu7x2 wrote

Quite worse indeed. But that doesn't mean things are acceptable now. DC now being better than things were during the days of the crack epidemic, street turf shootouts, Marion Barry driving the city to insolvency, etc. is like finding out you have the flu instead of long COVID--it could be worse but it still sucks.


Equal_Memory_661 t1_jdha4f4 wrote

Folks just exercising their second amendment


my_shiny_new_account t1_jdhq1u8 wrote

> Waiting for the comments about how things were worse in the 80s.

how many violent crimes have there been YTD? how many violent crimes YTD were there on the same day on average in the last 40 years?


Feisty_Law_3321 t1_jdi69r0 wrote

Listen to this person! dc is well known for their accurate reporting on crime statistics. There is no crime increase - it’s all an illusion!


my_shiny_new_account t1_jdn78n1 wrote

> dc is well known for their accurate reporting on crime statistics.

and randos on the internet are more reliable?


dirtypeasant90 t1_jdjkm8s wrote

what's your point? we shouldn't be concerned about shootings bc there were more 40 years ago?


morningwoodman1 t1_jdhgtc3 wrote

DC is known for reckless and dangerous cyclists and carjacking and senseless murders. Please come visit.


ImRonBurgandy_ t1_jdhji13 wrote

Too bad there weren’t enough good guys with guns around or that never would’ve happened /s


Muser69 t1_jdhhilz wrote

Was worse in the 80’s


GhostDawg01 t1_jdiaewk wrote

It was worse in the eighties. Guess you just had to be here vs. your rural hometowns.


AndreTippettPoint t1_jdipqqb wrote

It was worse. Early 90s were bad too. Doesn’t mean we have to accept what is now.


GhostDawg01 t1_jdit7nv wrote

I definitely don't mean that we should accept crime. I just get sick of all the pseudo snarky remarks on Reddit.


GhostDawg01 t1_jdjrhfm wrote

Oh did I offend you outsiders with my comment? Snowflakes!


jamesjeffriesiii t1_jdhcd9s wrote

At what point did yuppies begin saying “Over the River?” Was it before or after renaming neighborhoods things like “Noma”


ackme t1_jdhk6l8 wrote

It was 'across the river' for us. But honestly we usually just said 'southeast' and ppl knew we weren't talking about the hill.


Feisty_Law_3321 t1_jdhbg9c wrote

Everyone relax, this is part of being in a city, crime is DOWN, we don’t need police. Gentrifiers have no idea what it’s like in DC. ACAB.


ackme t1_jdhk002 wrote

Trolls gonna troll.


Feisty_Law_3321 t1_jdi5zm5 wrote

Troll? This is my city I’ve lived here my whole life I think the shootings give the city character. Gentrifiers come here and want to complain. Go back home if you don’t like it!


celj1234 t1_jdhcaj3 wrote

What did the current police do to prevent any of this?


ackme t1_jdhk1le wrote

Read through their history, trolls out trolling.