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ConorCat60 t1_jec67t4 wrote

I understand why she might be obsessed with public urination. Her husband did pull his dick out in public, so take it as you will.


puffdexter149 t1_jeeee2b wrote

Also, wasn't she one of the teenage girls he showed his penis to? How much of her life revolves around public urination/indecent exposure?


justmahl t1_jec8joe wrote

And people suggest the DC council is too incompetent for statehood, but this moron has an actual say in nationwide legislation.


jednorog t1_jed9ll8 wrote

If legislative competence were a requirement for statehood, we'd revoke a lot of statehoods.


CaptConstantine t1_jee9c09 wrote

Something something Plato's republic something something moral responsibility to lead


jacoblb6173 t1_jeeqbrx wrote

Give DC non federal lands back to MD and call it a day. West to MoCo and East to PG.


Usernameistaken00 t1_jecunv7 wrote

i disagree with a lot of what the city council does, but I watched this live and the professionalism of mendelson and allen were admirable in the face of some truly stupid questions from people who must have been dropped on their head as a child.


themongoose47 t1_jed9qyh wrote

I'm actually surprised she managed to not accidentally shoot herself while working at her old gun restaurant, Shooters Grill.


goddeszzilla t1_jecs1hc wrote

"did you vote in favor of decriminalizing public urination"


"...did...did you lead the charge to decriminalize public urination"


"But...." Visible confusion


recycled_son t1_jefjo9b wrote

She just kept fucking asking

Also regardless of politics it drives me nuts when they don’t let the witness finish their answer and just interrupt. I know they have limited time, but come on guys let them finish their answer


otter111a t1_jed1txz wrote

Listen Boebert, it’s still a crime in Dc to piss in the streets. So neither your nor that husband of yours that engages in criminal sexual behavior is allowed to piss in the streets


saltyjohnson t1_jedznw1 wrote



not_a_gumby t1_jed897b wrote

>it’s still a crime in Dc to piss in the streets

but honestly it should be legal


jednorog t1_jed9s9e wrote

More fundamentally, it shouldn't be necessary. But Mayor Bowser's proposed Fiscal Year 2024 budget chooses not to fund proposed public bathrooms.


saltyjohnson t1_jee0fsr wrote

Let's write a headline in the style of a right-wing disinformation mill:

Watch LAUREN BOEBERT stutter as she learns she could be ARRESTED for PUBLIC URINATION


sagarnola89 t1_jeehym7 wrote

White privilege at its finest. There's no way I, as an Indian-American, could have dropped out of high school and never gone to college and then made $200k as a U.S. Congressmember as a 30-something yr old.


literpu OP t1_jec0cpo wrote

Informed and Coherent Questioning on

Ironic typo! Oops.


SolitonSnake t1_jecq1to wrote

“Based on these stastistics”


Cythrosi t1_jeczuji wrote

Ah yes, the "grilling" by Congress some folks here were so eager for.


not_a_gumby t1_jed8454 wrote

when trying to own someone g o e s w r o n g


Equal_Memory_661 t1_jeefwy7 wrote

I would have answered as follows: “Just to be clear Congresswoman, In the event your husband (purely hypothetical) were to take out his penis in public and urinate, it would still be a criminal offense in D.C.”


xhoisan t1_jeedjft wrote

The ineptitude and idiocy of these new MAGA Republicans is a threat to democracy and the American way of life. Intelligence, character and capability are no longer considered electable qualities. Only the extremes to which one will go for social media clout.


Possible_Scarcity_49 t1_jeem4nl wrote

Says the lady who’s married to a lad with an indecent exposure charge.


bertiesakura t1_jeeu6ai wrote

This is why you don’t elect high school dropouts to congress. She has zero fucking critical thinking skills


flomflim t1_jeecmhd wrote

This reminds of the George Carlin quote "think of how dumb the average person is, half of them are even dumber"


Pipes_of_Pan t1_jeesojo wrote

Some of y'all dummies were begging for this oversight. You should be embarrassed of yourselves.


Wrking4wknd t1_jeeftt6 wrote



BoozAlien t1_jeessij wrote

At first I thought she was just being an asshole but it's even more likely that she's just that dumb.


hackflak t1_jeepryb wrote

The best and the brightest.


mrmikrokosmos t1_jef1isu wrote

she is so stupid it's unbelievable if not for the video evidence


onebigcube t1_jefhpmh wrote

I just got an email from Steve Scalise the other day (okay, from his email minnions) bitching about how DC wants to be a state and - clutching his pearls - he said how horrible that would be because crime and vagrants and etc. These people can't even run a hearing.


The_BunnyMan_Woods t1_jectcm0 wrote

She read ‘change’ as ‘charge’ and tried to recover from that. She’s prob into golden showers. Part of her penile obsession. Just a thought.


Greenmind76 t1_jeczdhn wrote

Nothing wrong with golden showers in the privacy of your own home… outside in public is still a criminal offense.


Zeabos t1_jedbyja wrote

Yeah but did you ever lead the charge to have them outside?


Greenmind76 t1_jedc4zg wrote

Now I have the image of a bunch of people charging into battle pissing everywhere running through my mind. Thanks


BellbergDC t1_jed1stm wrote

Only Boebert could make Charles Allen likeable


caphilldcne t1_jed77i5 wrote

Charles is a decent person who is working hard to ensure fair and equal Justice to citizens of DC. If you have a specific issue, state it.


BellbergDC t1_jedovwf wrote

He isn’t a decent person as his grandstanding and kowtowing has made our city less safe.


caphilldcne t1_jeedx1n wrote

To the contrary he’s well within the mainstream of criminal legal system reform and working to end over policing and mass incarceration of African Americans and other minorities. Crime is not worse here than in many conservative led cities.


BellbergDC t1_jeemwz1 wrote

I don’t care about you their cities crime rate, I’m concerned about my city where I live and pay taxes.

DC shouldn’t be compared to any other city we are completely different.

Let’s not rest our hats on what other cities are doing or failing at.


caphilldcne t1_jeengmv wrote

Charles criminal legal system reforms will lead to both lower incarceration rates and lower crime. More police is completely irrelevant to whether crime goes up or down. Why shouldn’t DC be compared to other cities? It’s relevant to deciding on what policies work.


BellbergDC t1_jeeosi9 wrote

Absolutely not. You cannot compare how the District works and it’s responsibilities compared to any other city. Our government has the Herculean tasks of policing the national nations Capitol as local, county, state, and federal.

Outside of policing our other government functions have greater responsibilities than other municipalities.


anoriginalusername65 t1_jed892j wrote

Thanks for the laugh


caphilldcne t1_jed8l9m wrote

Run against him and see how you do. Big talk. No action.


BellbergDC t1_jedp5of wrote

That makes sense, Americans can only criticize politicians if they run against them. If they are not willing to run against the politicians they should just be quiet.


caphilldcne t1_jeebvy3 wrote

You seem determined to miss the point. His policies are a lot more popular than you think. He’s great at constituent services and he’s generally thoughtful and responsive.


BellbergDC t1_jeen19s wrote

Yes that makes sense, he is so popular he has a recall petition because they want to recall him for the council and make him mayor? Come on.


caphilldcne t1_jeeo1a3 wrote

Anyone can file a recall petition. I don’t expect that he will actually be recalled.


BellbergDC t1_jeeoi0y wrote

Maybe, maybe not. I think there is a reasonable chance the question will be on the ballot.


anoriginalusername65 t1_jee8o13 wrote

A little over 3% of DC residents voted for him, with zero competition. That’s about 24000 out of 786000 people. He’s allowed to destroy the city with his policies when only getting 3% of votes. The city council is a joke and should be dismantled.


caphilldcne t1_jeecwuu wrote

Yes. He was running unopposed. Another way to put this is that he’s liked well enough that people didn’t run against him in the primary.

So you want to dismantle the city council? "If conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy." - David Frum.

Do you even hear yourself? I’ve got a better idea - statehood for DC so we don’t have Boebert and the rest of the congressional clown show all in up in our business.


anoriginalusername65 t1_jefehao wrote

I’ll come back to this in a year when MPD has less than 3000 officers and and crime is up more than this year. I wonder what quote you’ll use then.


Surefinewhatever1111 t1_jec000m wrote

Please stop.


literpu OP t1_jec1abj wrote

Idk I thought it was funny! And nicely summarized the tenor of the oversight hearing, which was much hyped by some on this sub.

That said—I’ll stop if you do? Deal?


Surefinewhatever1111 t1_jec20sl wrote

I will never understand the obsession some of y'all have with congresscritters. The vast bulk of them are eight kinds of moron, in both parties; the GOP usually has an edge on crazy but there's lots to choose from. Then again bread and circuses.


literpu OP t1_jec2nio wrote

I’ve posted a single video of a prominent member of the house delegation that is exerting direct control over our ability to govern ourselves. I think that’s reasonable and far from an obsession.


Surefinewhatever1111 t1_jec3fj1 wrote

It's not you as such, it's the litany of posts about that circus.


Cool_Story_Bra t1_jecmrvz wrote

Congressional staff make up 20-25,000 jobs in DC and their work directly impacts the day to day work of many many more.

Congress also has ultimate control over DC local politics.

Not sure why you would be surprised that people post about these things.


Surefinewhatever1111 t1_jecohpu wrote

>Congressional staff make up 20-25,000 jobs in DC

Do they tho? They're a rounding error compared to the executive branch.

Not surprised, just tired of them.