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giscard78 t1_jbgvn4n wrote

> I’d like to ask for about 5k more than the max which would match my current salary in the private sector.

I assume this means that with a certain grade, the pay for the max step is $5,000 below your current salary. Whether you can get the max step is office dependent but there is no mechanism to go above the max step except for maybe a hiring bonus (and if the advertisement doesn’t mention a hiring bonus, there isn’t one). You can provide pay stubs to ask for the max bonus, a couple should suffice, and it depends on office if they consider things like bonus or commission (no idea if that applies to you). If they counter and say “this is the best we got” (whether that changes or not), that’s what they can do, and since you’re mid-level, they’ll probably just go to the next candidate after that.


Existing365Chocolate t1_jbgyajo wrote

My friend was offered a ton of leave when they went government for a lower salary since they couldn’t match the difference. He started with like a month of leave or something

Could be an option to ask for depending on how much you value time vs money


luworld3 t1_jbh7l36 wrote

DC gov won't do this for a mid level position.