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ChubsBronco OP t1_iuk05cd wrote

He is a folk hero to people of DC and Ward 8. He is also the most divisive mayor in DC's Home Rule history.


Graham110 t1_iuk1iqz wrote

This ain’t an emergency. And emergency legislation expires within 90 days.

Rename the street and back forth after it expires? Ridiculous plan, classic Trayvon


NorseTikiBar t1_iuk1gd7 wrote

It sounds like the issue is really whether to do it via emergency legislation or through the normal legislative process (where 10 out 13 of the Council support it). The only reason for not doing it seems to be... Trayon decided to leave introducing this bill to the last minute, so it would have to be reintroduced next year.

That's a really dumb reason to move so quickly.


ChubsBronco OP t1_iuk24yo wrote

That part had me shaking my head. Tryon likes to outdo himself sometimes.


Heliordant t1_iuk82ek wrote

Haven't we started changing names away from comically racist "folk heroes"?