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SamW20910 t1_iudjh1r wrote

Thought this was some CAPTCHA thing at first and had a panic attack


appleofrage t1_iudn6y1 wrote

New captcha drop babe, you’ll never see your account again


johnny2ratchet t1_iudy3o9 wrote

I too came here for the CAPTCHA jokes...

This dude out here makin CAPTCHAs just for the love of the game!


Trash_Enjoyer OP t1_iudit7q wrote

inb4 "Why though?" -- Because I was bored and barely got any sleep last night.


FeelingDown8484 t1_iudxebc wrote

Someone must’ve had an exam the following morning. No better time to make a chart about lampposts!


spkr4thedead51 t1_iue6wtx wrote

if you were really bored you'd have geomarked every lamp post in the city by type (/s)


GenericReditAccount t1_iuez7hh wrote

I need a Google map created stat!


tirefires t1_iuix85x wrote

Streetlights are all in this GIS layer. I like the old interface (More > Open in ArcGIS Map Viewer) better than the new one (View Map). Especially for datasets like this where you'll likely want to do some filtering.


CatDiaspora t1_iufwjo2 wrote

OpenStreetMap sounds like your kind of place! As an example, note the ring of bollards just outside the National Gallery of Art.


lmboyer04 t1_iudypic wrote

Is this just an area around you? There are definitely more Ive seen


AADV123 t1_iuf3d9h wrote

PA Ave also has globes w/ eagles on top of them 🥰


blind__panic t1_iudjggj wrote

What’s the shortest walking route to see all 11 types?


smiledumb t1_iudkznh wrote

Leslie Knope, is that you?


joshuahtree t1_iugtmdh wrote

The Joe Biden Memorial Lamppost (it doesn't actually exist yet because he's not dead, but Leslie already has it picked out) doesn't have its own category so it can't be her


solidrecommendations t1_iudp52r wrote

Have you seen the DC lamppost “boneyard” where they have examples of the different styles? Forget where it is exactly


ephemeralarteries t1_iudkqaa wrote

Is curvy not considered single arm?


AirF0rce_11 t1_iufsht4 wrote

Also, why aren't the Pennsylvania Avenue light posts considered "curvy?"


ih8meandu t1_iugyynm wrote

Because those have a different head. The entire first column are the same light shape with different pole shapes. Unless you mean why aren't the Penn ave lights in the row with curvy, in which case idk :(


JayPASS t1_iudtu0o wrote

Is OP a squirrel?


Bluebonnetblue t1_iue8l09 wrote

R/lampposts (yes it's real)


CatDiaspora t1_iufyi7s wrote

(Just a heads up: you need the leading forward slash if you want it to turn into a link.)


draconian8 t1_iue0aif wrote

Need to repost this r/CoolGuides


applemaggot1 t1_iudkrj7 wrote

So many snakeheads


SlippyCliff76 t1_iujv61q wrote

Snakeheads, cobraheads, are good. They keep stray light at bay, so there's a lot less of a risk of having a light shine into your bedroom window at night. They also cut down on light pollution by focusing the light down to the street. Finally, because they're so good at putting light where it's needed, they're more optically efficient.


Jecurl88 t1_iue35kp wrote

I’m not sure what to do with this- but preciate it


rwebster4293 t1_iuetp2t wrote

If you go to the “capitol stones” in rock creek park, you can see all of the different styles of lamp posts throughout the years


EmpressTita t1_iuf0fl4 wrote

Wisconsin Ave has some purple lights.


int21 t1_iueglvb wrote

Worst captcha ever


born_to_kvetch t1_iudqxa4 wrote

Single arm teardrop is by far the nicest. Those ugly AF IKEA-looking lamps on Penn Ave are a missed opportunity for our nation's capital.


Silent_Lettuce t1_iuggcep wrote

I’m partial to the globes. Shame that cobraheads seem to be the most popular.


macnbc t1_iudubcp wrote

My daughter always called the teardrop ones “Egg lights” and the globe ones “Cupcake lights”


pgm123 t1_iue73iv wrote

Why does Pennsylvania Ave have their own?


AADV123 t1_iufhs03 wrote

It’s a ceremonial route connecting the Congress to the President. This graphic doesn’t show it, but the majority of lamp posts on PA Ave are the globe style but capped with golden eagles.


4011 t1_iufpvst wrote

Years and years ago, I was flying into DCA at night, and it was neat to see the two different color temperatures of streetlights—-yellowish and blueish. The federal parkland had been upgraded to LED/blue but not the rest of the roads downtown (or the opposite, I can’t remember) and you could clearly see the city laid out.


harkuponthegay t1_iuft5rk wrote

The blue lights are so much worse in terms of how cold and harsh they make a street feel. The amber colored lights are warmer, softer and more welcoming. I believe this really has an impact on people’s mental health that inhabit these places.

Blue may be more environmentally friendly(?)— but at what cost? Can’t they make more efficient lighting that is still warm?


Nexis4Jersey t1_iue6bbc wrote

You could do one for traffic lights at least in nearby Baltimore which still has a lot of old lights along with North Jersey. The light in my town dates back to the 1950s...


oceaneyes808 t1_iuelb7p wrote

You forgot the ones with the candlesticks 🕯


dougfunnybitch t1_iuf9nb7 wrote

Choose all pictures with a lamppost. I am not a bot!


poet-rae-monet t1_iufd9nj wrote

Are the light styles geographically determined? Like, all the ones in NW are one type and NE has another?


Trash_Enjoyer OP t1_iufo3h1 wrote

From my years of living in DC I have noticed:

Pennsylvania Ave and Chinatown has their own unique style of street lights.

The overwhelming majority of EotR (Anacostia, Congress Heights, Fort Dupont, etc.) has telephone poles, while the rest of DC has the classic gray Cobraheads. Some places up NE/NW like Takoma and Chevy Chase have a lot of telephone poles too.

Revitalized streets tend to use the "new" black Teardrop poles.

Washington Globes can be found generally anywhere, especially in commercial areas and historic neighborhoods.


mike-blount t1_iufwwfx wrote

I’m not a robot. I swear.


Centigonal t1_iug222z wrote

This is neat!

You'll find one more style of globe lamppost in Southwest Waterfront Park. (link)


kaykabakes t1_iug4sju wrote

I love you, I love everything about you. You are incredible.


Disastrous_Answer905 t1_iugaq7w wrote

I wish more cities would take into notice how light pollution keeps us from seeing the night sky. Dark sky friendly lighting would keep light from projecting up.


presque-veux t1_iugglqk wrote

Couldn't agree more. If you're interested, you should check out /r/darksky


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iugg9qa wrote

I wish we had bigger street signs. I never what ducking block I’m on unless I have GPS on because the signs are so damn small and impossible to read across the street


cryptotmm t1_iugh2nc wrote

Looks like every decade in each pic


Raptorpants65 t1_iugsmoh wrote

Ok but this is adorable and I love it.


damnatio_memoriae t1_iuikhzb wrote

would it kill the city to have a little consistency?!?!?