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Calyphacious t1_iubtm2e wrote

Holding on? Since when does fall stop before Halloween?

Fall goes at least through Thanksgiving imo. We have plenty of fall left.


Darkersun t1_iubursi wrote

OPs Post: "Breaking News: DC gets fall weather during the time it...typically gets fall weather."


zachzsg t1_iuccqpo wrote

It doesn’t even start getting consistently cold here until December lol. What are these folks on about acting like fall is over


TheSameNameTwice t1_iuco0iq wrote

Too many people getting caught up on the title. The picture looks good! You'll have to tell me what gear you're using nowadays, this shot is clean.


SuaveTrout OP t1_iudjs17 wrote

Yeah guess I should have just said fall colors… heaven forbid. Still sitting with my a6300 and sigma 24-70 till I upgrade the body.


ForProfitSurgeon t1_iuc6e84 wrote

The Rotunda. Where George Washington is deified.