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superdookietoiletexp t1_iujyrzg wrote

At some point, it just becomes common sense. Like all efficient organizations, there is a division of labor at WaPo. Local politics is delegated to her. She has established a long track record of endorsing folk like Jack Evans, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she publishes crap like this as well. Luckily, DC voters apparently don’t give a whit what she has to say. Her endorsements have a terrible track record of winning competitive elections.


BrightThru2014 t1_iuk09k8 wrote

What’s your evidence that they delegate it to her, a registered Independent?

EDIT: You have been debunked. In your words later in this comment thread you stated that the person who has been delegated the local WaPo political endorsements is “Jo-Ann Armao is the editor covering local politics.”

The woman in question penned an article defending Planned Parenthood in 2015: .

And also voted for Hillary Clinton: . So yeah, not a Republican.