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techfinanceguy t1_itq6x41 wrote

One requirement is the ability to speak in dulcet tones while sounding like a pro boxer who just got the wind kicked out of them.


OhSix26 t1_itq8ru4 wrote

Or speak in a yelling whisper with the mic inside of your mouth as you mouth breathe at random intervals that both soothe and terrify.


dukescalder t1_itr7u17 wrote

Highlander rules. Challenge the current conductor to a sword fight. If you win you absorb their train driving powers.


MrSpontaneous t1_itpvv1d wrote


lord_guppy OP t1_itpwj11 wrote

I just checked the WMATA website, and it's not listed there. I don't know why they have postings in two different spots, but thanks for the help!


IcyWillow1193 t1_itu8xcc wrote

If you become one, be sure to be one of the drivers who uses the PA system as an opportunity to entertain the passsengers.


CalebH92 t1_itr3bz6 wrote

You have to start as a bus driver


walkallover1991 t1_itq0irf wrote

I was under the impression that you had to start as a bus driver or station manager, and then once you received enough seniority within the ATU you could move up to a train operator.

100% could be wrong though.


pgm123 t1_itrl2xx wrote

You're probably right. They're probably required to post the job publicly, though.


Midnight_Morning t1_itqjd6s wrote

There was an opening a year ago. My coworker applied, took an assessment, got interviewed and just received a contingent offer from Metro. He's taking a huge pay cut to do it, but driving a train gotta be less stressful than dealing with cases.


JayAlexanderBee t1_itsd4ty wrote

You need to start as a bus operator. It will take two to three years to transfer over. I started out as a bus operator in 2019 and in nine months I became a train mechanic. Your best bet to get your foot in the door and become a member of 689 is to become a bus operator. WMATA is a great place to work with good benefits and pay. They will pay you during training and also do your CDL certification.


EthanFl t1_itpwuyz wrote

Historically it was a position offered based on seniority to ATU members.


docdc t1_itt2est wrote

WMATA must choo choo chose you.


joegant t1_itrll5t wrote

There’s easier ways to harm yourself


kimjongil1953 t1_itr8m20 wrote

You have to be able to set the train on fire on command.


let-it-rain-sunshine t1_itrj24t wrote

You have to have the ability to stay off your cell phone while operating the trains.


UnoStronzo t1_itrtkr9 wrote

Maybe that’s what caused the derailment…


Yaratam t1_itrjw1p wrote

I wonder what's the starting salary for WMATA bus/train drivers?


Midnight_Morning t1_itrtiq3 wrote

$28hr after training. Not bad for a position that requires no experience to apply. If they ever open up rail positions, I'll apply.


jj3449 t1_itsdfsc wrote

They most likely won’t. Them hiring off the street was a one time agreement for the Silver Line staffing. There’s no rule that you have to be a bus driver first it just functionally works that way because they have to hire internally first and there’s always enough bus drivers that want to make the switch.


Midnight_Morning t1_itsx3ag wrote

Damn, my coworker basically won the lottery out here. This is one of those "I'm kicking myself" moments. And metro is one of the last spots that has a defined benefit pension too.


ChuChuMan202 t1_itso8jc wrote

There was a recent one-time posting for people to apply for being a train operator to get people in place for the opening of the Silver Line Phase 2. However, historically and currently, the only way to become a WMATA train operator is to start as a bus operator. Bus operators then bid for open operator positions on the rail and are awarded them based on seniority.


MCStarlight t1_itqzeow wrote

I thought they will eventually phase drivers out and automate them.


sudsomatic t1_its88jy wrote

Fast fact: they automated them back in the 70s/80s but made them manual since the accident back in 2008 (I think?). and metro decided they throw the baby with the bath water and kept them manual to this day. Sad that we’re less advanced today than 4 decades ago.


RickBangkok t1_itrqtsl wrote

Singapore's subway is automated doesn't even have an engineers cab.


ChuChuMan202 t1_itsot8o wrote

The system was automated when it was built. However, the automated systems failed to the point of loss of life. Now, the system is operated manually.


mriphonedude t1_iu3b5r4 wrote

This isn’t actually true, ATO hasn’t caused any crashes


ChuChuMan202 t1_iu3l5yn wrote

ATO is just one subsystem of the Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) system. Automatic Train Protection (ATP) is what failed that led to the loss of life.

Even still, WMATA's ATO needs some work. It doesn't work like it is meant to when it is occasionally tested. Also, there have been some roadway worker protection procedure updates that make ATO unwieldy.


moonbunnychan t1_its999v wrote

Considering it was an automatic train control thing that caused that crash in 2009, I don't exactly trust them to maintain automatic controls to stay safe enough.


Wonderful-Speaker-32 t1_itss7ik wrote

The crash wasn't because of ATO:

"WMATA disabled ATO on June 23, 2009 in a knee-jerk reaction after a Red Line train crashed into the back of another, killing eight riders and a train operator. ATO wasn’t at fault, but the underlying system that controls train locations and keeps them separated was." from,and%20keeps%20them%20separated%20was.

That crash likely would've happened regardless, since the drivers didn't have line of sight until it was too late, and the train operator behind wouldn't have been able to see that there was a train ahead of it any other way (because the problem had to do with the train location system).

These days, they'd likely have to put in GPS based tracking together with track-based tracking to ensure everything's going smoothly.


Ypsilantine t1_itu8i9k wrote

According to a Metro train operator I just spoke to (he's a regular at my shop), you don't have to be a bus driver in order to become a train operator. I asked when that changed and he said this year.

Hope this helps.


Ok_Calligrapher_8199 t1_its39ul wrote

You have to learn how to say L’Enfant wrong. The first N will be silent now.


_night_flight_ t1_itrx0em wrote

Be in a union. Anyway, they should have automated the whole system by now.


charliebbyg t1_its6gcq wrote

Likely a sign that it isn't a good company to work for if they don't even have their job postings in order.