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peekee993 t1_iqz0wts wrote

Dc has a shelter hotline number you can google if they are interested in an immediate place to stay, otherwise Bread for the City and Miriam’s Kitchen are great places to refer someone to as they have a variety of social services all at one space as well as hot meals, food pantries, and day centers for drop ins.


DarlingReader t1_ir28nwi wrote

Street Sense Media has a service provider guide for the district on their website

They also list a selection of providers in their street paper, if the person in question doesn't have internet access and/or doesn't want to go to a library to use the internet.

Street Sense also does case management and outreach, so they might be a helpful starting point for this person.


PresidentHarambe1 t1_ir1cggs wrote

The city has many resources and shelters, many choose not to utilize. I’m curious to see if this individual will use them or not. I hope you track this person and see for yourself.


kstinfo t1_iqzwa0f wrote

r/DC doesn't like the homeless. They're all crazy, alcoholic, drugged out, aggressive litterers.