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damnatio_memoriae t1_it7r3lo wrote

better than riding it around brazenly while the alarm chirps incessantly... maybe.


Pure_Contact5891 t1_itbxlio wrote

Bikeshare bikes don't chirp. Anyways, I've seen people spend a good amount of time just trying to rip one of these bikes out of the docking stations and when they do, they get a free bike. At least this asshole painted it and attempted to conceal that it's a stolen bike. There are quite a few of these around town that are unpainted and stolen. People who check these bikes out have to put their credit card on file and will supposedly get charged a hefty fine if they don't check it back in, but if somebody who didn't check it out gets their hands on one of them they can keep it as their own with zero repercussions and they know it.


snortgigglecough t1_it8grdd wrote

This just made me realize the yellow spray painted bike my brother gave me when I was a teen was very much stolen...


pengo242 t1_it87z40 wrote

You know crime is bad when you're happy they're at least locking up and taking care of their stolen property


argle_bargled t1_it7jygq wrote

How close are you to NOMA? Wonder what his radius is…


hoosyourdaddyo t1_it7mtws wrote

Those bikes are absolute shit


hemlockone t1_it94md9 wrote

I don't agree with that, they just meet a different set of criteria than a great personal bike. They are heavy and the gears are slow, slower, slowest. But, they are able to accommodate many rider sizes and survive in the elements pretty well.

That doesn't make them free from maintenance (they need more..), best for moderate-long rides (not their target market), or ergonomically preferable to any but the most average of riders (for my 6'3 body, the handlebars are a little low for the style of bike, but the seat height can be adjusted perfectly).


AdvisorSuspicious915 t1_itbwqq2 wrote

That’s true they really are a great feature of the city, if you want to go on a bike ride for the sake of the bike ride just buy a bike, if you don’t feel like walking home from dinner … CaBi


poobly t1_it8c43i wrote

Heavy as fuck and will kill you going up hills but pretty fucking sturdy.


LizzardFish t1_it94255 wrote

saw him at SW Waterfront station two days ago lol


DrunkWoodchuck t1_it849xy wrote

If there are no consequences for stealing, seems like people are governing themselves accordingly.


BoozAlien t1_it8ekcq wrote

Of all the bikes you could steal, you'd have to be a dumbass to take one of these.


chamomile-crumbs t1_it9aoph wrote

I don’t think there are really any repercussions to stealing these


kungpaochi t1_itbpx4t wrote

I saw a guy playing with the lock on one, then drive out in his truck carrying two rental bikes in the back. Reported it to police so hopefully there are some repercussions. It's a lot of work spent stealing bikes that people use daily.


AhhAGoose t1_it8a0vz wrote

Good to see our tax dollars bought that guy a bike


sven_ftw t1_it9oqsi wrote

Lol... It's a donald trump bikeshare bike..


poobly t1_it8c96o wrote

Somebody needs to slap a couple extra locks on it.


EastoftheCap t1_it80lu9 wrote

What's the issue?


Capable_Meaning t1_it838ak wrote

I think it’s a Capitol bikes bike (the red ones that you rent) painted gold and presumably stolen, but maybe not?


No-Lunch4249 t1_it85o1t wrote

It definitely is. Very recognizable shape. Built like a tank


kcdc25 t1_itbkfgz wrote

Yup. The basket area in the front is the biggest giveaway


kateln t1_it85n09 wrote

Yep. I was in Montreal a few years ago and saw a Capital Bikeshare bike. I'm so used to seeing them around here that it took me a block or so to register "this is weird".


SluggingAndBussing t1_it9rc5t wrote

Yeah it's a CaBi. you can see the red spraypaint on the inside and a few spots on the outside they missed lol


navygreen33 t1_itb0h72 wrote

Its not necessarily stolen. CaBi sells old models for dirt cheap.


sprint113 t1_itb2r15 wrote

They do say they don't currently sell their bikes. I remember when the dock-less bikes pilot ended, those companies sold their bikes for cheap, but don't remember ever hearing about CaBi selling theirs.

It makes sense to not have sold any second hand bikes as it makes it much easier to allow users to report the bikes if there isn't any chance someone could have legitimately purchased the bike. And arguably, if the bike has worn down to the point it's no longer fit for service, it's probably not safe to sell to someone.


dreamydragonfly t1_itbs3xn wrote

I was gonna say I thought they sold their older models too. I could be wrong


Some_Donkey_6382 t1_it7ri9u wrote

And another one? Someone is bringing the bling.


gutterbrain73 t1_it7n005 wrote