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blueeeyeddl t1_iuhkpb3 wrote

They want to build a school on Hardy Park and the neighborhood wants to keep the park. Idk what QAnoners have to do with it tho?


superdookietoiletexp t1_iuhrm65 wrote

No one has any plan build a school “on” Hardy Park. The proposal is to build a school beside the park that would keep all playing surfaces and facilities intact (and enhance many of them). Many people in the neighborhood have ES-age children and want the neighborhood public school that all other DC neighborhoods have. However, a handful of retirees - who have opposed proposals for a public school in the neighborhood even when it would have occupied an existing building - are peddling scary falsehoods to make the proposal out to be something it is not.


9throwawayDERP t1_iui30mh wrote

the school is mostly for the rest of the city. the neighborhood doesn't have enough density to support a school. And now that the council has 'protected' stoddert-zoned kids from going there, at least 50% of the enrollment will be from out of boundary.

now why doesn't the neighborhood have enough density to support a walkable school? NIMBYism from the same retirees who are don't want a school.

issue: palisades are NIMBY haven. we should just jack up taxes on all of them.


dcearthlover t1_iuhugrk wrote

Wasn't there a school there that was torn down before they made it a park bc it was not being used and now that schools are overcrowded they are building it again?


9throwawayDERP t1_iui2v93 wrote

Nah, they gave to building away to a private school in a sweetheart deal due to standard issue corruption,


Formergr t1_iuhlnph wrote

It took me a second but I guess it’s the “Q:” on the sign that prompted that. But maybe it’s just a Q as in Q&A.

ETA: I was wrong, looks like it’s very much a Q Anon thing.


blueeeyeddl t1_iuhlsbv wrote

No it’s the WWG1WGA that’s the QAnon fckery. “Where we go one we go all”


Formergr t1_iuhmmtu wrote

Aaah thank you; didn’t know about that one. Yuck.