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LuciusAurelian t1_ir4zfxo wrote

Glitch? Secret, unannounced silver line opening?


Cythrosi t1_ir5beow wrote

Metro is running simulated service currently. So trains are running to Ashburn, but no passengers past Wiehle-Reston.


daedelous t1_ir67vqh wrote

This won’t change much when it actually opens (aside from airport runs).


Cythrosi t1_ir692do wrote

I suspect there will be a number of folks taking it to Tysons for work and some into DC.


daedelous t1_ir8hcex wrote

I think you’re wrong, but I guess we’ll see.


Nas160 t1_ir5yokn wrote

Ghost train that only one person in the world can see, and it takes them to another world


RickBangkok t1_ir67127 wrote

I saw it yesterday near Ashburn while I was headed to Leesburg on the Greenway....doubletake!


G2-to-Georgetown t1_ir6wc6n wrote

I'll bet someone put the wrong destination code in. Wiehle-Reston East is 64, and Ashburn is 68. Did the train show "WIEHLE-RESTON" on the signs, or "ROUTE 722"? That will give it away as using the wrong destination code.


AfghanHokie t1_ir5uj1p wrote

Those times depress me. I’m currently in Vienna (Austria) on vacation and they have trains running every 4 minutes in rush hour, clean stations and clean trains. Why can’t a city as important as DC get its system under control.


cfitzpancake t1_ir60ucc wrote

Because the Metro was designed to be part true subway, part commuter rail. If you look within city limits (probably more helpful when comparing to Vienna, which has less of an American-looking sprawl), you see trains lines doubled and tripled up, such that (under regular operation) you get 4-10-minute headways, more similar to NY’s MTA and European systems.

That being said, is WMATA a world-class powerhouse compared to European systems? Absolutely not, and transit-oriented innovation, development, and incentives have a long way to go here.

But especially as you look out along the suburban strands of every metro line, it’s important to note that it operates like an electrified commuter rail for the purposes of an electrified commuter rail, rather than a true subway. The demand isn’t there right now for trains to serve Ashburn — an exurb over 30 miles from the downtown core — at a frequency of 4 minutes.


well-that-was-fast t1_ir627q1 wrote

Exactly this.

There is no way you can run trains on 4-minute headways out to suburban parking lots -- which is what most of the system is outside of DC.


sagarnola89 t1_ir6g6e7 wrote

Agree wholeheartedly except I'd amend this to say outside of the Beltway. Stations outside of DC but within DC (Arlington, Alexandria, Bethesda, Silver Spring, College Park , etc) usually aren't on suburban parking lots.


well-that-was-fast t1_ir6gzra wrote

I agree there are few non-parking lot stations outside of DC, but this:

> outside of the Beltway.

is pretty generous. Alexandria Eisenhower looks like this and King St isn't vastly better.


sagarnola89 t1_ir6hx8d wrote

That's fair. Alexandria is especially bad. Better examples would be Arlington, Bethesda, and Silver Spring, all of which have walkable urban cores around their metro stations.


Aonswitch t1_ir5ypbd wrote

I was in Copenhagen last month and the trains came every 90 seconds. Felt weird waiting 12 minutes for the red line on the same day coming back from dulles


coocookuhchoo t1_ir6786o wrote

Simply unfair to compare ourselves to Denmark. They really have things figured out.

I remember when I was there taking a bunch of pictures of this road that had an elevated and separated bike lane going in both directions, a separated bus lane going in both directions, and then in the center two car lanes (one in each direction). It was….beautiful.


Aonswitch t1_ir6crxt wrote

Why is it unfair? It’s literally a capital city with a metro transit system. You think it’s that bad to expect to be better?


coocookuhchoo t1_ir6d80j wrote

No I was sort of just being cheeky saying it's unfair to compare us because they are lightyears ahead. Would love to be more like them.


sagarnola89 t1_ir6ghrl wrote

Its unfair because we all know the politics when it comes to government funding of public services (unfortunately) is completely different in the U.S. than it is in Western Europe.

And it's cultural. In the U.S. taking public transit is considered something "poor people" do. I don't own a car and only take public transit, and most of my friends and family are absolutely flabbergasted that I don't buy a car and drive. Or when I suggest we take the metro instead of an Uber. In Western Europe, a man in a suit on his way to the opera would take public transit, no problem.


CaptainObvious110 t1_ir6iaj7 wrote

Yeah you are correct. I don't own a car and I have friends that are really annoying about me driving and I'm just going to have to be firm and tell them to knock it off already.

I'm an adult, and I don't have to justify to you why I do what I do or don't do something. I've been getting around just fine by means of public transportation and am happy with that. Respect that and kindly shut up about it.

For the majority of what I need to do I can use my bicycle. Why is that something laughable? I'm out her getting excercise and taking better care of myself and that's funny? Yeah ok.

It's definitely cultural and it's sad how people have been manipulated into thinking that this is the way it should be when it isn't. People look absolutely miserable being in traffic or dealing with other folks who can't just be civilized and go where they need to go.


sagarnola89 t1_ir6j1tp wrote

Agree 100%. And the worst are the people I know who claim to be progressive and care about the environment but never use public transit.


CaptainObvious110 t1_ir7d92d wrote

It's hilarious when people don't even know how to get to and from with public transportation. If they were were new in town sure I get that at least for a period of time but not when you are born and raised here.


BoozAlien t1_ir6zqtf wrote

>In the U.S. taking public transit is considered something "poor people" do.

And sadly this is increasingly what Metro is becoming, as the agency shows absolutely no signs that it's capable of returning frequency of service to the levels that people with the means to have different options considered normal before the pandemic and the 7K train issues.


sagarnola89 t1_ir73cih wrote

Honestly,, I lived in London for a year, which obviously has a great transit system. The DC Metro is by and large much cleaner and nicer, and in the summer the lack of AC on the London Tube can be brutal. But, that didn't stop wealthy Londoners from gladly taking the Tube. I still maintain you can't disconnect public transit issues in the US from cultural and racial factors.


AfghanHokie t1_ir5z9c9 wrote

Seriously. Right now I’m on a platform and it’s every 2 or 3 minutes. Vienna is a 1/3 the size we are.


SandBoxJohn t1_ir7rs3u wrote

If WMATA had enough rolling stock they could also do that.


[deleted] t1_ir60h0o wrote

Thought you meant Vienna, VA for a second and was curious 1) why you’d consider that a vacation destination given your proximity to it and 2) about these 4 minute wait times considering it’s on the Metro line. Makes WAY more sense now 🤣

ETA: the clarification about it being Vienna, Austria came after I posted this.


Centigonal t1_ir60gmn wrote

for other confused people: Vienna, Austria


Macrophage87 t1_ir6co6b wrote

Oh that makes more sense, because Vienna, VA is a really good example of American sprawl


sagarnola89 t1_ir6fbg1 wrote

Well primarily because one of our two major parties is against funding public transit and would rather fund new roads and interstates.

But additionally, I'll defend the Metro a bit. Ashburn is 35 miles from Washington DC. Trains to Ashburn are much more analogous to commuter rails, not rapid transit. Expecting a train from 35 miles away every 4 min is simply unrealistic and not done even in Western Europe.


AfghanHokie t1_ir6gcqt wrote

That’s a valid reason, but why not have 7 minute trains in the city? Metro use to be great when I was a teen but it’s been a slow decline before the pandemic even. I know it’s by design, but it just sucks when you see the potential for transit when you go to European cities that put the focus on mass transit, bikes and walkability.


sagarnola89 t1_ir6ho31 wrote

I don't disagree with you. My dream is to transform the U.S. into a transit friendly country like most of the rest of the developed. Sadly, it's not the reality currently. DC transit is still light years ahead of most American cities (the fact that I can live a high quality life without a car would be impossible in 90% of American cities).


SandBoxJohn t1_ir7r9ga wrote

Metrorail is a hybrid transit system akin to a cross between commuter rail and rapid transit. All of the system built from scratch in the second half of the last century in the United States were planed like that.


TheExtremistModerate t1_ir63kvl wrote

Because the stations are all super far apart in Virginia, and it doesn't make logistical sense to put out a shit ton of extra mostly-empty trains to artificially bring down suburban wait times, especially when the Metro is already hemorrhaging money as-is.


Macrophage87 t1_ir6d1x3 wrote

No transportation project is financially viable without taxpayer funds. This way, the metro gets to tap into the tax base of the county with the highest median household income in the US. There's also likely to be some additional traffic benefit from people who come in from IAD as well.


[deleted] t1_ir71jro wrote

the Vienna metro system is so friggin nice compared to anything in the US. 1 euro a day for Vienna residents, unlimited use on all public transit. its embarrassing coming back to the US after visiting my brother who lives there (oh yeah, he's getting a masters in biochemistry for the brutal cost of 50 euros a semester)

amazing when a society and government place a high value on citizen quality of life over greed and profit seeking


therealsazerac t1_ir78onj wrote

I don't know, immigration still happens in this country. You don't see migrants in Latin America clamoring for visas to go to western Europe


wikipuff t1_ir6qlry wrote

Very similar to what I experienced in Moscow during the World Cup. A maximum of 4 minutes wait, even on the very ends during a blizzard. They also had clocks in the tunnels to show how long for a train. I could not be more impressed.


yunnifymonte t1_ir50605 wrote

Definitely can’t wait for Silver Line Phase Two to open, I remember when Phase One had opened, it was lovely.


endlessly_apollo t1_ir54jjr wrote

A lifetime ago it seems


SenseiRaheem t1_ir5bzon wrote

I was there, Gandalf. I was there, 3000 years ago


gerd50501 t1_ir5dvbb wrote

you should have thrown Isuldur into the pit of doom and destroyed the ring. Sauron has been able to disrupt phase 2 for an entire age. This is your fault Elrond.


ZephRyder t1_ir7e80w wrote

None of this seems that long ago to me, as the times of me commuting into the city are long ago, and I gave up that life.

I do miss reading books on the bus/trains though.


Birdytaps t1_ir52mwv wrote

“No Passengers”


mdhunter t1_ir643ye wrote

Train out of service. Train out of service. Train is out of service.

Customers please exit the train at this time—train is now out of service.

Customers on the platform, do not attempt to board this train—train is out of service…


G2-to-Georgetown t1_ir6wsbe wrote

There's one operator that says, "That's right, folks, Elvis has left the building."


mdhunter t1_ir7s8xb wrote

There are some colorful drivers to be sure. And, that’s okay. 😁


ExcelsiorVFX t1_ir5eb3x wrote

I take 267 to work every day and it's been great to see trains running semi regularly on the new tracks. Can't wait to start taking the metro to work


Bobdude17 t1_ir5h5ff wrote

You know, I have to ask but what exactly is even in Ashburn? Besides the obvious answer of 'the metro station, silly'.


Macrophage87 t1_ir5i9tz wrote

It's actually the physical location of about 70% of the internet. As for points of interest, no idea. The main function here is to bring more people who live in the suburbs but drive to the DC area to take transit instead.,known%20as%20Data%20Center%20Alley.


isabellla321 t1_ir5om48 wrote

Really?! I live right next to the Internet?


Macrophage87 t1_ir5osjs wrote

Most of it anyway. Yep, the mythical 'cloud' is mostly just a collection of computers in Ashburn, VA. Sadly, most places don't offer tours, nor is there actually a cloud to look at, as far as I know. If somewhere needs some mythical-looking cloud sculpture, its Ashburn.


isabellla321 t1_ir5pyk8 wrote

I am sure there is absolutely nothing interesting to tour inside anyway, just a big gray box. Windows aren’t even necessary. A big cloud sculpture would definitely help! Make data look cool!


darockerj t1_ir6lpcy wrote

a friend got me in once for a secret tour. really not much to look at - no branding, not even a lot of people, just somewhat large rooms with stacks of servers all whirring away. it’s probably interesting if you’re a dork in the industry who likes to hear stats about how much traffic they process and to see that in person. otherwise, it’s no different from any other server room.


SchuminWeb t1_ir6xmea wrote

This is what two of them look like from outside:

I can't imagine that they're all that exciting looking on the inside. After all, they're not designed for humans as much as they are designed for computer hardware. I had to go to the Atlantech data center in Silver Spring a long time ago, and it was pretty much gray and white corridors with cages for computer equipment in it.


angelaswiener t1_ir6aimo wrote

I used to have to go to one of the big datacenters out there when my company moved our servers off site to a shared facility. Security is really tight and allowing tours would be a huge liability. But unless you're into server hardware and cables, it's pretty boring anyway.


Macrophage87 t1_ir6axoq wrote

I am into server hardware and cables! Guess I have to be satisfied with youtube!


ohoneup t1_ir61ui0 wrote

Who's decision was that? What a liability.


Macrophage87 t1_ir633wn wrote

Almost everywhere has a backup elsewhere, and likely mirrors on the west coast and other continents.


greetedworm t1_ir68cqp wrote

If I had to guess I'd say the first big contracts for cloud were from the Feds so they built the facilities out here and then economies of scale took over.


OriginalUsername07 t1_ir6xqx2 wrote

What do you mean liability? Ashburn is far enough away from DC to not be severely damaged by most large ICBMs, were DC to be targeted. Add to that, we get no really intense weather or hurricanes or tornadoes in this area, no severe flooding, no earthquakes, ashburn has (or had when they started building the data centers) plenty of land to build up with secure perimeters, proximity to ocean fiber optic cables on the east coast. It’s the perfect location to put something like this


BoozAlien t1_ir70n6a wrote

And if you drive out there to see these data centers that are sprouting up like weeds these days, they're immensely thick concrete boxes that will withstand nearly any disaster.


daedelous t1_ir69umf wrote

Until people realize how long it takes to metro from that far out compared to driving (or compared to driving to a metro closer to DC).


Macrophage87 t1_ir6bxdd wrote

It's likely to be about maybe 60 minutes or so from Ashburn to say L'Enfant. That's probably less than what it would take to drive to DC in rush hour without taking the toll roads. Google maps would put it at 1hr 15min no toll and 1 hr 5 min with for driving, assuming an 8 am departure on this Thursday. So it's time competitive with the Metro right now. The big difference is that you get to relax and play with your cell phone rather than get stuck in traffic.

Metro time estimate:

Route calc:'Enfant+Plaza+SW,+Washington,+DC/@38.9555627,-77.4069854,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m17!4m16!1m5!1m1!1s0x89b615f166fcc957:0x9da316eb11e3d5b!2m2!1d-77.4874416!2d39.0437567!1m5!1m1!1s0x89b7b776477210b1:0x23e749cb5103b154!2m2!1d-77.0253936!2d38.8842094!2m3!6e0!7e2!8j1665042300


daedelous t1_ir6ukd6 wrote

I think it'll be more like 1hr 15 but, regardless, that's just the train portion...

The thing that everyone forgets is that, because this is a surbuban station, basically everyone in Ashburn will have to get in a car (maybe a bus), and drive to Ashburn Station. The amount of time it takes to drive to a train station, drive around finding a parking space, walk through the parking lot, take an elevator/stairs to the right level, possibly even cross over a walkway, to even get into the train station, adds a ton of additional time on top of that 1hr 15min.

Something people also tend to forget is that if people are already in their car driving to a metro stop, many will realize that they can save a lot of time by driving to a Metro drop closer to D.C.

I know this from personal experience back when I lived in Sterling. I was 20 minutes from Wiehle and was excited to use it to go into DC. I ended up using it once in 3 years because it actually took forever.

For weekenders, it's no contest. It's easy to find $10 parking in D.C. and they can cut their travel time in half by driving instead of Metro-ing.

Oh, and don't forget parking $4.50/day or so.


Macrophage87 t1_ir6xvja wrote

There's a lot of personal preference here as well. For me, I'd much rather just relax on a metro than drive in horrendous traffic.


daedelous t1_ir8hour wrote

No one’s going to commute on a metro when it takes 2+ hours each way, regardless of how they feel about driving.


Macrophage87 t1_ir9aamh wrote

People do it on the MARC from Frederick and Martinsburg all the time.


ColonialTransitFan95 t1_ir865lm wrote

They offer $10 parking in DC on weekends? For a city that really want to encourage people to use transit, this is not the answer.


G2-to-Georgetown t1_ir6zgqy wrote

> It's likely to be about maybe 60 minutes or so from Ashburn to say L'Enfant.

The current Silver Line is one hour and 12 minutes. The extension will bring it up to about 90 minutes. That's 45 minutes on the silver part of the Silver Line, and then Ballston to Metro Center is 15 minutes, Metro Center to Stadium-Armory is another 15 minutes, and then Stadium-Armory to Largo is another 15 minutes. So you're looking at about an hour and six to L'Enfant from Ashburn.

Depending, of course, on how quickly your fellow passengers board. I've had Central on my case before asking if I'm having any problems with my train because I'm behind schedule, and I'll respond, "Yes, tell these people to board more quickly."


Macrophage87 t1_ir71cxq wrote

It might be brought down when the 8000 series comes online in a couple years, assuming you can get the speeds up between those.


anonymous_aardvark2 t1_irdgalc wrote

I’d guess people in Ashburn are much more likely to use it to commute to Tysons than into DC


Chaz042 t1_ir8b3yl wrote

I mean in Chicago is the next biggest with a large chuck of the US internet.


port53 t1_ir5p6f0 wrote

About 50,000 people in the immediate area, and a point for everyone west of Ashburn to park and ride from.


Bobdude17 t1_ir5r0bo wrote

Reason I ask is cuz I've never been out that way, personally.


Macrophage87 t1_ir5tzce wrote

When looking up things to do, it's basically parks and breweries. If you like to bike, you can take your bike on the metro to there and ride the more rural parts of the W&OD.


Jillredhanded t1_ir66lrj wrote

I remember when the only thing in Ashburn was a little general store off the W&OD that sold bait & bbq.


dc_laffpat t1_ir5z986 wrote

I think the Commanders’ headquarters/training facility is in Ashburn, not sure if they have moved since the last time I was there though.


sagarnola89 t1_ir6fini wrote

There's some nice breweries and wineries out there. Otherwise, not sure.


memdmp t1_ir5e9cd wrote

Is OP still on the train? Doubt it has arrived in Ashburn by now, 2 hours later


Nthepeanutgallery t1_ir5g65v wrote

Shadow service. If you know, you know.


Rooster_Ties t1_ir79g76 wrote

Know what?


Nthepeanutgallery t1_ir79zz0 wrote

You mean you hadn't heard?


Rooster_Ties t1_ir7ced0 wrote

Heard what?


Nthepeanutgallery t1_irbi48z wrote

A well a everybody's heard about the bird

Bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word

A well a bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word

A well a bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word


dchokie t1_ir6dm3w wrote

Came back from Dulles last week and there was a station manager in the closed booth at the Dulles station doing I assume testing at night on a Sunday. Hope they’re pulling some good overtime for that.


G2-to-Georgetown t1_ir6zrho wrote

They started putting station managers in all of the new stations at the beginning of September. They're not on overtime for that. Rather, that is their actual schedule.


FrogMan9001 t1_ir5br4r wrote

Did you see the train? Was it actually signed Ashburn?


9throwawayDERP t1_ir5cdjr wrote

So many trains actually go out all the way now for testing, they just kick out the passengers before phase two. But I though the signs would hide that fact.


FrogMan9001 t1_ir5drev wrote

I was thinking all silver line trains are actually running Ashburn - Largo for testing just passengers aren't allowed to ride past Wiehle and all signage should be reading Wiehle for west bound trains. I guess having all trains run the full route doesn't really make sense given the lack of trains.

Hmm, I just looked at Metro's online map and apparently Phase II of the Silver line is now colored white on this map and the Phase II stations are appearing on the live map (though no trains are showing up in that section).


albinotuba OP t1_ir5d7ns wrote

It was signed RT 7-something? Like RT 702? I don’t remember what number it was.


FrogMan9001 t1_ir5e6bd wrote

Cool. Now I'm going to have to start obsessively watching the real time clocks so I can make it to the station in time to see an Ashburn bound train of my own.


cupnoodle_enthusiast t1_ir870cn wrote

I wish they would densify more around the Loudoun stops. The most are a handful of apartment buildings and offices in a sea of parking lots and townhomes. We need more walkability and density if we want people farther west to use the metro more and recoup the demand that was lost from COVID and the transition to remote work.


anonymous_aardvark2 t1_irdgmxh wrote

Agree that this should be a priority but frankly some of the Fairfax stops beyond Arlington could use a lot of work.

The Tyson’s stops along route 7 are flanked by offices on one side and strip malls/car dealerships on the other.

And Reston has a similar dynamic at the stops there where you can’t really get off the train and walk anywhere if you go south from 267.


Vegetable-Ratio-5857 t1_ir8xnjb wrote

Wow that seems so far away. Is there a plan to add density around the phase 2 stops?


nycmonkey t1_ir5ux6z wrote

I thought you were going to say ahoy matey in the comments 🤣


RickBangkok t1_ir66tox wrote

With Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, directed by Alfred Hitchcock....


md9918 t1_ir6xb7f wrote

Maybe one day I'll ride from Glenmont to Ashburn, just to see what 2 hours in one direction on the Metro is like


PhantomRoyce t1_ir6u905 wrote

You’re going to the backrooms


nothingspecialva t1_ir7ea9d wrote

ARR stands for Absolutely Regrettably Retired from circulation maybe ?


jj9979 t1_ir5tus8 wrote

Does anyone actually have a use case for the silver line besides easier access to Dulles?

The time, parking, $, doesn't seem to add up for daily/regular use


ReadingKing t1_ir61pcg wrote

Yes. The use case is people who live in loudoun you dork


jj9979 t1_ir64qpi wrote

The math, time, expense wise didn't add up when I did it quick a year or two ago. But thanks for the input, dork


thefocusissharp t1_ir6cm2t wrote

As it is, it shaves 20 minutes off of the old way of getting into DC via the Metro, The Red Line, for me. It's a game changer for me, and the people of Northern Virginia.

Lmao, sit in traffic.


jj9979 t1_irabrs5 wrote

>The current Silver Line is one hour and 12 minutes. The extension will bring it up to about 90 minutes. That's 45 minutes on the silver part of the Silver Line, and then Ballston to Metro Center is 15 minutes, Metro Center to Stadium-Armory is another 15 minutes, and then Stadium-Armory to Largo is another 15 minutes. So you're looking at about an hour and six to L'Enfant from Ashburn.Depending, of course, on how quickly your fellow passengers board. I've had Central on my case before asking if I'm having any problems with my train because I'm behind schedule, and I'll respond, "Yes, tell these people to board more quickly."

i'm not sure it saves any time whatsoever even with rush hour traffic, and absolutely not on weekends


[deleted] t1_ircxet8 wrote



jj9979 t1_ircxnjr wrote

Lol. What. I did the math and time given projected schedules. It didn't add up for some sort of life changing difference. The only thing wmata got you was dicking around on a phone or reading the paper ... Terrible business plans all around, not shocking given the parties involved


stupidfock t1_ir7ma1q wrote

It’s way better than driving all the way to wiehle to go into dc from loudon county fs


rataplau t1_ir56j8u wrote

Poor Ashburn, I hope there isn't a big mall there.