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LuciusAurelian t1_ir4zfxo wrote

Glitch? Secret, unannounced silver line opening?


Cythrosi t1_ir5beow wrote

Metro is running simulated service currently. So trains are running to Ashburn, but no passengers past Wiehle-Reston.


daedelous t1_ir67vqh wrote

This won’t change much when it actually opens (aside from airport runs).


Cythrosi t1_ir692do wrote

I suspect there will be a number of folks taking it to Tysons for work and some into DC.


daedelous t1_ir8hcex wrote

I think you’re wrong, but I guess we’ll see.


Nas160 t1_ir5yokn wrote

Ghost train that only one person in the world can see, and it takes them to another world


RickBangkok t1_ir67127 wrote

I saw it yesterday near Ashburn while I was headed to Leesburg on the Greenway....doubletake!


G2-to-Georgetown t1_ir6wc6n wrote

I'll bet someone put the wrong destination code in. Wiehle-Reston East is 64, and Ashburn is 68. Did the train show "WIEHLE-RESTON" on the signs, or "ROUTE 722"? That will give it away as using the wrong destination code.