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FrogMan9001 t1_ir5br4r wrote

Did you see the train? Was it actually signed Ashburn?


9throwawayDERP t1_ir5cdjr wrote

So many trains actually go out all the way now for testing, they just kick out the passengers before phase two. But I though the signs would hide that fact.


FrogMan9001 t1_ir5drev wrote

I was thinking all silver line trains are actually running Ashburn - Largo for testing just passengers aren't allowed to ride past Wiehle and all signage should be reading Wiehle for west bound trains. I guess having all trains run the full route doesn't really make sense given the lack of trains.

Hmm, I just looked at Metro's online map and apparently Phase II of the Silver line is now colored white on this map and the Phase II stations are appearing on the live map (though no trains are showing up in that section).


albinotuba OP t1_ir5d7ns wrote

It was signed RT 7-something? Like RT 702? I don’t remember what number it was.


FrogMan9001 t1_ir5e6bd wrote

Cool. Now I'm going to have to start obsessively watching the real time clocks so I can make it to the station in time to see an Ashburn bound train of my own.