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Macrophage87 t1_ir5osjs wrote

Reply to comment by isabellla321 in Train to Ashburn! by albinotuba

Most of it anyway. Yep, the mythical 'cloud' is mostly just a collection of computers in Ashburn, VA. Sadly, most places don't offer tours, nor is there actually a cloud to look at, as far as I know. If somewhere needs some mythical-looking cloud sculpture, its Ashburn.


isabellla321 t1_ir5pyk8 wrote

I am sure there is absolutely nothing interesting to tour inside anyway, just a big gray box. Windows aren’t even necessary. A big cloud sculpture would definitely help! Make data look cool!


darockerj t1_ir6lpcy wrote

a friend got me in once for a secret tour. really not much to look at - no branding, not even a lot of people, just somewhat large rooms with stacks of servers all whirring away. it’s probably interesting if you’re a dork in the industry who likes to hear stats about how much traffic they process and to see that in person. otherwise, it’s no different from any other server room.


SchuminWeb t1_ir6xmea wrote

This is what two of them look like from outside:

I can't imagine that they're all that exciting looking on the inside. After all, they're not designed for humans as much as they are designed for computer hardware. I had to go to the Atlantech data center in Silver Spring a long time ago, and it was pretty much gray and white corridors with cages for computer equipment in it.


angelaswiener t1_ir6aimo wrote

I used to have to go to one of the big datacenters out there when my company moved our servers off site to a shared facility. Security is really tight and allowing tours would be a huge liability. But unless you're into server hardware and cables, it's pretty boring anyway.


Macrophage87 t1_ir6axoq wrote

I am into server hardware and cables! Guess I have to be satisfied with youtube!