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sagarnola89 t1_ir6fbg1 wrote

Reply to comment by AfghanHokie in Train to Ashburn! by albinotuba

Well primarily because one of our two major parties is against funding public transit and would rather fund new roads and interstates.

But additionally, I'll defend the Metro a bit. Ashburn is 35 miles from Washington DC. Trains to Ashburn are much more analogous to commuter rails, not rapid transit. Expecting a train from 35 miles away every 4 min is simply unrealistic and not done even in Western Europe.


AfghanHokie t1_ir6gcqt wrote

That’s a valid reason, but why not have 7 minute trains in the city? Metro use to be great when I was a teen but it’s been a slow decline before the pandemic even. I know it’s by design, but it just sucks when you see the potential for transit when you go to European cities that put the focus on mass transit, bikes and walkability.


sagarnola89 t1_ir6ho31 wrote

I don't disagree with you. My dream is to transform the U.S. into a transit friendly country like most of the rest of the developed. Sadly, it's not the reality currently. DC transit is still light years ahead of most American cities (the fact that I can live a high quality life without a car would be impossible in 90% of American cities).


SandBoxJohn t1_ir7r9ga wrote

Metrorail is a hybrid transit system akin to a cross between commuter rail and rapid transit. All of the system built from scratch in the second half of the last century in the United States were planed like that.