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OriginalUsername07 t1_ir6xqx2 wrote

Reply to comment by ohoneup in Train to Ashburn! by albinotuba

What do you mean liability? Ashburn is far enough away from DC to not be severely damaged by most large ICBMs, were DC to be targeted. Add to that, we get no really intense weather or hurricanes or tornadoes in this area, no severe flooding, no earthquakes, ashburn has (or had when they started building the data centers) plenty of land to build up with secure perimeters, proximity to ocean fiber optic cables on the east coast. It’s the perfect location to put something like this


BoozAlien t1_ir70n6a wrote

And if you drive out there to see these data centers that are sprouting up like weeds these days, they're immensely thick concrete boxes that will withstand nearly any disaster.