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RightProperChap t1_ityjdnw wrote

rotisserie chicken from basically any grocery store is the best protein for your dollar


msocial t1_itzrh60 wrote

Idk if Harris Teeter still have those fried chickens, but they’re delicious!


grandadsfearme t1_ityxsv4 wrote

TaKorean in Navy-Yard. For $10 you can get a huge box of bibimbap.


vtsandtrooper t1_itycf28 wrote

Las placitas is great value for how much food you get. Full yum also very affordable given how many meals you get.


versello t1_itz5p92 wrote

Manna Dosirak. They’re Korean bento boxes.


BettyDrapes t1_iu0uasg wrote

A. Litteri by Union Market's subs are only $6 for a half and they're delicious


fireshighway t1_iu2iuz7 wrote

I just went here for the first time the other day and was shocked how cheap their subs are. The $6 sub + a bag of chips is a perfect meal.


Scubagirl768 t1_itxtvjs wrote

Depends on what you classify as cheap -

Bantam King - $15 gets you a HUGE bowl of ramen or combo plate. Any of the other hole-in-the-walls in Chinatown are just as cheap for a good amount of food.


NU2L t1_itze95h wrote

Falafel Inc.

Chicken and Whiskey has a whole chicken plus sides for $25 or something like that which can feed four people. Obviously more expensive than the grocery store but it’s a great deal for eating out (and delicious).


FormerCollegeDJ t1_itzfvr0 wrote

Regular, non-fancy hot dog carts (not to be confused with the fancier food trucks) are a good bet.

You can get 2 half-smokes, a small bag of chips, and a 12 ounce can of soda for $7 at those carts.


pomegranatecloud t1_ity5b59 wrote

Your home.


Boobsnbutt t1_itzlzwk wrote

The classic reddit response. There's always a highly upvoted comment that completely disregards the question. Technically right, but far from helpful.


BBASPN69 t1_iu1eap7 wrote

and if they're not from here and staying in a hotel, it's an absolutely useless response


Surfer_Joe_875 t1_iu1ubni wrote

I think it was quite helpful, especially since we don't know the basis for the OP's question. To save money and fill the belly? For a cheap date? For having friends out? All depends.


NigelFratters t1_itzv8v3 wrote

Disregarded the question? OP asked for cheap places to eat. It's a cheap place to eat. No better place to treat a friend or potential lover than cooking them a meal...


EveryPapaya57 t1_iu160u0 wrote

Unless you suck at cooking!


CaptainObvious110 t1_iu1b3ms wrote

This is something that can easily be changed. Not like it takes rocket science to prepare a simple meal for oneself.

I used to put a little water in a baking dish add some chicken and veggies cook it in my toaster oven and had enough to feed several people. I could eat for several days for maybe $15. I had a dorm fridge so I could only keep but so much at a time.


EveryPapaya57 t1_iu1c5gc wrote

I’m a good home cook, but I am shocked how little or incapable a lot of people are. It’s truly more common than you think!


CaptainObvious110 t1_iu2ad97 wrote

Oh I know it's common and thats why I gave my personal example. I honestly think that our lifestyles have so much going on that life is pretty much zoomed by. It would be great to just take the time to learn some practical skills and as far as that's concerned I feel it should be taught at home to both males and females.

I had to learn how to do so and I'm glad I did


GenericReditAccount t1_itz6z9x wrote

Most of Stachowski’s sandwiches are easily enough for multiple meals, and are around $15 these days.

Absolute best bang for your buck has to be grocery store rotisserie chicken though.


skb2142016 t1_iu0em4y wrote

Keren Cafe on Florida Ave NW. AMAZING Etrian food - very similar to Ethiopian. You can easily feed two people for under $20.


terriblymad t1_iu1gp0g wrote

Try the app Too Good To Go. Lots of restaurants getting rid of food near close to reduce food waste. The RASA near me consistently lists a "mystery bowl" for $5.99. I've gotten a sandwich, two pastries, and a salad from Paul for around $6. It doesn't really work if you're super picky but the times I've used it, I've enjoyed it.


digitall565 t1_iu2ar2n wrote

There is a sub too r/TooGoodToGo where you can see what some of the orders look like if someone has posted from that place.

I personally love getting a bagful of bagels from Bullfrog for $6 and freezing them.


blissfully_chilling t1_itzg1zd wrote

So’s Your Mom in AdMo has bagel sandwiches for like $6 (cash only)


Organic_Phone t1_iu198tl wrote


$2.50 Taco Tuesdays (inflation from $2/taco)


gothic-little-slut t1_iu1pu2v wrote

Costco! And you don’t have to be a member to go in and get the cheap food. Cheapest pizza and hotdog


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Gamer1189 OP t1_itxz768 wrote

Is that cheap? I remember I bought a pizza from there and it cost me like $30


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fleurpedl t1_ity2ry9 wrote

$4 for a slice of pizza is not cheap. Is that a jumbo slice? Even so, I’m from nyc and there, if you’re going to get cheap, good pizza it’s going to be $1 for a slice


unl1988 t1_iu830f2 wrote

cook at home


weirdfish1995 t1_itz3gpq wrote

Bub and Pops is great (huge hoagie for $12). I also really like Jetties and Surfside, but it can add up there if you’re not careful.


slutbag69420 t1_itzb121 wrote

Bub and pops is like $25 for a “huge” hoagie lol


vdsghjkgffhj t1_itzedu1 wrote

Bub and Pops is great, but I would not call it cheap. The $12 hoagies are average sized


EveryPapaya57 t1_iu166q0 wrote

I personally think Bub and Pops is very overrated. Not worth it unless splitting it with someone.


fuckingbitchasspunk t1_itzl3wp wrote

The grocery store.


CaptainObvious110 t1_iu19aj8 wrote

Smart aleck but you arent wrong. I used to get chicken and veggies at a local Latina market for like $12-$15. This would feed me for several days versus a single meal.