Submitted by ALLOUTRED t3_y7f6rp in washingtondc

Any bars in here in DC that are Padres/SD bars? I guess anyplace here cheers for whoever's playing Philly, but anyone know of any place specifically? My poor neighbors have heard me screaming at the TV more than enough the past two weeks.



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swz413 t1_isvip6e wrote

Lol good luck. Not even sure if SD has padres bars 😂


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_isxfd13 wrote

Dan's Cafe will have all the NLCS games on their 103" screen with the sound on.


TheSufiFriar t1_it2cj6l wrote

Looking for the same, if you find a place let me know! Or we can gather Padres fans and make a bar a Padres bar.


bageloclock t1_isxk12l wrote

Ivy and Coney was a good spot to watch all the games last weekend.


vtsandtrooper t1_isx7fgc wrote

Recommended name “A Whales Vagina”


ChubsBronco t1_isxesj1 wrote

'A Whales Vagina' a new San Diego themed bar collaboration brought to you by Sign of the Whale and Camelot. For a limited time only!


celj1234 t1_isu765p wrote

Go Phils!