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Dennis_Duffy_Denim t1_isvg48k wrote

These stories just make you despair of humanity.

My friend’s much-loved young son died in his sleep last week and his memorial was one of the most wrenching events I’ve ever attended; tiny coffin, everyone sobbing. I just cannot imagine what would drive someone to physically abuse and essentially kill a baby.


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_isxf4um wrote

There are entire segments of the population—here and elsewhere—who are so far removed from civilized society that things like whatever led up to this poor child's death are allowed to happen and nobody dares to speak up about it.


LesPolsfuss t1_isxz9s0 wrote

unfathomable. its just too hard to believe there are people like this among us.

first thing i thought of was give the damn kid to me. i'll do whatever it takes to help him avoid this. so many of us would.


squuidlees t1_isuvzl3 wrote

May he Rest In Peace. Terrible Tuesday indeed…


superdookietoiletexp OP t1_isv39k2 wrote

It’s about as bad as it gets. I can’t fathom what possibly happened and how he came to be there. I probably don’t want to know. These are the kind of news stories that you don’t want to come across, but are important for us all to know.


squuidlees t1_isv54l4 wrote

I agree. There’s so many terrible scenarios that could’ve led to his death.


oohpartiv t1_isvluf6 wrote

This kind of news plagues me for days. That poor baby.


brintrufusmeekus4eva t1_isvqezj wrote

This is heart wrenching. That poor baby. I can’t imagine his suffering and pain. I was really hoping he would pull through when I read about this last week.


LesPolsfuss t1_isxz170 wrote

that's what really pains me ... the hours leading up to his demise. the fear, the pain.

no way in hell a god exists. no way.


pro-laps t1_isvgact wrote

South east is a mess


Complex-Marzipan-218 t1_isvl83w wrote

I thought this was SW


AStaleCheerio t1_isztl7t wrote

I mean its literally across the street from SE so. 🤷‍♀️


Deanocracy t1_isvlje4 wrote

Its OTR the vast majority of the residential is SE.

Colloquial term.


superdookietoiletexp OP t1_isvudyw wrote



[deleted] t1_isvzw9d wrote



annang t1_iswm7hn wrote

But that’s… not a thing


Deanocracy t1_iswzyth wrote

Yeah… it very much is a thing to say SE DC and refer to the area over the river.

And not Eastern Market.


annang t1_isx0vvs wrote

Not among anyone I know who lives there 🤷🏻‍♀️. Sort of reminds me of all the folks who refer to anything east of the river as Anacostia.