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superdookietoiletexp t1_isw0ofg wrote

Give me back the Fish Market any day. So sad that actual DC history and culture was run out for faddish shit like this.


rectalhorror t1_isx53zp wrote

Captain White's left, but the rest of Maine Avenue Fish Market is still there. Parking sucks, but it's still accessible. And Jessie Taylor Cooked Seafood is still legit, particularly the fried chicken.


51stStar t1_isy4c3i wrote

I think you have a serious case of rose-tinted glasses here. The old fish market was a shadow of what it was decades ago.

Health code violations were something that was clearly thought of in the same way as the wrath of eternal damnation - something to worry about down the road. The fish was literally the same stuff that sits on ice at Safeway, marked up for the rubes. You know how there are way too many 'farmers markets' where you pay 3x the price of a bunch of arugula because the vendor counts out your change from an old-timey metal lockbox? Same thing.


Mosaic1 t1_isxjpet wrote

You are kidding right? The new development is far and away better than what was there before. The fish market still exists. One vendor left over a rental dispute.


superdookietoiletexp t1_isy4tly wrote

There are half the number of barges there as before and the ones that remain appear to be on borrowed time. There is much about The Wharf to like, but it should have been able to be done without making the Fish Market unviable.


DaveLambert OP t1_isvkhpc wrote

u/Itasaur u/celj1234 u/madevilfish - I think all three of you were interested in this! :)


madevilfish t1_isvnv0o wrote

I am! Between this and Guy Fieri's new restaurant, good by money, hello new larger pants!


celj1234 t1_isvm7xw wrote



AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_isxdsxg wrote

You have interesting taste, that's for sure.


FreshYoungBalkiB t1_isymzc4 wrote

Apparently at the Las Vegas location you can't get fish and chips without a soda, but you can get battered sausage, which you can't at Orlando.


DaveLambert OP t1_isyt3pl wrote

> at the Las Vegas location you can't get fish and chips without a soda

It's more like "in Vegas we charge you $3 more for the basic F&C combo, but at least we'll through in a soda with that...hope you like Pepsi, because you can't get Coke in any restaurant on the Vegas Strip!" (I know, I've tried!). If you want a different drink, like a craft lemonade, you'll pay extra.
> but you can get battered sausage, which you can't at Orlando

100% true. Las Vegas has Fish, Chicken, Shrimp, Lobster, and Sausage. Orlando has all of that except the Sausage.

Last year, for a limited time, Orlando had a mini-Wellie (Beef Wellington) available, but it was met with various levels of praise and criticism.

The "GR Fish & Chips" station at the Gordon Ramsay Food Market (food court) at the Harrah's Cherokee Casino in Cherokee, North Carolina (in the Smoky Mountains) also limits you to fish, chicken, shrimp, and lobster, per their menu.

Someone's going to have to say what the new F&C there in DC offers! :)


DaveLambert OP t1_it26pr8 wrote

u/FreshYoungBalkiB - well, the DC menu is up, and it looks like it's just fish, chicken, and shrimp for now.

NO sausage! And NO lobster! 😱

And the basic Fish & Chips combo that's $14.99 (add $3.49 for a soft drink) in Orlando and $17.99 (price includes a fountain drink) in Vegas is costing $16.99 (add $3.99 for a soft drink) in DC! But that's still cheaper than the $18.50 (add $3 for a soft drink) they charge in Cherokee, I guess.

Strange how the coastal cities of Washington DC and Orlando (and Cherokee, which is in a coastal state) end up costing you more for fish than does the desert city of extravagance, Las Vegas! And why no lobster in DC?!?!?


FreshYoungBalkiB t1_it279uq wrote

Expensive rent, high taxes, high labor costs, I guess.

I bet if they opened a branch in BFE North Dakota, they could sell the meals for $9.99.