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celj1234 t1_irtghwu wrote

No. The nightlife is NYC is better.


fifaRAthrowaway t1_irtl7io wrote

Exactly. It’s not even close to a comparison. Plus the people you encounter in DC nightlife are nothing like the people you meet in NYC.


magnoliabluebonnet t1_irtiztd wrote

I guess it depends on what you're looking for. I'm not sure DC is "better" given that it's much smaller and NYC bars can stay open until like 4AM, but if someone had more fun in DC than NYC, that's valid. I'm not really a clubbing type person but I've had equal amounts of fun at bars in both NYC and DC.


celj1234 t1_irtm636 wrote

Clubs in dc can stay open till 4 on weekends


temporarytuna t1_irtnlah wrote

You get way more variety in NYC, because well it’s NYC and there’s millions of people there. But maybe if there’s a niche place in DC someone likes then it’s understandable. To each their own.


Professional-Can1385 t1_irtkmmz wrote

They are 2 different places. One isn’t better than the other, just different.


coffeenick t1_irts30g wrote

Night life is better in NYC, it's not even a contest. But if you are only referring to "clubs" then I don't know, I don't give a shit about that stuff.


ASAPSocky t1_irtsooc wrote

So much more to do in NYC with every different kind of vibe you can think of


Baloncesto t1_irtphd1 wrote

Literally in NYC right now. It's apples to oranges I think. Both have their attractions and downsides.


greengirl213 t1_irtt3ec wrote

Like other commenters have said, it depends on what you deem to be 'better'--if your friend wants clubs that don't charge a cover or require you to be VIP, then sure. But if you want tons of variety, clubs open late, more diversity in terms of types of people...NYC or LA will always win. Sounds like your friend just likes a more low-key scene.


gbomb656 t1_irtjexe wrote

Everything closes down at 3AM which really sucks the life out of everything. But I’m happy bars will be open 24/7 soon :))))) really liven the city up


Romerussia1234 t1_irtjxez wrote

Really? That’s cool.


gbomb656 t1_irtk4z6 wrote

No alcohol will be served between 4 and 6am though. Think it starts Nov 21st for World Cup


celj1234 t1_irtmb92 wrote

Only a few places are actually doing this and there are places in dc that stay open till 4 in dc


1263sfsf t1_iruazt3 wrote

Craziest question I’ve ever seen on this forum and that’s saying a lot.


lovelymerc t1_irttflt wrote

No it’s not better! It may be cheaper on average?