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roofrat69 t1_itzpth5 wrote

“The white Mazda CX-5 was trying to pass another car at the intersection when it hit Kessleman, according to the police report.”

I see this happen a couple times a month. It seems our politicians are finally coming around to fact that the culture of lawlessness in this city is bad for business (see Nadeau and Lewis-George’s photo op at Petworth metro earlier this week).

How many more Washingtonians have to get shot or run over before our elected leaders actually do something about the sociopaths running wild in our streets in every ward?

Charles Allen and others love to talk about fairness, which is fine, but what about justice for victims?

Throw the bums out.


oloshan t1_itzzvif wrote

Alternative solution: let's decriminalize hit-and-runs!


22304_selling t1_iu00hyk wrote

There would be an immediate drop in crime rates.


metrazol t1_iu0wg5o wrote

See, that's the kind of smart thinking we need. You thought about running for council?

Except nobody gets charged with it, so it doesn't get counted in the rates. You sure you didn't just leave the front end of your car somewhere?


churchofnobody t1_iu1jzw8 wrote

It’s absolutely maddening. Was driving down admo at a safe speed and this SUV barrels around me and nearly hits a women with a stroller at the crosswalk.

These idiots have no chill and for what?! To get to some stupid destination 10 seconds earlier? It really pisses me off. Fuck all disrespectful drivers.


scynzbich t1_iu0dib9 wrote

I think the difference here, bc this happens a lot, is a safer biking culture in this city. Protected bike lines would save so many lives bc people in DC cannot drive for shit and even if they could, a bike/scooter vs a car even in a minor bump can lead to major trauma.


pro-laps t1_iu0ffj9 wrote

how long before drivers trying to pass another car just drive into the protected bike lane? the answer is the first day


Jamesspoon t1_iu0oiul wrote

Sorry to tell you and this is 100% true: The other day I was driving down that part of NJ Ave and a Tacoma-sized truck overtook me on the right, also at an intersection, using that brand new lane. That was the first or one of the first days after the new lanes were completed.

Edit: adding that when he got in front of me he stopped inside the intersection because the light was still red. lol


scynzbich t1_iu0okw7 wrote

I mean look, we can place fines and have better infrastructure. But the point is that the more we protect the bikers the safer it is overall. Just take a look at biking infrastructure in the Netherlands. There are levels to this lol


aup123 t1_iu0sy2u wrote

I have a feeling that the dutch value the lives of the people around them a little differently. In DC so many people wouldnt care if the guy on the bike dies.


drr71-2 t1_iu42qcc wrote

It's not the bike lanes... it's the animals that don't care about other people's lives... whether thw person they hit lives or dies. Put these DC drivers in the Netherlands and the issue will be exactly the same there as it is here.


bruno92 t1_iu4i2jg wrote

Then it isn't truly protected. An adequate protected bike line should prevent (or at least strongly deter) drivers from veering into it. That's the whole point.


Jamesspoon t1_iu0o7jw wrote

Sadly, this happened at NJ Ave and P street, where there are brand new bike lanes. I don’t recall how protected that particular stretch is, though. NJ Ave going south now has just one driving lane, so that Mazda was definitely pulling some BS.


anonymous_aardvark2 t1_iu0t9ng wrote

It’s protected but there’s no elevated platforms near bus stops leading them to remove protection in front of several intersections.

Imo they should add elevated platforms so it acts like a curb to deter people from overtaking.


anonymous_aardvark2 t1_iu0szgc wrote

They just added a protected bike lane on this stretch though. Now whether or not flex posts deter an aggressive driver is another story.


Bitterfish t1_iu145wn wrote

Dude the """"culture of lawlessness"""" has very little to do with this. We need to redesign streets to require and incentivize safe driving. Narrow lanes. No passing. Protected bike lanes. Congestion pricing. MUCH LARGER registration fees on high-mass vehicles like this SUV -- a completely unnecessary vehicle for most people to drive around a city.

In other words, the way to make streets safe is not to pursue some fantasy of social control, it is to make it physically difficult or impossible to hurt people with cars. The government ultimately has almost no control over culture, lawless or otherwise -- but it is possible to bend people's moment-to-moment behavior with infrastructure.


roofrat69 t1_iu1dz9b wrote

Social control? You mean laws?

I live on a narrow street and I regularly hear the sound of drivers bottoming out as they hit the speed bump outside at 25 mph. Dude. Drivers are doing crazy shit right in front of cops because they know there will be no consequences.

I’m all for protected bike lanes. I’ve also seen drivers in them. How do you propose we deal with people who break laws designed to protect us and ensure an orderly society?


BrightThru2014 t1_iu2qaic wrote

Yeah that’s not happening any time soon so why not enforce laws in the same way they’re enforced in any other prosperous liberal democracy?


CarlosDangeroso t1_iu3vcn0 wrote

Curious what you have in mind when you refer to "any other prosperous liberal democracy." Maybe Sweden?


CowboyAirman t1_iu1cxjr wrote

No, no, no. we just need to lower the speed limit. Problem solved.


drr71-2 t1_iu4296d wrote

I keep being told in Reddit that this city is very safe and this is just part of living in a city and that folks who are careful will be just fine. I can only assume these folks getting shot, hit, mugged, raped, harassed, & robbed aren't being careful or aware of their surroundings and it's partially their fault.


random_generation t1_iu00bls wrote

This happened to my friend on NY Ave last year. They were in a coma for months, their road to recovery was lengthy and arduous, and still continues. I hope for a full recovery for this young man.


Formergr t1_iu0jq16 wrote

> They were in a coma for months, their road to recovery was lengthy and arduous

Oh wow that's some serious recovery for them to have to go through, oof.


random_generation t1_iu0ks59 wrote

They’re still out of work and unable to live on their own. But those days are coming!


dc-throw-away-123 t1_iu06300 wrote

Another life-altering injury (or God forbid, death) caused by the total apathy of the DC Council and MPD. Recently I literally saw a hit and run (car-on-car) happen in one of those Columbia Heights intersections where the police hang out out scrolling on their phones, and the officers didn’t even look up or respond in any way.


TedaToubou t1_iu0n5fz wrote

Theyre legally not allowed to chase. My lawyer friend said dc is the best city to drive drunk because cops cant chase after u at any time. He doesnt do it nor encourage but we were on the topic of drunk drivers in nova


invalidmail2000 t1_iu2jajq wrote

Chasing is different than say turning on your lights and attempting to stop.

They literally don't do anything.


drr71-2 t1_iu43er8 wrote

There are two cops on trial right now in DC for just "turning on their lights" and doing something. The guy they tried to stop took off and hit a truck & died. Now those cops are charged with his death for trying to do something. The message is loud and clear.... these cops aren't being supported by the public or at any level to be proactive or even reactive.... so this city is getting exactly the policing it wants.


invalidmail2000 t1_iu4oxio wrote

No they actually chased him. There is even dashcam video of it.

Though I got no problem with what they did, they did more than just turn on their lights.


drr71-2 t1_iu4rp80 wrote

They turned their lights on and he took off. After a very short time, there realized her wasn't stopping, so they stopped trying to pull him over.... that was not a "chase".


invalidmail2000 t1_iu5fi5n wrote

They definitely were chasing him, driving very fast through alleys and running stop signs. I don't know how you can classify that as not a chase.

And yeah they stopped chasing him because he crashed.

Again I don't have any problem with the actions of the police here, but they definitely were chasing him.


drr71-2 t1_iu65ruy wrote

I saw the video also. Their lights were on for 20 second. They determined he wasn't going to stop so they turned their lights off and were showing down. He crashed 5 seconds after they turned the lights off and were showing down.


AStaleCheerio t1_iu6k6f5 wrote

I mean there's a lot more to that than just an unauthorized chase.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iu46lu3 wrote

That’s crazy, you got a source on this?


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iu67anw wrote

Question: have you lived in DC since before covid? If so, we’re hit and runs and car theft this bad before? Or it just the post-covid law enforcement (or lack there of) that’s causing it be so bad? I was literally crossing the street with the walk sign on, and some asshole who was stopped at a red light was staring me down then proceed to run the red light when I was about to take a step directly in front of him. I’ve never seen rat shit before I moved to DC but now it’s like so common I get nervous no matter what form of transport I’m taking


drr71-2 t1_iu69kh5 wrote

I have been in and around DC for the last 28 years. It has been getting worse year over year the past 10 years, but the last 5 have seen the decline get steeper. It's not MPD.... it's the lack of prosecution for crimes and the City Council attacking police for any action they take.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iu67qpq wrote

This is crazy! From the article:

> Mr. Hylton-Brown’s crime that night? Driving a moped on the sidewalk without a helmet,

Like what about the pedestrian walking on the sidewalk?! Like there’s no justice for the bystanders and victim just trying to exist but this guy gets protests and the cops get fired and sued and no one asks or cares about the rest of us are dodging cars and bullets trying to go to work or the grocery store


drr71-2 t1_iu6b5wv wrote

And don't forget why the officers were actually trying to stop him.... the officers were aware of a neighborhood beef going on between two groups and Mr. Hylton-Brown was from the other area so they believed he might have been there to continue the beef, so he had the violation and the officers had a reason to stop him... the officers were being proactive to hopefully stop a neighborhood beef from getting worse, Now the officers are on trial. What's the message sent to cops? Try to be proactive, to get prosecuted. Try to stop someone and they run, you're at fault... not the person running. If you catch them, they're released and on the street. I've seen folks walk by officers and yell "fuck you" at the officers.... just standing by their car or walking on patrol. So again.... why should the cops be proactive or take any measure beyond the bare minimum? Like I've said.... this city is getting the level of policing they want.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iu6cdvi wrote

To be fair, the officers did lie after their shift about how he got hit, that deserves punishment, especially since their lies are involved with a death. But I agree they shouldn’t be punished for being proactive about crime like they were.


drr71-2 t1_iu6ejrh wrote

The guy died days later.... not during their shift that night and not as a result of their not following protocol after the accident. Yes, the officers did not follow their general orders in a major crash and should have faced administrative review and punished if that's what was called for.... but that's not what they're on trial for.


invalidmail2000 t1_iu4ozbz wrote

They actually chased him there is dashcam video out there as well.


EastoftheCap t1_itzloak wrote

I'd bet money there's a temp tag involved.


fuckingbitchasspunk t1_itznxei wrote

I'd bet money I could profile this person with 90% accuracy.


iRVKmNa8hTJsB7 t1_iu0i56g wrote

What's your guess?


johnbrownbody t1_iu0swl8 wrote

OP is making sweeping racial comments about black people if you check their post history.

Just another day on the internet.


guy_incognito784 t1_iu0w3kj wrote

Someone named /u/fuckingbitchasspunk has a history of racist comments?

Color me shocked.


fuckingbitchasspunk t1_iu0x0jd wrote

What's racist about recounting things you witnessed?


johnbrownbody t1_iu0yj38 wrote

>recounting things you witnessed?

That's not what you're doing, you're just racially profiling.


waconaty4eva t1_iu0whyv wrote

I can 100 percent profile you as an across the river dwelling coward who tucks tail in real life but talks tough on the internet.


fuckingbitchasspunk t1_iu0wng2 wrote

So you're the real tough guy? LOL.


waconaty4eva t1_iu0xhhe wrote

Tougher than you. Which isn’t saying much at all. Coward.


[deleted] t1_iu0xrzh wrote



waconaty4eva t1_iu0y0s4 wrote

I’m a fish. Spent all summer in a nice ass pool. What other of your grandad’s jokes are you going to tell next?


[deleted] t1_iu0y8p0 wrote



waconaty4eva t1_iu0ys3t wrote

Who is we? Why are you suddenly typing in all caps? Why are you using dog whistles anonymously instead of saying exactly how you feel? Why are you so classically cowardly about everything?


[deleted] t1_iu0z1ir wrote



waconaty4eva t1_iu1013r wrote

I know basic geography enough to know that Im in dc and you are afraid to be. I know basic history enough to know that people like you avoid conflict unless you can rabble rouse anonymously. I know basic psychology enough to know that you think you can hide how pathetic you are behind big bad racism. Im not afraid of you. I know Im smarter than you. You aren’t safe from your own insecurity no matter how many more rivers you cross.


pengo242 t1_iu0aydv wrote

It's not the roads, visibility, or signs. It is the drivers who don't give a fuck


tunamelts2 t1_iu0k22j wrote

Time to start leveling criminal charges and jail time for such recklessness. These cars are just as bad as weapons when in the wrong hands.


Snow_source t1_iu0tf69 wrote

> Time to start leveling criminal charges and jail time for such recklessness.

Who's going to arrest and who's going to prosecute.

It sure as shit isn't going to be MPD and the US attorney's office.


4RunnerPilot t1_iu27ul2 wrote

Arresting is not the problem. It’s prosecuting. MPD does a great job finding the criminals… they are all repeat offenders. MPD knows them, they arrest them and they are out the following day back to criminal activity. The dc gov and prosecutors are complicit in putting the public in danger by allowing criminals to walk.


CaptainObvious110 t1_iu12tu6 wrote

I agree.

Hit a pedestrian, cyclist, or a person on a scooter and be charged for it pending an ok investigation and if found at fault revoke driving privileges altogether.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iu47b1x wrote

Revoke privileges, including parking, and fuck it, seize vehicle in the case of DUIs. Place huge fines. In California speeding tickets come out to $500 roughly. These little $150 tickets is like a meal out.


CaptainObvious110 t1_iu6limj wrote

Yeah I hear you. It's a real shame that the real issue surrounding why pedestrians and cyclists are considered second class citizens is really about money. The gas and automotive industry is quite powerful politically and have a whole lot of allies.

The fact that they make their money is one thing but they aren't satisfied with that. They want to make sure nothing endangers that meal ticket and they don't care how many bodies get buried in that process.


drr71-2 t1_iu4mpyv wrote

The animals won't obey the law about needing a license to drive and will just drive without a license. And once their arrested for that, they'll be released within 24 hours and be right back out there doing it again. And then there will be collars shit how fines are holding back these"fine citizens" from succeeding in life.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iu66hdf wrote

Then make the fines massive and remind people that driving is a privilege in a city that arguable has one of the best mass transit systems in in the USA. (WMATA is trash but coming from LA where the average speed of a bus is 3mph and there is virtually no subway system, it’s great) so the lack of a car would definitely hold you back in LA, but not in DC. I find I have to come up with excuses to actually drive my car. I’d sell it but I’m not committed to living in DC for several years and I don’t want to sell it now and buy a much more expensive one in. The future when I do decide to leave.


drr71-2 t1_iu677y5 wrote

.... and when they don't pay the fines? Remember, this is the city where people drive like crap and collect fines into the thousands of $$ & then complain about the fines holding them back instead of just obeying the driving laws and not putting the public at risk.... so they wouldn't get the fines in the first place.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iu68frd wrote

I don’t care if they do or don’t pay the fines. Take their car away if they don’t pay. Make it so they can’t legally purchase a car from a dealer in the district. Like seriously these sociopaths should not be driving 1.5 tons of steel around a city killing regular people just going about their lives. I know I’m Not coming up with perfect ideas but I’m not an elected official. Go take those “what if” question to a city hall meeting instead of forcing a random redditor to play politician

ETA: the word not


drr71-2 t1_iu6bteh wrote

Really?! I'm "forcing" you to do something? I'm pointing out that this City Council doesn't give a shit.... they won't do anything to help the citizens who are negatively impacted. It's disgusting and what's adding to the lawlessness we're all seeing getting worse and worse.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iu6c2yc wrote

In not disagreeing with I’m just saying get off my back and take this energy to a city council meeting or ballot box


drr71-2 t1_iu6e3wq wrote

You assume I haven't. Trust me... I have. This city "leadership" is the worst I've seen. They will piss in your face and tell you it's raining.


CaptainObvious110 t1_iu6nei2 wrote

Yeah I understand your frustrations and I share them. Please don't take out your frustrations on those here that aren't the actual problem.

With that said I absolutely agree with you but I would say take away their car on the spot and make it illegal to purchase a car ANYWHERE.

The fines can easily be paid by people with plenty of money so there has to be another way to make those people accountable for their actions. Also, people will make the excuse that any of this being enforced would be a danger to poor black people. The way things are today I can absolutely see that happening.

As it is a lot of people have the absolutely racist and absurd belief that black folks simply cannot help being agressive no matter where we are. That due to the awful legacy of slavery that we cannot help being on our phones when folks need to focus on driving instead.

This reminds me that the issue of people on their phones while driving needs to carry charges that can imprison people if they don't comply. We live in a time where Bluetooth and other handsfree devices are inexpensive enough that they should be ubiquitous at this point.

Again, if a person can't conduct themselves properly while driving a motor vehicle then it makes me wonder what other issues of self control they possess. Maybe they simply aren't competent enough to drive.

What I think is that driving school should be absolutely mandatory. With sections where people are actually riding bicycles though the city so they can get a feel for what that experience is actually like. Not some preset track either. Actual city streets and conditions.

What you think about that?


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iu7gqg1 wrote

Wait a min… is driving school not mandatory? Holy fuck no wonder it’s so bad here. Driving school should be mandatory with a minimum of 20 hours in class and maybe another 5-10 behind the wheel with an official instructor

Also for rich people the consequences of paying tickets is that their insurance rates go up so they’ll be paying higher insurance for a minimum of 5-7 years.


CaptainObvious110 t1_iu6lyvh wrote

You make a very good point.....

Driving is a privilege not a right. The problem is that so many people make money from people driving and so that makes it in their best interest to NOT take people's cars away or to revoke their licenses.

The truth is that if irresponsible people were held accountable for their own bad decisions then it would make things better for the remaining drivers as well as cyclists and pedestrians as well.

Fatalities would go down and we would all be safer. The fact that this isn't already done shows where the priorities are


Gooner695 t1_iu0rknf wrote

It is the roads, though. In the countries that prioritize safety over speed, traffic injuries and fatalities are much much much lower. It virtually all comes down to road design, which is why DDOT’s apathy is so fucking infuriating


BrightThru2014 t1_iu2qjxw wrote

Yeah try breaking traffic laws in Germany and come back to me about how “other countries have better designed infrastructure it’s not about enforcement!” It’s about both, and enforcement will help in the short term.


CaptainObvious110 t1_iu12lxg wrote

That's the thing. People get in arms when anyone talks bad about cars but there are so many folks out here that are reckless when it comes to driving.

This mentality of driving being a right is absolutely foolish and needs to stop. Driving should be seen as a privilege for those who can handle the responsibility of being behind the wheel of a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds.


Bitterfish t1_iu14xq1 wrote

That's exactly why it is the roads. Our roads are designed assuming that drivers care about safe practice, which as you correctly note, is false.

There is no magical way for the government to alter the brains/minds of every driver. What the government can do is build roads that make it difficult or impossible for drivers to hurt and kill people. Look up Traffic Calming -- other countries have a bunch of techniques for this figured out.


Appropriate-Ad-4148 t1_iu05z8j wrote

DUI checkpoints at all major intersections this Holiday season.

Stop and frisk all temp tags that don't come back as new sales.

Get guns, drugs, and punks off the street.

Who else sees how simple this solution could be.

Oh, everyone who actually lives here and experiences negative effects from this lack of enforcement?

Make it happen.


guy_incognito784 t1_iu0waez wrote

>DUI checkpoints at all major intersections this Holiday season

Remind me to not drive around town from Nov - Dec

>Stop and frisk all temp tags

Remind me to not drive around town whenever I buy a new car.


Appropriate-Ad-4148 t1_iu12gkz wrote

Working as intended.

Seems like they could run the tags and find out pretty quick while they have them stopped for breathalyzers. Edited to add new sales.

I was assuming you'd think that through I guess.


guy_incognito784 t1_iu13tra wrote

They could also just do what they’re supposed to do.

See if a tag is expired and pull them over if they are but MPD doesn’t do that.


MintyLacroix t1_iu2yrsx wrote

> Remind me to not drive around town from Nov - Dec



pro-laps t1_iu0fknu wrote

when do we admit drivers in this city are a public health threat?


Brickleberried t1_iu0d8ob wrote

Reminder to wear your helmet on scooters. Almost everybody wears helmets on bikes, but I rarely ever see scooter riders with helmets.

I think riding a scooter around would be so fun, but the helmet thing is what holds me back. I don't own one (and wouldn't carry one around if I did), so I don't want to ride scooters, especially on streets.


LadyHalfNHalf t1_iu16faw wrote

I’m always so worried for people on scooters with no helmet. I understand not wanting to carry a helmet around with you, but one small bump on the head is all it takes to really screw up the rest of your life.


MintyLacroix t1_iu2ybof wrote

There are people who bomb down streets on longboards with no protective gear. I seriously feel sorry for their family members.


oxtailplanning t1_iu225zg wrote

Remember that cars suck and make our cities worse in nearly every way.


cptjeff t1_iu2kshi wrote

Because most people grab scooters when they're away from home and literally no one brings a helmet everywhere they go. Helmets are quite simply not a realistic option for 95% of scooter trips.


MintyLacroix t1_iu2yhax wrote

Well then they should not be a thing. Plus the fact that these scooters are an eyesore and are randomly abandoned in the middle of sidewalks and streets. I've hated them ever since they very first appeared years ago.


Ainwein t1_iu4md3y wrote

You're not wrong.

I have 2 personal scooters and lug around my helmet but they also go 35mph.

I don't wear a helmet on the public scooters but they feel so slow it doesn't bother me that much. Go figure the only real accident I've had which included a broken finger is from one of the Birds.


Brickleberried t1_iu35y3i wrote

That's the main problem. Maybe they need to have attached helmets.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iu46w5z wrote

That’s ridiculous.

If you at all plan on using a scooter than being a helmet. Who cares if it ruffles your hair or is a bit difficult; you know what else is difficult? Breathing and eating through a straw and pissing in a bag for the rest of your life because you got brain damage


bruno92 t1_iu4ifna wrote

A helmet helps, but not by much, sadly. I wear a helmet but am still really scared of getting hit.


Sylviagetsfancy t1_iu0fioh wrote

Not to distract from the main issue here but anyone else catch that the article stated his co-workers tracked his phone?! I’d really prefer my coworkers not know how to track me by my phone.


Usernameistaken00 t1_iu0hnt8 wrote

Our teams sometimes set up location sharing with their other team members when we split up for lunch or work or whatever, especially when we’re in another city or country. It makes meeting up 1000x easier. I think that may be what they’re referring to, not some website where a manager can see where everyone on their team is 24x7.


BoysenberryNo4959 t1_iu4294f wrote

There is no way I would ever allow someone, especially colleagues, to track my phone. That’s a huge invasion of privacy.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iu47ir8 wrote

Could have been tracking a company phone and trying to figure out why he didn’t come back from lunch or why he wasn’t picking up. I wouldn’t allow them to track my personal cell but if they gave me a phone to use I’d be ok with it since I’m not paying for it


Usernameistaken00 t1_iu4dx2f wrote

It's a super useful safety and accountability feature. Some people are uncomfortable that their coworkers can see they're *still* in the airport bathroom, which is fine and why it's voluntary. you open the find my app, select who you want to share and when. you can share for an hour while you're all trying to get somewhere (like in this case), or for a day if you're flying in to/from multiple locations to make sure nobody misses their flight etc.

In this case it quickly let people know this guy is not coming to happy hour, he's at the hospital, and allowed for a faster response notifying people vs finding out the next day or whenever the hospital decided to try figuring out who this is and who to contact.


eventhestarsburn t1_iu421he wrote

I wonder if some of his coworkers were really good friends? I work with one of my best friends and a couple other people I consider extremely close friends. I don’t use any of the friend tracker app things but if I did they would be people I’d allow to see my location. maybe that’s what it was?


[deleted] t1_iu00lsl wrote



marcololol t1_iu1fq1p wrote

Driving behavior in DC is absolutely awful. I just moved here and honestly it’s a disgrace. I never thought it would be dangerous to be a pedestrian in the nation’s capital but it really is. It’s as if everyone driving lives in a suburb with no sidewalks so they drive everywhere and are unaware of pedestrians and other modes of transport. I think the roads need a major overhaul - it’s going to have to be extreme and drivers will throw a hissy fit. No left turn yields, no turn on red, lots of one way streets, barriers, finally create fucking actual bike lanes, and lower all speed limits with speed bumps even on major streets. Pisses me off more than most anywhere I’ve lived


OvenMittJimmyHat t1_iu3u7iz wrote

You’ve caught the trend but I don’t think you’re attributing the behavior to the right folks. The suburban population that commutes into dc from VA and Bethesda/moco cause traffic from not knowing what the fuck to do. The population driving around dc in stolen cars or their own shitty Nissans with maryland or temp tags, passing in oncoming lanes, driving up the shoulder, running red lights and stop signs downtown. That’s the population killing pedestrians. Is Anacostia suburban?


marcololol t1_iu4c8md wrote

Is Maryland super lax with driving instruction or something? Lmao. I think the problem is both of these populations. One group has never walked to a store in their entire lives, and the other just doesn’t give a shit to think about others who are not them. My wife’s almost been hit by an obviously suburban driver while crossing the street during the walk sign… With all of these people there’s no talking to any of them, and no amount of threats from police will suffice either. They need to be literally blocked and forced by way of changing the lay of the streets.


Adept-Pension-1312 t1_iu2tyvr wrote

You're on to something with the suburbia comment.

Many if not most people driving in DC are from the suburbs.

I'm pretty sure more people commute into DC by car, per square mile, than just about any other city.


gothic-little-slut t1_iu1p2dj wrote

They need to get rid of the “no fault” driving laws. Someone hit my car about a month ago in a parking lot in DC and the police said they couldn’t do anything about it and wouldn’t even write a police report.


drr71-2 t1_iu4pw6q wrote

What would writing a report do except take officers out of service while they type up a report saying a car was dinged on private property? You don't need it for insurance and it wasn't on a public street, so there's nothing for the police to do.


nanisi t1_iu134me wrote

“Mazda SUV” — this struck a nerve. About a month ago I was driving on Beach Dr with my 2 week old baby in the back and this crazy ass Mazda SUV behind me was so aggressive. She was honking at me even though there were cars in front of me going the same speed on a single lane road. It really irked me, especially because the baby was with me and i didn’t want to be a victim of some stupid road rager.


FlamingTomygun2 t1_iu0oedb wrote

why I'm never gonna ride a scooter or a bike, bc drivers are psychos


squuidlees t1_iu1f0f5 wrote

Same. Where I moved from was so bike friendly I didn’t even mind riding on the streets with other cars. Here? Never in a million years.


UnusualAd6529 t1_iu16vew wrote

How long are we going to allow car culture to cost lives? How long are we going to allow reckless drivers to murder innocent bystanders in the district?

This is the consequence of DECADES of neglect to our transportation infrastructure and a society that values the comfort of car owners and the profits of car companies over the LIVES and wellbeing of our citizens.

We have to day ENOUGH and advocate agressively for a pivot away from cars as our main form of transportation and hold individuals responsible for their CHOICE to drive recklessly!


Spydy99 t1_iu1uxdz wrote

Poor guy, even sometime i feel scared crossing the street esp because of car turning right, let alone use scooter/bike.


Fishcake21 t1_iu01485 wrote

I got into hit n runs with my bike, God knows how bad it is with cars at dc


Petworth-dude_ t1_iu08ogd wrote

A work meeting at 7:30pm on a Thursday? Yikes!


Mack01010101 t1_iu1h5cw wrote

Hopefully the driver will be found and prosecuted.

This should serve as a wake up call to anyone that rides a scooter in the street at night. The article says the accident happened at 7:30pm, which at this time of year DC is about an hour past sunset. Riding in the street- even in a bike lane- after dark is incredibly unsafe. Please, if you insist on riding a scooter at night go on the side walk, slow down and be cautious.


MCStarlight t1_iu730cm wrote

All scooter riders should wear helmets in the city. I know a guy who got hit on a scooter in Colorado and suffered brain damage. Last I heard he was doing physical therapy. Not sure if he can walk again.


fallasleeponflowers t1_iu2or4j wrote

7:30pm on Thursday, but article was posted on Wednesday. They should really specify the date of the occurrence. Was this accident last week or did they get the day of the week wrong?

Only questioning because I had a friend say they saw a lot of police activity on Wednesday. Could be anything given DC but regardless if anyone had information that would be a useful starting point


cliftondon t1_iu1vv60 wrote

So many freak things can happen to people in proximity to cars and reckless, selfish, sociopathic drivers. But being in traffic on a scooter at 7:30pm with no helmet? I’m sorry, but that’s not something any of us should be doing - if you’ve spent more than 5 minutes in this city you should know better. I hope they find the person who left the scene, but you have to have an element of safety and self preservation.


MrPterodactyl t1_iu2anvp wrote

Yes DC's road design is at fault. If we replaced all the drivers in this area with Germans who were licensed using the German system we would still see as many accidents.


OvenMittJimmyHat t1_iu3ukr4 wrote

As a lifelong DC driver I 100% disagree. Our signage and roads are fucked but terrible citizens with disregard for anyone but themselves are to blame. Drive around for an hour. It’s individuals


Gaijin_Monster t1_iu7qvxj wrote

No we wouldn't. Germans follow the rules. And in Germany there are police and policing measures everywhere that don't hesitate to punish people. This has to do with both government and how people are raised. 90% of America's current issues how people are raised -- lacking values. Instead America now teaches a culture of "do whatever you want and no one can tell you you're wrong." I worked with someone who taught their kids never to apologize to anyone ever. I lost all respect for them after that because they're raising sociopaths that will only make our society worse by teaching them nothing is wrong.

In Germany everything has rules. And every system has checks and balances that punish people for not following the rules. And the rules are actually enforced. It's vastly superior to the United States right now.