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Throwaway2theplate t1_iu8xjh3 wrote

I feel this. Growing up I could name every Redskin down to the last guy on the taxi squad. That was before the JKC glory days when they sucked (not as bad as now). Then came the beast to destroy what I loved.

Now I honestly can't name one member of the team.


gravygrowinggreen t1_iu948c4 wrote

I can't name a member of the team either, but to be fair, Dan Snyder has demonstrated a clear inability to name the team.


RivStar1021 t1_iu98ofd wrote

I think changing the logo to a potato would’ve been better than the Commanders…


Throwaway2theplate t1_iu99yir wrote

Same here but Snyder has no sense of humor.


SaintEyegor t1_iu9keok wrote

He does in a way with his joke of a football team.


LeoMarius t1_iu9qfxb wrote

Only if it's misogynistic or homophobic humor. Then he'll call you antisemitic if you even mention that he's Jewish.


JustHereForCookies17 t1_iui4cf7 wrote

I briefly lived in a little town in Idaho called Driggs. The HS football there was called the Redskins.

Guess what their mascot was?


Ocean2731 t1_iucxd09 wrote

That article in the Post around 2009 that talked about Snyder and his team suing season ticket holders ended it for me.

The elderly lady whose living room filled with logo stuff and she was sued into bankruptcy. She’d had tickets since the early 60’s. Snyder has no soul.


Pesco- t1_iufn9zp wrote

I can’t remember, what was the issue he sued them about?


Ocean2731 t1_iufo2lz wrote

The crash of 2008 wiped out a lot of people’s retirement accounts, among other types of investment accounts. All of a sudden people had a lot less money but were caught in ticket contracts that lasted several years. Long term season ticket holders asked to be let out of their contracts.


Pesco- t1_iufpr0y wrote

Wow, that’s horrible. Meanwhile many places across the country there is a generation-long waitlist to get season tickets.


Ocean2731 t1_iug22ia wrote

DC used to have that sort of waiting list pre-Snyder. People passed tickets down in their wills.


[deleted] t1_iu9oey3 wrote



Throwaway2theplate t1_iu9p28x wrote

This isn't a football sub. You should have another beer.


jrex703 t1_iu9pbt4 wrote

Hahaha, 90% of my feed is r/commanders, and 90% of that is "Snyder sucks" material. How was I supposed to know I was in the wrong place?


lolbro134 t1_iublxlv wrote

no same i thought this was r/commanders


Throwaway2theplate t1_iucyur3 wrote

Well at least you didn't take umbrage and tell a stranger to go fuck themselves for not being in the thread you thought you were in.

Gotta love the internet, it's like watching cockroaches in a jar sometimes. Or the good old crabs in a bucket.


EmpressTita t1_iu96kse wrote

Should have left them the "Washington No Names" since lately I have forgotten they existed and 'Skins games are the only games I ever attended growing up ( I was full fledged adult when I saw a hockey game and didn't see a Hoya game even as a GU student until I was 40).


LeoMarius t1_iu9qip5 wrote

The Washington Whatevers


JackGenZ t1_iuamw9f wrote

The funniest name suggestion I heard during the renaming process was “The Washington Department of Football and Football Services”


Xanthu t1_iua795n wrote

Why do I hear Prof Farnsworth “with my last breath: I curse DAN SNYDERRR!”


EdsonG t1_iud6est wrote

My grandmother on my dad's side lived in DC for the last 50+ years of her life and according to my dad, the only time she ever cursed was when she called Jack Kent Cooke a scumbag for his various transgressions around his marriages. She passed away in 2015 and I debated whether to mention that in my remarks at her funeral but didn't. Every now and again I think of what she would have said about Snyder today.


ProBlackMan1 t1_iubm65z wrote

The Redskins were considering Laurel Park the location of their then new stadium in the 90s.