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MarkinDC24 t1_iululvt wrote

This is exciting news!


keyjan t1_ium202i wrote

Wait, what are they doing now?


dc_co t1_ium6nhy wrote

Sounds like mostly improvements to accessibility.


keyjan t1_ium7kuv wrote

It seems like it’s been wrapped in construction cloth for years….


dc_co t1_ium7xsl wrote

They mentioned in the article that they were restoring all the outside concrete/roofing.


FreshYoungBalkiB t1_iumlvzg wrote

I see there was once a museum entrance directly from the sculpture garden, as well as a bunch of revolving doors that have been blocked off.

It'd be great if those were reopened, but I know they're not going to because they have to have their damn security theater.


HornetBoth3214 t1_iuophwa wrote

??? If you read the article it speaks about improving mall side access.

Also some of those doors were to the old education space for their drop in teen programs. Education will be in a new space according to the article.


_night_flight_ t1_iulzxr0 wrote

Is it still going to be the ugliest building in DC?


NorseTikiBar t1_iumnch0 wrote

That's a funny way to spell the Department of Labor building.


cdb5336 t1_ium5hxy wrote

I always thought the same!!! Even worse is it is a horrible design for an art museum. Curved walls dont make good space to hang things on walls


Goosehybrid t1_ium9fxz wrote

Good think a large part of the Hirshhorn collection doesn’t need to be hung on a wall