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EastoftheCap t1_iws4lae wrote

That guy is desperate for attention.


crepesquiavancent t1_iwsvqpk wrote

The weirder people are acting the less you should get involved. Don’t mess with crazy


notathrowawayacc32 t1_iwvx0bx wrote

This. Without imminent threat it's usually better to avoid interaction. Darwin awards have a way of handing themselves out anyways.


gnocchicotti t1_iwso0hh wrote

At least it's not an ATV this time?


ekkidee t1_iwspiwl wrote

No it's not justified. The cyclist is acting like an asshole and has no respect for anyone, but pushing him over introduces a whole new set of issues, such a resultant serious injury to himself or others.

I'd complain to a park ranger -- it's NPS jurisdiction and they can deal with him.


smallteam t1_iwva0vg wrote

> park ranger -- it's NPS jurisdiction

Also, US Park Police jurisdiction


BourbonCoug t1_iwu60gz wrote

Cycling through a group of Honor Flight veterans, no less? Asshole.


bcarter3 t1_iwsdytb wrote

The problem may well solve itself. If the cyclist keeps up doing stuff like this, it's probably only a matter of time before he winds up in a wheelchair himself.


4RunnerPilot t1_iws5019 wrote



[deleted] OP t1_iwtfr13 wrote



LanEvo7685 t1_iwvvn5h wrote

I didn't even realize how much everyone sounded like a bunch of NPC 's lmao

(I'd probably do the same...)


born_to_kvetch t1_iwuj1hl wrote

I wouldn’t push them over, but I also wouldn’t move out of the way.


Tahh t1_iwsufxk wrote

just walk through down the path waving your arms out side to side and a big stick in each hand


Less_Wrong_ t1_iwuidit wrote

Too many edgy suburban teenagers commenting on this thread. Go post on fukken tiktok for attention instead of wheeling through some disabled veterans, ya dinguses


Revolutionary_Lab790 t1_iwvh6g8 wrote

That’s the level of discourse on here? Whether two wrongs make a right? FFS.

The cyclist is clearly a shitbag with no common sense; if you’re pushing him over as he rides, you’re no better, on top of opening yourself to the liability that comes with assault. Did you really need our help with that?


GirardDC t1_iwugywa wrote

Pepper spray em.


Pipes_of_Pan t1_iww19jy wrote

Locals who tool around the Mall running and/or biking are the lamest of the lame. How much attention do you need? Slow down, chill, everyone knows there are a ton of slow-moving tourists and there are a million other places to exercise. Shout out to the fitness creep who I saw trample two kids during peak cherry blossom season a few years ago. Loser!


Suburbs-suck t1_iwxj4fe wrote

It would be fitting if an ATV hit one of these people


dataminimizer t1_iwuf3c5 wrote

Driver passes cyclist too close at 40mph / driver takes right turn without looking for cyclists crossing the road / driver swerves into bike lane while looking at phone.

Would it be too far for one of them to hit the driver’s car with a bat? I see these guys endangering others all the time and wonder if there is any justification to returning the favor.


tonytocar t1_iwuzpgz wrote

Yes that would be too far.


beeporn t1_iwsk6ss wrote

This is really quality content


aoc_desantis_2024 t1_iwvut46 wrote

*black man has fun on bike*

yOU aRE EnDAngERINg oTHeRs!!!!1


TheGoldenJew710 t1_iwwfor9 wrote

Maybe he should have fun without endangering others safety... especially old disabled veterans...scumbag


RDPCG t1_iwwle5a wrote

Man acts reckless on bike, intentionally going out of his way to irritate others.

Fixed it for you, dumb ass.


celj1234 t1_iws9kmo wrote

That would be assault


iidesune t1_iws7ib3 wrote

No. You're not justified in pushing him over.

Reckless though this may be, he's just as entitled to use the sidewalk on the Mall as anyone else. The group of pedestrians are also occupying the entire width of the sidewalk, which leaves little space for this cyclist or any body else.


I_R_TEH_BOSS t1_iwslsyz wrote

> he's just as entitled to use the sidewalk on the Mall as anyone else.

This is why I always drive my steamroller on the mall. I'm entitled to that sidewalk.


iidesune t1_iwst4mp wrote

Would it be any different it he were on a unicycle? Or roller skates? Or a Lime scooter?


lolllzzzz t1_iwt4mh7 wrote

You must be one of those annoying cyclists.

There are amble signs indicating bicycles must be walked through the national mall. Especially in that area.


iidesune t1_iwt4ype wrote

Bikes are permitted in the mall except for within the memorials themselves


lolllzzzz t1_iwt65xy wrote

So you think riding a bike through a group of wheelchair bound individuals is acceptable? Cool.

I worked as park ranger on the mall, several years ago, and can 💯 tell you you are wrong.


veloharris t1_iwul74h wrote

The filmed behavior is not acceptable. However, biking is absolutely permitted in the area that this was filmed. If the person on the bike gave ample room, kept both wheels on the ground and moved at a reasonable speed all would've been well. The rules may have changed since you were a ranger, no walking of the bike required.


iidesune t1_iwt93pv wrote

> So you think riding a bike through a group of wheelchair bound individuals is acceptable? Cool.

That is not what I'm saying


Suburbs-suck t1_iwxjems wrote


Just because someone is allowed to use a space doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want in that space. This is kindergarten stuff.


WaterBubbly t1_iwsa942 wrote

Please go live somewhere else, mom.


topher180 t1_iwtaej1 wrote

What a lazy, ignorant comment. I hope one of these punks runs over your toes.