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I recently moved to a hilly part of NW DC that gets terrible signal strength on Verizon. I get some 5G signal outside but nothing inside unless I'm within inches of a window. We can obviously use wifi calling on a day to day basis, but if the internet goes out we're fucked. Plus it's annoying for guests.

I've done a lot of research on signal amplification, and I started by trying these Cel-Fi boxes. I wasn't expecting much, but they were totally useless. The next step might be something like this antenna, but it would involve some pretty complicated installation and it's a lot to spend on a product that might be a total bust. Does anybody have experience using this kind of antenna at home or know of local companies that could help figure out a way to get a signal indoors?



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GenericReditAccount t1_iwjd3vl wrote

We had zero Verizon reception inside our G’town condo, and garbage reception directly outside. We were resigned to live with wifi calling until a friend on T-Mobile’s network came over with perfect 5g inside.

We switched networks. Now not only are our cell phones usable, we also have unlimited data, half price Netflix 4k, free Apple TV, & some other perks, all for basically the same price Verizon was charging us.

Long story short, look into T-Mobile.


5vTolerant t1_iwmo1jm wrote

T-Mobile is great in DC. I have 5G almost everywhere. My girlfriend has Verizon and her service isn’t as reliable. Verizon does have faster speeds with Ultra Wide Band but coverage is still very sparse.


GenericReditAccount t1_iwmv8lp wrote

I got extra lucky, bc we had been on an outdated legacy plan w Verizon. No 5g, and 3gb data to share between the two of us. We aren’t heavy users, so it never mattered enough for us to upgrade.

Then Verizon started raising our bill to coerce us into a newer plan, and that was that. We’re extremely happy w T-Mobile coverage here in DC, at our parents’ places in NJ & PA, and everywhere in between so far.


Gumburcules t1_iwm75w1 wrote

If you complain enough Verizon will send a tech out to measure the signal in your unit and if it is insufficient they will give you a free range booster.

I still have mine from when I moved. I don't need it anymore but it's like 6 years old so I'm not sure if it works on 5g.


MidnightSlinks t1_iwmgbdj wrote

>If you complain enough Verizon will send a tech out to measure the signal in your unit and if it is insufficient they will give you a free range booster.

Can confirm that my in-laws did this and now service is great. They live in a subdivision at the bottom of a hill and coordinated to have some neighbors also put in requests.


Initial_Run1632 t1_iwjeqlc wrote

One word: landline.


puttinonthefoil t1_iwjtsa4 wrote



Initial_Run1632 t1_iwjz33n wrote

No joke. Most of the residents in my neighborhood have a landline for this very reason....hills and crappy cell phone service. Was absolutely crucial during the height of work from home.


IcyWillow1193 t1_iwl07tz wrote

Verizon refused to install one for me last time I moved.


Initial_Run1632 t1_iwl4328 wrote

Oh, wow. I've heard of that. As recently as last year, the public service commission was still, I think, making them do it. But no longer as of July, I think.


Def_Probably_Not t1_iwlg0co wrote

You can get a VIOP too. I used Ooma when I couldn't get service in my unit.


IcyWillow1193 t1_iwnx309 wrote

They gave a technical reason for why they couldn't, which sounded like BS to me.


CanaKitty t1_iwlh8m5 wrote

Ok boomer


Initial_Run1632 t1_iwlxcoa wrote

Yeah, see, I don't understand the fear of using technology that works, just because it's old technology. To me it seemed like OP was turning themselves into a pretzel, for something with a very simple (old school) solution


danib62 t1_iwk3sll wrote

You’re going to be much better off just enabling wifi calling on your phone.


Michigan8107 t1_iwl4agd wrote

This. I have horrible service with ATT in my building in the SE and a friend told me to do this. Not a single issue since.


josebinlarsson t1_iwk7lpc wrote

Have you tried enabling WiFi calling? I use it at home as have a really bad cell signal from office in basement. Works a charm for me.


lawblawg t1_iwk6949 wrote

I can say that at my home in Brookland I have zero service with AT&T.

Glad to know it's not just AT&T.

Sucks that it's apparently everyone.


mastakebob t1_iwlxkns wrote

We have really bad service with att in our Carver Langston home, too. Wifi calling is a savior.

Att briefed our ANC bout a year ago, and showed a heat map of their signal strength. Was surprisingly spotty for such an urban, relatively flat area. But cause their antennas are so low, there's lots of attenuation from low hills and masonry buildings.

Also, whoever flipped my house used chicken wire behind the drywall for some reason. So I'm sure that adds some faraday shielding as well.


MCStarlight t1_iwrdb76 wrote

Maybe switch to a different service provider. I've found AT&T more reliable.