Submitted by ISOROB t3_z4h4eu in washingtondc

Hello I’m looking to see if anyone can offer make up lessons to my wife. My wife would love to learn, she does a good job herself but i can see she wants to get better at it. She doesn’t use much make up but wants to get a great foundation of make up art. I would love to make it like a date theme for her. I don’t want her to feel bad or feel she doesn’t do a good job herself. Would like her to learn and gain pointers. While it’s like a date thing and I’ll be there to compliment her and have wine. Thanks in advanced.



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possum_47 t1_ixr2obx wrote

If I can give some friendly advice. From woman’s perspective, this may be a bad idea for a gift UNLESS she has explicitly said she would like this as a gift. I would perhaps feel insulted if my partner got this for me WITHOUT me saying it was something that I wanted.


cybishop3 t1_ixqtlwp wrote

Make up lesions? Is this a Halloween or cosplay thing?


coralcoast21 t1_ixr20w4 wrote

Step lightly my friend. This might be as well received as a cooking class geared toward weight loss offered as a date.


WhtvrCms2Mnd t1_ixrcgps wrote

Maybe instead of a “lesson” treat her to a fancy night out or theatre tickets and make her a salon appointment to get her makeup professionally done for the night. She’ll enjoy the experience and since she’s the type who wants to learn she’ll have the chance to ask lots of questions from a professional.


Playful-Translator49 t1_ixqxu2b wrote

There are no fewer than 10,000 makeup tutorials on YouTube and TikTok


ISOROB OP t1_ixqzcdh wrote

Would like an in person experience for her. Thanks


ieatglass t1_ixqsten wrote

Own your wonder in Georgetown does private and group lessons


SSSS_car_go t1_ixqzehc wrote

I’m not making fun, but you might want to check spellings of words. A makeup lesion would be a growth caused by makeup, but you clearly mean makeup lessons.


ISOROB OP t1_ixqziga wrote

Yes sorry i can’t edit title. But yes lessons.


anathemaDennis t1_ixr7tmq wrote

I’ve actually been getting a lot of weeping lesions from my makeup but I can’t figure out which product is causing it or how to get them to heal. If your wife is able to figure this out please let me know


sargassaceae t1_ixqwfwj wrote

It’s called moulage!


ISOROB OP t1_ixqz9un wrote

I’m a guy, don’t know what that is sorry.


KatzMwwow t1_ixrmoz2 wrote

Has she stated her interest?


4RunnerPilot t1_ixsjfib wrote

Maybe you guys can go out (dinner/drinks) and your wife could make small talk with women who are wearing makeup, ask the women if they could teach her (get their number)?