Submitted by AKings_Ransom t3_z4vblk in washingtondc

I am coming home for the holidays, and i will be bringing my fiance to DC for the first time.

Are there any really good ghost tours in the area? My fiance and I really love to go on ghost tours and I figured DC is the perfect place for some historical spookiness. A ghost tour with drinks or bar stops would be great but isn't necessary


Thank You,.



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MCStarlight t1_ixsy2ol wrote

Old Town ghost tours


DCFud t1_ixtbait wrote

I did a Ghost tour with in DC and it was good. John Waldron was the guide and he recommended The Vue for us for drinks and the view afterwards.


curcurbitae t1_ixur4w0 wrote

Don't do the Nightly Spirits ghost tour--I did it once with a friend from out-of-town. They abandoned us at the second stop when we went to go to the bathroom even though we let the guide know. No one ever answered the phones and I wasn't able to get a refund.


tasty_beverage_dew t1_ixt0rv2 wrote

Man I doubt they have tours, but I swear the Howard Divinty School on 14th St NE is haunted. Some of the most crazy stuff has happened to me up there.


giscard78 t1_ixt97rj wrote

> Some of the most crazy stuff has happened to me up there.

What has happened to you at the Howard Divinity School?


tasty_beverage_dew t1_ixt9ql6 wrote

I heard something running at me through the woods. There were deer there and they stopped munching on the ground, looked towards the building, then sprinted away. I kept hearing the rustling in the woods and sprinted away until I hit taylor and 14th lol.


tasty_beverage_dew t1_ixt9xom wrote

My phone stopped working and I swear to God, I saw a shadow on the top floor of that building and when I hit the flashlight app there was nothing.

I will not go up there after dark since the last incident I mentioned.


tasty_beverage_dew t1_ixtaxkw wrote

Oh and I forgot, I have had my smartphone malfunction up there. It doesn't mess up anywhere else. But I have had it straight up go static mode like I stuck it in a microwave up there.


tasty_beverage_dew t1_ixtbayl wrote

Urban legend says the Roman Catholic Church did exorcisms at this location. Might add to the crazy experiences people have. (Full disclosure): I am a practicing catholic, but this is what I have heard.