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oxtailplanning t1_iy88hdb wrote

This almost looked intentional, like attempted murder. The car is stopped at the red, as soon as the man on the scooter is in front of him (in the crosswalk, with the green) the car guns it (running the red) and never even stops for a second.

Edit: and to the surprise of no one, temporary plates.


RamekinThief t1_iy7tnkw wrote

And through a red light, too. It almost looked like the driver waited for the person on the scooter on purpose. Didn't even pause afterward.


ClydeFrog1313 t1_iy8aouc wrote

Paper plates...


Spaghettidan t1_iy8huld wrote

Cops need to crack down on these


[deleted] t1_iy8n0ky wrote



Totally_Kyle0420 t1_iy8qxls wrote

damn. i moved here in 2019 from Boston and always thought it was weird that there were soooo so so many temporary tags everywhere, but I just chalked it up to "rich people in DC buying cars all the time". It's wild that people are out there just buying tags and swapping them out once they get a ticket (?)


MarkinDC24 t1_iy940cx wrote

>t's wild that people are out there just buying tags and swapping them out once they get a ticket (?)

Right - can we quit having our deafult be " must be the cops NOT doing their jobs." Alot of factors or variables are at play, it's not always the darn cops fault!


SOLA-REX t1_iy7gomm wrote

Benning Road SE…but yeah, a bad hit & run for sure. The bike was dragged to who knows where and the guy’s left ankle was definitely broken.


dc_co t1_iy8gizc wrote

Totally normal behavior.


Complex-Marzipan-218 t1_iybqpia wrote

Tell me about it. I was on my way to work, crossing the street with the walk sign on, and this car decided it didn't need to wait for the green light and nearly plowed into me. I gave a mean stare, and eventually, she stopped moving when I stopped in front of her car. After I was on the sidewalk, she rolled down her windows and said, "Sorry, it happens". That didn't feel too reassuring.


DcDonkey t1_iy8bmne wrote

DC Council is pro-actively addressing this by banning right turns on red.


RoeRoeRoeYourVote t1_iydrn8a wrote

Mother fuckers out here trying to commit homicide by car with zero consequences.


NewUser22031 t1_iy7tk3k wrote

It's like nobody in that video follows basic traffic rules. Looks a rough injury.


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NewUser22031 t1_iy8l89y wrote

I don't know, my knowledge of this incident is limited to the video where scooter guy and car guy both ignore red lights. Also, I would assume the car guy is at fault for causing the accident, but that wasn't the point of my OP.


Complex-Marzipan-218 t1_iybqwlk wrote

At an intersection like this, when the light is red, the walk sign is usually on. I hope this helps you.


NewUser22031 t1_iycb0qy wrote

Thanks for trying to clear that up.

Didn't scooter guy come from the direction of the white house in top corner after the other car went through the intersection? I assumed if the light was green for cars to move from right to left it would be red for anyone moving up and down from the screen (like the car that hit scooter guy).


oxtailplanning t1_iy88b8r wrote

Um the car ran a red light, hit a scooter (with presumably the green light) and then never stopped.

To be honest, it almost looked intentional like they knew the scooter guy and wanted to kill him. Why else would you choose the exact moment someone was in front of you to run a red?