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Celeryhearts t1_ixxa11m wrote

I’m a sucker for Christmas lights!


ImTheTroutman t1_ixxe7v8 wrote

Nice, where is this? Looks a lot nicer than the National Christmas tree usually does.


daedelous t1_ixxj1vd wrote

The national Christmas tree isn’t even in the top 5 best Christmas trees in DC. Some years it can be downright ugly.


AccurateGoose t1_ixxm50k wrote

What is that top 5?


roadnotaken t1_ixxmok4 wrote

The Capitol tree is always better than the National tree. The Canadian embassy usually has a nice tree outside. Oh, the Norwegian (I think?) tree in Union Station is great too.

Edit: I also recommend the Willard, which has amazing decorations plus live choral performances.


daedelous t1_ixyndyg wrote

City Center

Canadian Embassy

Union Station

Willard Hotel

U.S. Capitol


ImTheTroutman t1_ixzdtax wrote

Yeah most years it’s ugly. They cover it with a black shroud usually for some reason


poirotoro t1_iy1fqks wrote

I feel like they're always in the process of dying, even though they're fully-planted, live trees. The previous one only lasted three years before getting some sort of fungal disease.


SuperBethesda OP t1_ixxfodr wrote


AwesomeScreenName t1_ixxt6fb wrote

If you go there, make some time to walk three blocks south to F Street, then a block east. In front of the Portrait Gallery is an amazing Holiday Market with about 70 local businesses selling art, clothes, toys, and other great gifts (for your friends and loved ones or for yourself).


WaterBubbly t1_iy1ovi1 wrote

Them Qataris sure know how to party